"I've found you," Dong-Sun said pulling me into a hug. What? "You are the one for me," he said lowly in my ear. Gah! I think my ear is going to melt off! Either that or I'd have to burn it off… well it was already halfway there from the red color it was turning…

"Stop joking around!" I jerked out of his grasp. This was bad. I didn't think of this. The enemy was coming onto me. He had awesome wooing powers. If he could seduce the entire female population of our school, one little boy like me didn't stand a chance.

But no. I must remain strong. It's not like he's serious. Playboys are never serious after all. It's against their nature.

Even so, why did my heart have to beat so fast? Why did it flutter to hear him say those things? It's so unfair. It must be the power of his fancy pheromones. Resist it, body! Resist!

"I'm not joking," he smiled. Why did he have to look good smiling like that, damn it? He took my hand into his. "When you kissed me, I felt it," He kissed my fingers like some chivalrous prince right out of the Renaissance era. "You are my true love." I pulled my hand away.

"Yeah right…" I tried to act cool but on the inside I was cursing at my body for even considering being affected by his words.

"What is your name, Honey?"

Did he just call me honey? What the hell? The nerve of that guy.

"Park," I said not daring to reveal my first name. Hah! He can call me the name I share with all the other Parks in the world! (Park is a fairly common name.) There's no way I'd let this loser call me something more intimate like my first name. He'd better not call me honey either! (Too late.)

Dong-Sun smiled as if my name amused him. Gah! That smile pissed me off just because it was so handsome. Wait, did this mean his smile gave off pheromones too?

"Well Mr. Park," he stated in perfect English. "You have seduced me."

"Shut up!" I yelled. Why won't this playboy just shut up? Was this his revenge for ruining his free kisses? "You're just making fun of me! You're mad that I figured out your little scheme and now you're just teasing me!" Hah, he didn't think I'd figure out his little plan, did he? I folded my arms haughtily. Take that Mr. I-make-sexy-an-art-form.

He blinked at my long speech. "I'm not teasing you. I love you."

"What?" I swear my jaw dropped to the floor. He said he lo-lo-loved me? What the… Even for a joke that was going too far. For a sensitive guy like me who up until yesterday was dreaming about stupid stuff like holding hands and eating ice cream with Soo Yun… the L word was a bit too advanced for me. My poor heart couldn't handle it. The extra blood it pumped caused my skin to turn bright red when my blush went into overdrive.

"You're blushing," he teased. Suddenly, his finger was tapping my cheek. Way too close for comfort!

"S-Stay away from me." I jumped back. "Just leave me alone!" I hissed and stormed out of the room never to see that Master Seducer again.

Hah! Yeah right. I wouldn't be able to get rid of him that easily.

"I love you," Dong-Sun said the next day following me to the classroom.

"S-Shut up!" I stuttered. "Stop teasing me."

He laughed deeply. See? He found it amusing that I flustered at his oh-so-called confessions of love. But still… what a laugh it was. So deep and manly.

But I don't care! I swear!

"I admit it's fun to watch you blush but I'm telling you the truth. I really do love you."

This guy was about to die by my hand. But wait, I couldn't kill someone as good looking as him. It'd be a sin! Maybe if I punched him in the stomach… then there would be no visible marks unless he wore a belly shirt. But I'd never seen him wear one. Hey, I bet he'd look good wearing one. Arg, but who cares?

"Stop kidding around!" I spun around to face him. "Your joke has gone on long enough."

"It's no joke. I have fallen in love with you."

"You don't even know me!"

"I don't understand it myself," he said stepping up to me. Way… way too close for comfort. And was that the wall behind me? Oh no, I was being cornered by the playboy King! And what a handsome king he was… but that's beside the point!

"You don't necessarily seem special," he said looking me over. "And you're looks are…"

"Well excuse me for being just a normal guy!" I spat trying to push him away.

I was kind of sensitive about my looks. I wasn't short but I wasn't tall either. I didn't have any distinguishing features. I was just plain. And next to a hunk like Dong-Sun, I probably looked as plain as plain could be.

Dong-Sun stepped closer now completely blocking my view of anything else but him. What a pushy guy. "Still…" he said his thumb coming up to brush my lips. I was uh… well I was frozen. I guess too caught up in his spell even as he did something so intimate like finger my lips. I couldn't do anything but just stare at him in surprise. "When you kissed me with these lips…" he said his thumb caressing them once again. "I knew then that you were the one."

What? That again? All this talk about true love and "the one" was starting to tick me off. Does nobody listen to reason anymore? I gave him my best glare. He may be a super sexy almost irresistible charm monkey, but I still had to set him straight.

"I'm not your true love." I swore. "You can't expect me to believe that hogwash about finding 'the one' based on a kiss alone."

"And why not?" He backed up a bit but still had one arm outstretched over me like he was protecting me. Either that or keeping me from getting away. He smirked as he looked down upon me. Why did he have to be so delightfully tall? "Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were awoken by true love's kiss. So why can't one find his true love based on a kiss?"

"Those are just fairy tales." I scoffed.

"Surely you felt it…" He leaned closer, his head only a hand width away from me. "The electricity when we kissed?" He wondered his lips curling into an oh-so seductive smile.

Truthfully, I didn't much remember the kiss. I had just been so adamant about proving that he was a playboy that I had just been caught up in the moment and kissed him without much thought. It was quick, a little sloppy, but definitely nothing worthy of being called "the kiss of true love."

"There was no electricity." I moaned. All this fairy tale nonsense was giving me a headache. Plus, it might also have something to do with that light scent of some sort of cologne he had on his neck. You wouldn't be able to smell it unless you were this close. Which is why I didn't want to be this close. His cologne probably had added pheromones. He was the pheromone emperor!

"Then perhaps we should try it again," he said leaning in to kiss me again.

"No!" I turned my head quickly so that his lips fell on my jaw line instead of my mouth. He pulled back looking a little agitated. Hah, you weren't getting any free smooches from me! That earlier kiss was a one time thing, buster!

"I'm not getting tricked by you! You can't expect me to believe that you really believe in all that fairy tale kissing stuff." Actually he did look like he believed it. Maybe he was just a good actor. He sighed and took his arm away.

He stood back on his heels putting his hand to his chin as if deep in thought. "If what I felt wasn't because you were 'the one' then you know what this means, right?" He turned to me his eyes sparkling playfully. Oh no, I did not like that look. It was a sexy look but I felt like the prey under such a look. Definitely not good.

Did I really want to know what he was talking about? I tried to take a step back only to remember that I was still up against the wall. I only managed to press myself closer to it in a sad attempt to back away. "W-what?"

"It means my dear Mr. Park that something about your lips turned me on."

"Huh?" I was dumbfounded. What was he talking about?

"Something about these lips…" He stepped forward and examining my lips. That's right folks, he was gazing at them like a scientist gazes through a microscope… "It was like a love spell?" He wondered pressing my lips together with his fingers. Then he leaned closer his own lips puckered out in an attempt to kiss me. Oh you wily bastard!

"Hey!" I griped blocking his attack by my hand. Instead, his lips smacked harmlessly into the palm of my hand. Well not so harmless because it felt like my palm was on fire after that. He really was like a dragon! A cupid dragon thing, at least…

And why was he talking about love spells? He was the one who was supposed to be the powerful warlock able to bend maiden's hearts at will! I was just some normal everyday guy. I'd never even had a girlfriend before. My first crush had nearly killed me, which was all his fault after all. Arg, now I was mad again.

"Just leave me alone!" I finally managed to get out from against the wall. "Just go back to kissing girls or whatever." I mumbled.

"But I can't do that. I love you."

"Shut up, you two-bit floozy!" I yelled and ran down the hall. Even though I was running away I still felt a little triumphant for putting that dude in his place. What? Did he think I was just gonna fall for him just like that? It's not like I was all the sudden going to be in love with him just because he says he was in love with me. Which was obviously a lie.

But what if it was true? What if somehow I had inadvertently seduced him? Nah, that couldn't be true! I couldn't let his good looks trick me into thinking he was sincere. A playboy like that could get away with anything simply because he looked so good. Yep, he looked good.

But like I said before, that's beside the point.

The point is I now had this annoying Casanova chasing after me. (Both literally and metaphorically.) "Stop following me!" I yelled back at the kissing King.

"But I want to be with you," Dong-Sun said marching after me. God, he looked sexy even when he ran. Well it was more like a dignified trot.

"Well you can't!" I spat turning towards him again.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't like you."

"Why?" He wondered, his beautiful gorgeous blue eyes looking me over curiously.

"What do you mean why? You steal all the girls from school with this kissing business. Then you make fun of me just because I'm not as good looking or cool as you and now you're harassing me! Go away!"

Dong-Sun smiled. "You think I'm cool?" He almost taunted.

Uhg. There is nothing worse than an arrogant playboy. I ran away again. I just couldn't handle him. It wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't find him attractive. Somehow his good looks and pheromones protected him! If he didn't have those on his side, I would have knocked his lights out a long time ago.

I hid in the closet as he went past. Phew, he didn't see me and continued down the hall. I sighed and gingerly stepped out of the closet. Someone saw me and looked at me funnily. I just laughed slightly, waved, and then headed to the restroom.

Ah, the solitude of the boy's restroom. The one place where you can go in there and do your business without anyone to bother you at all. It was like an unspoken rule amongst us guys that you just don't talk about complicated things in front of the urinals. Small talk was ok but even then, it should be kept to a minimum.

I quickly did my business and then stood in front of the sink to wash my hands. I looked in the mirror and frowned. Yep, there I was: just a normal looking guy. I guess I should be relieved that I wasn't ugly but I wasn't handsome either. If I was ugly I could just accept it and be done with it. But not being one or the other was like being almost non-existent. People just didn't notice you. I bet Dong-Sun didn't have to worry about that. People probably did all sorts of favors for him just because he was a beauty.

Tsk, that stupid Romeo. Why did I have to keep thinking of him? Still, I wonder what it would be like to be with him. If he was good enough to just look at, I bet it would be even better to touch him. Kiss him…

But I had already done that. I touched my lips. He had said these were the lips that had seduced him. As far as I know, I just had normal guy lips. They weren't big and poofy or petite and alluring. What's so great about these lips? I squished them together making a humming noise.

That was when Hak-Kun walked into the bathroom. He just stared at me as I held my lips together in front of the mirror. He scratched his scalp in confusion. "All right, I guess I'll ask you. Sang Ki, what are you doing?" He wondered. I took my hand away. At least it was Hak-Kun. Anyone else and they would have probably thought I was a lunatic.

"Dong-Sun was making fun of my lips!" I swore.


"He said my lips turned him on. But as far as I know they are normal enough."

His brow crinkled in confusion. "Uh, Sang Ki you shouldn't listen to everything he says."

"I know!" I huffed. "That guy is the enemy! He took my precious Soo Yun away from me."

"Well that part might have actually been a good thing," he mentioned folding his arms in front of him. "I don't think she was very nice to you."

"Yeah." I had to agree.

"I don't want anybody hurting my friends whether they are a girl or not," He continued.

"Yeah, Thanks Hak-Kun," I mumbled. I guess I should give up on Soo Yun who wasn't the all-star princess of the year. Why oh why? I thought she was perfect.

"About Dong-Sun," Hak-Kun started. I looked up. "Do you want Kyubok and me to talk to him?" Holy Moley, they would go up against the pheromone dragon for me? I had such good friends. I couldn't help but laugh lowly under my breath. By the time they were through Dong-Sun wouldn't have known what hit him.

"Nah, it's ok," I decided. There was no sense getting my two friends involved with that Lover boy. I'd somehow ward him off myself. Hmm, maybe I'd have to make some sort of charm or paper… Begone evil spirit!

When I came out of the restroom who should be waiting for me than Dong-Sun. "There you are, Honey." He smiled.

"Don't call me Honey! Don't you have class or something?" I accused.

He looked at the watch at his wrist. "Hmm. You're right. I'll wait for you after class then, Mr. Park."

"Don't bother!"

"I love you."

"Shut up."

"Bye bye, Honey."

I trembled in rage. "Get out of here you big ball of pheromones."

"Pheromones?" he wondered.

I turned and walked away before he could say anything further. After class, I was saved from the aphrodisiac-breathing dragon by the beautiful Soo Yun. "Sang Ki?" she wondered coming up to my desk.

"Yes?" I squeaked. I squeaked? "Yes?" I said again in a deeper manlier voice. It couldn't compare to Dong-Sun's voice but I still had to try. Even though Soo Yun had hurt my feelings by using me for mere kissing practice instead of being my girlfriend like I had hoped, I still could not be mad at her. Was this love? Oh my sweet Soo Yun, how I adore thee so!

"Can I talk to you?" she asked biting her lip. Oh wow, maybe she was feeling sorry for tricking me. Maybe she had finally seen that Dong-Sun was nothing but an agent of tomfoolery.

"Uh, sure." I said trying to sound cool again by pretending I didn't really care one way or the other. I followed her into an empty classroom. It was the same one that had been used as the kissing booth up until yesterday. Now it was empty which actually seemed odd. I swear I could still hear the smacking of lips bouncing off the walls though. I wonder why she had brought me in here.

"Um, listen," she said looking down and scuffing her foot on the ground. "I guess you were right about Dong-Sun."

Praise the gods! I knew you would come to your senses, Soo Yun! Perhaps Dong-Sun's spell had worn off and now my precious Soo Yun could think clearly. Perhaps now she could see me as the chivalrous knight that saved her from that illusive warlock!

"I mean…" she tilted her pretty little head and looked up at me curiously. "When I kissed you I was thinking of Dong-Sun so maybe I forgot to see what it felt like."

"Huh?" Why was she still talking about Dong-Sun?

"But then Dong-Sun said that you were the one but I don't see how," she stated biting her lip deep in thought.

"What?" What was she saying? Was she saying that I was so ordinary that I'd never be able to woo somebody as godly as Dong-Sun? Well, I already believed that myself but still… it hurt to hear her say it. My heart ached. This wasn't the conversation we were supposed to have. Talk about something else… This is too much for me, Soo Yun.

"So I guess Dong-Sun really was just playing around. You were right , Sang Ki," she said taking a hold of my wrist. Wait? I was right? Well of course I was right. Why did I have to be right though? Not that I particularly wanted that gorgeous bimbo to truly be in love with me. That would cause too much trouble. Then again it would be nice to have someone like me especially since that's never happened before.

"But I want to kiss you again to make sure."

Make sure? "Wha?"

She smiled that perfect white-toothed smile. "Maybe you're a really good kisser," she said stepping closer.


"It was these lips that seduced Dong-Sun, right?" She said tracing them with her perfectly manicured fingers.

Wow, she was really coming onto me. This was… great! But I couldn't help but feel I was being tricked somehow.

"He's coming!" one of her friends burst into the room.

Wait, who's coming?

Then before I could look to the door, Soo Yun had grabbed my head and planted a wet one on me. "Honey, I…" A familiar voice started only to stop upon seeing us.

Soo Yun pulled away and looked slyly over at Dong-Sun, the infamous playboy of our school. "Oh, Dong-Sun." She said feigning innocence. "I didn't know you were there."

He definitely didn't look happy but I didn't have time to worry about that. Soo Yun had just tricked me… again! She had kissed me not because she liked me but she did it to come between Dong-Sun and I. How could I have been such a fool? Why did my woman have to be so cruel? Soo Yun wasn't perfect at all. She was far, far from perfect. How could I have ever liked her?

"Mr. Park?" he said a little gruffly. I ignored him.

"Soo Yun, that's not fair," I said.

"Huh?" It seems she had forgotten I was there while staring over at Dong-Sun. She had been holding onto me. How could you forgot about someone you had practically attacked? Her head whipped around to stare at me.

"Well I can't let you have him," she stated almost nonchalantly. It was then that I realized that my very existence wasn't that big of a deal to her. I was merely a stepping-stone beneath her feet on her way to hook up with Dong-Sun. I stepped back from her holding back the tears.

I wanted to curse at her. I wanted to throw things around and totally trash the room. It wasn't fair. Why did my first attempt at love have to be so painful? There must be something wrong with me to have been so infatuated with this cruel witch in front of me.

Instead, I said, "Soo Yun, you are a cruel, cruel woman."

"What?" She titled her head.

"Don't come around me again."


"Just leave me alone!" I yelled. She jerked back startled at my yelling. Dong-Sun was just watching quietly. She glanced at him before exiting the room. He shook his head no and then she left.

We were silent for a minute as we both just stood there. Finally, he took a step towards me. "You liked that girl?" he asked.

"Yeah, I did. But she wasn't who I thought she was. She's actually a cruel, cruel witch."

"You don't have to worry anymore," He assured, his hand lightly fluttering across my back.

"Why's that?" I said lamely not really wanting to deal with him right now. Especially not after my heart had been broken, stomped on, and then buried. I was actually about to cry. I was beginning to not even care if Dong-Sun was there or not. I felt miserable. Miserable enough to give up my manhood for a minute and ball like a baby. Life just seemed oh so bleak right now especially when my sun Soo Yun turned out to be a black hole.

Dong-Sun pulled me in a hug and I yelped at the unexpected action. "Because I will protect you from all the cruel witches of the world," he whispered into my ear.

Hearing him say something so close to my ear made me forget about my urge to cry. I pulled out of his grasp in annoyance. "Who needs your protection?" I glared at him while scratching the ear he had nearly molested with his hot breath.

"I will make a much better lover than her," he stated chuckling slightly.

Well I didn't really doubt it. I was sure he had about five thousand fancy bedroom techniques and about a million ways he could make me feel good. Especially if something simple like breathing in my ear could turn me on. But I didn't want that. Despite their marvelous wooing skills and high-class pheromones, playboys were bad news.

"I love you," he said again. "You are my one and only."

"Stop saying that."

"But it's true."

"It's not true!"

He frowned and stood there before me with his arms folded. "Then…" he started hesitantly. "You really didn't feel it?"

"Feel what?"

"Feel the electricity when you kissed me?"

Not that again. Was this guy like a broken record going back and forth between love confessions and electric kisses? "It was just a kiss." I scoffed. "I didn't feel anything."

Dong-Sun looked down sadly. Wait a minute, why did he look sad? I was supposed to be the sad one here. Why did he have to look so much like a lost little puppy? And why was I feeling guilty for making him feel sad? He was the enemy for goodness sakes!

He stepped forward still looking down at his feet. I wondered what he was doing. "Then you won't mind if we kiss again?" he wondered finally looking up and into my face.

"What? Why? I don't want to kiss you!" I frowned. "Just leave me alone!"

He held up his pointer finger. "One more time…"


He continued despite my outburst. "If we kiss one more time and you do not feel the electricity then I will leave you alone and never bother you again."

To have the incredible Dong-Sun not attack me with his pheromone waves ever again? That meant my body could rest easy. It would be a little sad but at least I could be sad in peace!

"You promise?" I said narrowing my eyes still very suspicious of this guy.

"I promise that my kiss will be better than the one you shared with that cruel witch." He motioned behind him and to the door that Soo Yun had walked out of earlier.

"That's not what I mean…"

"Though I truly believe that you are my special someone, I admit that I cannot make you love me," he said sadly. Well now he's finally talking some sense. At least he realizes that he can't force his feelings upon me.

Dong-Sun grabbed my arm with one hand, the other behind my back pulling me forward. Whoa… I didn't agree to this. "Hey, wait!" I struggled a bit.

"Please," he said simply, gazing into my eyes still only centimeters from my face. "Please allow me this," he pleaded.

Ah, it's just a kiss! Just kiss him and be done with it. After that he'd never bother me again.

"Ok fine!" I said frowning my nose crinkling up not daring to show any signs that I was attracted to him. But being held in his arms like this… My poor little heart was panting.

His hand let go of my arm and came to my face. His thumb caressed my cheek and I couldn't help but get all hot and flushed from the touch. Then his lips came to mine.

I don't know what he was talking about with electricity, true love, or whatever. But when he kissed me it felt good. It felt REALLY good. I guess because all my other kisses up until now had been fast and out of the blue. But now that I had known it was coming, maybe that meant I could enjoy it more.

He pulled away with a light smack as the suction between our lips was released. I just stared at him in awe, my mouth half open. "Well?" he asked chuckling slightly. "Did you feel anything then?"

I shook my head still being held by his arm. "Nothing." I lied. "Nothing at all."