O Tyranny,

What manner of beast art thou?

Thine is the ravages of desolation,

Beholden to no hallowed vow,

'Tis to watch a people starve,

As thy totality thou doth carve,

'Tis to trick a people free,

To carry out the will of thee,

'Tis for allies to be turned against,

As thy domination is commenced,

'Tis to hypnotize the young,

To brawl and clash for a higher rung,

'Tis to bombard with entertainment,

To distract them from their enslavement,

'Tis for media, cold and austere,

To keep the public trembling in fear,

Tyranny, O Tyranny,

This I solemnly vow to thee:

When we the people unite thus,

Thou hast no power over us.