Take #1: burn.

it feels like jazz,
honey-sweet thickness,
i'm in deep, man, i'm
drowning, is it hatred,
is it love, is it sadness?
all i know is i'm surrounded.

it's the stutter at
the tip of my tongue,
the shutter of the camera
around your neck and we're
breathless, every click
as sharp as your heartbeat.

you said it before,
it's magic - muh, muh,
magic, baby, it turns
the moon into stories
and laughter into caffeine,
earnest in its innocence.

we change - butterfly wings
against a storm, stubborn as
those who came before.

are we fools to resist?
the push and pull of
ocean waves, licking at
wounds long since forgotten
in denial, but we bite back,
still learning how to swim.

flickering lights, blue,
red, yellow, white - will
the fall be too much? i see
you in flashes of a past i
miss, a future i long for, you
drip like the sweetest poison.

you did warn me, can't
lie about it, huh? yeah,
keep far from me, why?
only silence and heavy eyes,
can't give up what's not mine,
who says? i said so, swear you did.

is it our fault we always
take warnings as a calling?
defiance a sharp bone we dance
with, fuck, i make peace with
hell if it's your name on my
tongue, pain to keep in silence.

you always hurt, i keep a
whisper between red stained lips,
it's 'cause you burn so brightly.