"WOO HOOOOOOO!" a joyful voice screamed out as its owner jumped from the massive cliff into the dark waves waiting below. For a moment after the jump, there was only silence, but then a head of short, spiky black hair broke the surface of the water. "Come on in! The water is fine!" the jumper cried back to her friends waiting on the cliff above.

"I thought I was supposed to go first, Alice!" one of the friends, Jacob, bellowed back down in good humor. Alice only gave him a playful salute before vanishing under the water again and swimming away from the cliffs and towards the shore. Jacob chuckled lowly before taking a step back and turning to his other two companions: Edward and Bella.

"So, who's up next?" Jacob asked. When Edward and Bella only exchanged amused looks, but said nothing, Jacob shrugged. "I guess that'll be me then," he said, and then he took a step back over to the edge of the cliff.

"Oh, come on now, is all this really necessary?" Edward sighed slowly, right before the younger boy jumped.

"Absolutely. There is no other way to properly start a La Push beach trip than with a good old-fashioned cliff dive!" Jacob replied with a totally serious expression, then before Edward could say anything else, he'd jumped with a wolfish howl loud enough to rival Alice's. Edward and Bella both watched him swim after Alice as soon as he'd resurfaced.

"I wish you had told me he was like this sooner," Edward chuckled dryly to Bella.

"If I had, you would've never gotten together with him," Bella reminded her vampire friend.

"True," Edward acknowledged Bella's statement. "Now who's going next?"

In the end, Bella went next and then Edward went last. Edward helped Bella swim from the cliff to the shore where Jacob and Alice were waiting by the picnic Jacob had set up earlier before meeting Alice, Edward and Bella at the base of the cliff they'd just jumped off of. Today was supposed to be a bit of a beach trip for everyone and no beach trip was complete without a picnic. A really, really, really large picnic.

"Wow! You really went all out!" Bella smiled in awe as she took in all the food laid out for her and the others. Along with the typical sandwiches, salads, lemonade, and cookies, there were a lot more complicated and expensive dishes like steak, chicken, pulled pork, pasta and pastries.

"There ain't nothing wrong with that!" Jacob grinned excitedly, finally getting to eat all the food he'd worked so hard to make and bring here. "You pig," Bella teased as she started with a simple salad, sitting on the large blanket Edward had laid out for her.

"Wolf," Jacob corrected, howling a little before he started stuffing his face full of anything he could get his hands on.

"You certainly are wolfing everything down, aren't you?" Alice teased. Jacob pretended to puke in response to her lame joke, so she kicked a bit of sand in his direction before joining Bella on her towel, snuggling up against her side.

Jacob watched as Alice kissed Bella's cheek several times before turning his gaze over in Edward's direction. Edward knew at once what Jacob was asking and, at first, he shook his head.

"Absolutely not," he pretended to warn the wolf.

"Pretty please?" Jacob replied, getting up and walking over to Edward despite Edward trying to wave him away. Jacob sat down beside Edward stubbornly and held his cheek out to Edward.

"Oh, come on!" Edward pleaded, but when Jacob only continued to wait for Edward's kiss, Edward sighed slowly before acquiescing, his cold lips pressing gently against Jacob's burning face. Jacob growled with pleasure before returning the gesture, leaving a BBQ stain on Edward's pale face. "Gross," Edward wiped his cheek off dramatically, but he was smiling now.

After about 10 minutes of this cutesy exchange between Jacob and Edward, and then Alice and Bella, the rest of the Cullens arrived to the beach trip. They all made sure to take seats in an area covered in shade. Even Edward and Alice, though they were sitting with their mortal lovers, were somewhat protected by the sun because there had been umbrellas waiting for them along with all the food.

"Sorry we're late!" Carlisle shouted over to them as he and the rest of his family walked over. "The hospital was exceptionally busy today, what with all the summer-related injuries, you know."

"It's not a problem at all," Bella assured the vampire patriarch.

"I brought more food in case you were still hungry," the vampire matriarch, Esme, said as she took a seat beside her husband. She pulled several giant wicker baskets from behind her back and while Bella gave a weak smile, Jacob's eyes lit up.

"Thank you ma'am!" he cried, then he proceeded to wolf down all the contents of those baskets as well.

"Eeew," Rosalie made sure to give Jacob her best glare, but he ignored her entirely. Emmett only nudged her and laughed.

"Come on, babe, you can't deny that that wasn't funny," he insisted. Rosalie only huffed again, sitting delicately in a chair she'd brought with her. There was no way she'd get sand all over her fancy swimsuit (which she'd worn for the aesthetic and not the desire to actually join in on the watery portion of the beach trip)! It was a miracle the other Cullens had even been able to drag her out here at all. Jasper, who hadn't done more than smile beatifically, took a quiet seat beside Emmett and Rosalie and just enjoyed the warm summer air.

"Gay-cob! Hey! Gay-cob!" three male voices bellowed from the water. Jacob and all the others turned to see Quil, Embry and Seth, three of Jacob's best friends and fellow shape-shifter wolves, swimming in from the same direction Jacob, Edward, Bella and Alice had come in after their cliff dive earlier. They were, as always, shirtless, but the moment they rose up from the waves, Jacob and the Cullens all began to laugh because every single one of the boys had some kind of rainbow painted across his chest. Seth revealed that he had little Pride Flags stored securely within the pockets of his swim trunks. He made sure to give the flag to Jacob as soon as they were all together on the shore.

"Gee, thanks," Jacob grunted as he took the flag. Seth only grinned at him before pointing to the flag.

"Read what it says," he insisted. He had rainbows on his cheeks while Quil had a large rainbow arching across his chest and Embry had rainbow wolf paws painted on each of his pecs. Of course, the paint was waterproof. They had known about Jacob's beach trip and even though they weren't formally invited, all three of them knew that no one would've minded them crashing the party and coming along. So now here they were.

"What it says?" Jacob echoed in confusion, then he unraveled the scrap of rainbow cloth: Team Gay-job. He plays for his own team and the other team! and above the words "own team" was the male gender sign and above the words "other team" was a pair of vampire fangs.

"Oh my God, you guys," Jacob hid his face in his hands while everyone else laughed at him.

"I think it's very fitting," Edward remarked, playfully tucking the flag behind Jacob's ear.

"You look so pretty now, Jacob!" Bella agreed with a similar tone. Alice only laughed at the scene, still clinging to Bella's arm. When Jasper and Emmett got a look at the flag, they began to roar with laughter and even Rosalie offered up a smirk, though it was more because Jacob was being humiliated than anything else. Carlisle only smiled and shook his head while Esme came over to whisper to Jacob.

"We're so proud of you, honey," she said. Then she handed him a much larger and prettier pride flag, one that was meant to be more serious than the one Seth had given. In addition, upon closer inspection, Jacob realized that every one of the seven stripes had a single sentence written in it, one from every Cullen, minus Edward.

"Wow. Thank you," Jacob breathed, feeling tears spring into his eyes. So far, his entirely family had been fine with accepting his sexuality, but to see the level of thought and affection in this gift was enough to make him cry.

"What is it?" Edward asked, hearing that tiny break in Jacob's voice. Jacob showed him the flag and when Edward read the messages within the stripes, he smiled fondly up at Esme who only winked back down at him before walking over to Bella.

"Don't think I didn't make you one too," she grinned.

"Thank you," Bella murmured in gratitude as she took the flag. It was much like the one Jacob had, but this time, Alice was the one missing from this flag. Alice leaned over in excitement, eager to read what messages her family had left for her and Bella. Although she had the power to read the future, she didn't usually do it unless something important was coming up and she hadn't realized that this little double-date to the beach was going to be some mini pride party, yet that was exactly what it was turning out to be. But she hadn't know that ahead of time, not figuring that seeing into the future of a beach trip would be very exciting or useful, this flag gift was just as much of a surprise to her as it was to Bella.

"Awww, that's so sweet of you!" Alice put a hand to her unbeating heart and looked like she was about to cry.

"Oh, Alice, please don't!" Bella said, half joking, half serious. She wasn't sure what she'd do if the tiny vampire started crying, especially because when Alice cried, it was usually very loud and dramatic.

"Don't worry, I won't," Alice promised, then she kissed Bella's cheek again as she wrapped herself and Bella up in the flag and Bella grinned.

"Awww, it's so cute that it makes me sick!" Emmett declared.

"Oh, shut up, Emmett," Alice grunted as Esme threw Emmett a small glare.

"What?" he asked innocently. Edward threw an empty bottle at his brother's head.

"Ouch!" Emmett cried indignantly as the bottle bounced off of him with a metallic clang.

"Boys," Esme finally warned.

"Sorry," Emmett and Edward both apologized but neither of them actually looked sincere. Esme only sighed again but said no more. This was supposed to be a fun day, she didn't have to go full blown Mama Bear on them today.

"So, now that we're all here, how about we go have some real fun?" Seth pleaded, pointing to the waves. Quil and Embry took off at once, needing no further incentive to get back into the waves. Jacob turned to look at Edward.

"Oh come on, do I really have to?" Edward pretended to complain.

"Edward, go play with your boy toy!" Jasper encouraged.

"Whoa, ok! Didn't need to hear that!" Rosalie pretended to cover her ears.

"Oh, shut up," Jasper replied, throwing a fistful of sand at her. She shrieked in anger, so Jasper took off running for the water. Rosalie wouldn't follow him in because of what the salt would do to her perfectly golden locks. Emmett charged in after Jasper, once again hitting the water so hard that the waves were knocked over by him instead of the other way around.

"Come on, Edward, let's go," Bella laughed, standing up.

"How come you're inviting him and not me?" Alice pouted, still sitting on their shared blanket, pouting.

"Because I already know you'll follow me in," Bella replied fondly and Alice's frown melted away at once. Although Bella could be very socially awkward and socially useless, there were rare moments when she would say something so perfect that even Alice would swoon. This was one of those times, and Alice could only agree, hopping to her feet and dancing around excitedly as she waited for her girlfriend to follow her into the sea.

"Ok, fine," Edward pretended to groan, then he stood as well and followed Alice and Bella into the water. "You coming, Jacob?" Edward asked, not bothering to turn around, but maybe he should have because as soon as he was on his feet, Jacob had jumped onto his back.

"Mush! Onward! Forward!" Jacob cried, wrapping one arm around Edward's shoulders as he pointed to the water with the other.

"Jacob!" Edward rolled his amber eyes, but he couldn't stop a smile from twitching across his smooth face.

"Oooh, carry me too!" Alice pleaded, then before Bella even had time to blink, Alice was suddenly perched upon her back. It was a good thing Alice was so tiny. Even someone as unathletic as Bella could carry her around quite easily.

So the two happy couples joined their many friends in the water while Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme remained behind on the sandy shore. Carlisle and Esme watched with matching smiles as two more of their clan finally found their significant others and even Rosalie, cold and apathetic and annoyed as she was, couldn't help but genuinely smile at the scene unfolding before her. She may not have approved of Alice and Edward, or of the people they'd chosen to be with (seriously, a human and a werewolf. Could it have been any worse?), but she had to admit that they were all very cute. In fact, as she continued to watch them splash around with each other, she whipped out her phone and quickly snapped a photo, adding a rainbow filter to it. Then she got off her fancy little chair and joined them in for the swim.

AN: This is an Eclipse AU where, following the end of New Moon, Alice and Bella begin to realize their feelings for each other, but Bella stays with Edward for a bit longer, leading to repeated Edward v. Jacob matches until Bella finally just breaks it off with both of them and runs to Alice. This leaves Edward and Jacob despondent because they have no excuse to see each other anymore and that makes them realize that maybe their loathing was actually loving and their fights over Bella were only ever done in attempt to impress the other and because Foe-Yay is a thing, so they become a couple too. Also, yes, this means that Alice isn't married to Jasper.

Also, of course, in this moment, Jacob has given the Cullens his blessing to spend this one day at the beach with him, hence why none of the wolves are complaining about the vampires being on their territory.