Humans are complicated creatures. They are most known for their cowardice, their selfishness. For their blindness. Their lack of simply accepting. They say seeing is believing, but is it really?

People call the ones who see the world differently insane. They say they are hallucinating. That they need medical attention. Want to know the real reason behind what they are seeing? It is pretty ironic, actually.

Humans fail to see the world as it really is. They lack the ability to. And, i don't blame them. When you try so hard not to see something, then trust me, you won't. But the thing is, humans try to hide it. They fail to see something that is right in front of them. If you made a bird out of a stone, they would still not believe it was magic.

So, how can humans not see something so obvious, that is right under their nose? This brings us back to the saying 'seeing in believing'. But how can that be true when humans don't even trust their own senses? It is the only thing they have got. And guess what? Seeing isn't believing. At least, not for humans.

The ones who see this world as dark and menacing, those who see it as corrupted, those who see dark shadows lurking in the dark-

They are the ones who see the world as it truly is. You heard me. People that see the world as "normal" are the ones who are hallucinating. The ones who are in the wrong. See? Pretty ironic.

And i should know. Because i am one of those people that see the true world. The supernatural, the darkness. And this, my friends, is my story.

September 1st, 2017

I wandered through the dark hallways, body slouched down low as if a great weight was on my shoulders. You know, now that i think about it, maybe there was. People stared and whispered at the new girl, with fair hair and golden eyes, the chick all the boys died to get near.

Grimacing, i sped up, my boots clicking on the tiled floor. There was a certain hush as i passed, as if all life had been sucked from the place. Even the whispers died down, replaced by the silent pounding of my heart. Blood pounded to my ears and my head, and i thought i might just burst. Some looked at me with respect, and a few girls with instant resentment for 'stealing' their dates.

I straightened my posture, head held high, and walked with such power a few people even cowered in fear. I liked the power, the authority it gave me. But then my bubble was burst as i remembered rule number four: Don't use your powers on anyone.

My tensed shoulders relaxed as i slouched once more, trying to keep to the shadows, be unnoticed. Curse my charisma! I thought in frustration, just as a boy and his friends cast me lustful looks. It can't be helped, then. My brain gave up, knowing that it really was no use trying to fight against charisma. Especially if it was obtained by-

A green-eyed girl slammed against my shoulder roughly, causing me to stumble back. Looking back over her shoulder to cast a nasty look, she nearly hit a nearby wall. Cursing under her breath, she tossed her brown hair aside, then disappeared around a corner.

Puzzled, i made nothing of it and turned to leave for class, when I almost hit a wall. But when i felt around, the wall felt spongy and soft, and i pulled my face to stare at blue eyes. For a moment, i was paralyzed. But then the boy growled, pushing me roughly, and stomped off. I dazedly gained my posture once more, holding onto a locker for dear life. The world seemed to spin around me.

A human whom wasn't enchanted by me?