The pressure's building up! The heat's even more choking!

I want to escape from this burning heart unresting!

The walls and floor around me are in my mind stoking

The flames of endless despair! Dread detesting!

It's true nothing lasts, save the abysmal hole inside.

The longing urge to pass through Love's flame and abide.

Why can't I find true peace, when all hope seems dire?

The one way out for me is burst into the fire!

So, get up now and charge with the never-ending choir!

It sings of endless life! I run into the fire!

One moment I know why, the next I'm badly wrong.

How do I find my way to the home I belong?

It burns now more intense, that my whole form is covered!

When I thought the end beckons, the agonies increase!

The pain stings all my sense that my veins boil over!

My spirit can't last a second, without bursting off a piece!

They say how much they seek the true way that's life.

It makes strong small and weak, through the unwanted strife.

Each time it comes again, I call faith a liar!

But I am shown all, then, who march into the fire.

So, get up now and walk against the grief, fear and ire,

With gentle, open heart, and step into the fire.

One moment I know why, the next I'm very wrong.

How do I keep my feet on the road that I long?

I just can't explain how to go out, and find joy,

Except go through sorrows to grow, learn, not destroy.

I get up now and glide to Holy Love, my sire,

Now that I'm on this side of living into the fire.