You think that you know me. But you have no clue the pain that I feel. The struggle I go through everyday because you decided that you wanted attention. I show you attention everyday, and yet I'm not good enough for you. What more do you want? Nobody who has good friends, doesn't get bullied, abused, neglected, or even get teased has depression. Because you are selfish and not aware of what you had, who you had, you have driven good, honest people to the edge and caused so much pain and suffering. Let me ask you this one question...Why?

What was so bad about your life that you had to give others pain that should have never existed in the first place. This is just other's pain. These are my friends, and I tried to be strong, but I have a breaking point to. When you watch all your friends cut, an say that they want to die, it gets really hard to keep from breaking. I just want to be able to just shut everything out, and just forget. But I can't. Because of this sick twisted world that nobody is safe in. That is why I wish to shut everything out. It would make everything hurt less. But if I do that, then I run the risk of losing someone. You have no clue how that feels. It's beyond painful. It pushes me to the mental breaking point. But I have to put a band aid on the cracks and just continue going. Because unlike you. I care