The usual bickering occurs, except this time, it's about me. I uncomfortably step into line, with all the eyes of the prisoners on me. It doesn't take them long to glance behind me, scared. Then, they quickly avert their eyes back to me. I would consider this disrespect, but they don't know who I am, so can't blame them. I barely catch a too low whisper about me.

"Did you see? He moved into the cell with the new girl who came yesterday or something."

"I feel so bad for her, look she's right there." I try to ignore them and walk straight ahead, passing a couple of people. I see them stare at me from the corner of my eyes but say nothing. I march over, skipping almost the entire breakfast line. I grab a once a week apple on my way. The apple seems like the only edible thing in here. I look over and notice Death Whisperer sitting by himself on a table, everyone else way far away from him. I turn my head and also notice Celia with her friends on the table, she smiles when she sees me and motions for me to come. I reluctantly go, looking back at him and also noticing everyone is stealing glances at him too. I take my seat, sandwiched between Celia and Melody. Melody turns to me.

"Hey, he's your jailmate?" My mouth feels dry but I nod as I lift up the apple to my mouth. "That's so...I feel so bad for you. I'm sorry. I hope he doesn't do anything to you, oh—" She notices what she just said. "—Don't tell him I said that. Please." I shake my head. I notice Celia quiet. She stares at him from our table without breaking contact. After a while, she turns back to me. She looks me square in the eye and whispers, "Stay as far away from him as possible." I look at her, confusion on my face and all I get is a half shrug. She stands up and excuses herself, again to go somewhere. I look back at Melody, and she grins at me.

"Aye, Mar, since you're his jailmate, tell me something you know about how evil he is. Maybe that may even help you sentence him for violation here eh? So then you can go and live happily, away from that bastard." Her grin is bittersweet. I frown and shake my head at her.

"Just because he sleeps in the same room as me, doesn't mean I know everything about him. I'm content staying away and knowing little as possible," plus he never even responds to me. Like I can get anything out of him.

"Whatever, just know if he tries anything here, it'll be good for us, 'cause then he'll be sent away." She turns to face his direction, watching him.

"Doesn't look like it'll take long," I mutter glancing at him. He already got yelled at once.

"Hmm? What's that?" Melody turns back to me. I start to say nothing when a weird noise draws our attention and we swivel. Several people are standing by the time we stand, so we have to push through the crowd to get a better look. Melody passes in front of me, and gasps.

"Don't tell me it's another one of those stupid food fights, weird people who don't think about how much food they're wasting, I mean…" I trail off as I see what's actually going on. A couple of boys are standing at the table where The Death Whisperer is sitting. They're snarling at him, and he pays them no attention. People start mummering among each other. I even hear someone say to call for guards. Someone yelps. I roll my eyes and push forward again.

"Whatcha' doin' here, huh? Come here t' kill us eh? Didn't you have enough of that?" One of the boys yells in front of him. Are these kids asking for death? They look barely old enough to be my fourteen, but they're immensely stupid. However, our Death Whisperer doesn't move or show any indication that he's heard him. "Nobody wants you here, get da hell outta here. And. If. You. Don't. We gon' have some trouble." People in the crowd yell back something muffled.

"What's he doing, doesn't he know that's him?" I hear someone say in front of me. A shake of a head. A nod.

"That guy there doesn't know who he is, he's apparently new or something."

"Well, then shouldn't someone tell him about THE Death Whisperer?"

"Right now, it seems like someone told him, but forgot to mention how dangerous he actually is." I shake my head away from them. Seriously, he's not that scary but against those kids, he would eat them up. Looking at Death Whisperer I feel like laughing all of a sudden. The nickname Death Whisperer doesn't exactly sound...fitting? He still pay the boys any attention but calmly eats up his—if you can even call that— food. He looks like a freaking porcelain doll, and his name… sounds like he's trying to be a ratchet copy of Satan. Pfft. Who even gave him that name? I doubt it would be himself. Weird people here. Suddenly, without any indication he stands up abruptly, causing many to flinch or move away. Even the tough guy in front jumps a bit, but he simply just takes his food tray and tosses it in the bin. And starts to walk away, when the guy back at the table grabs a handful of his food and throws it at him. The so-called death Whisperer stops. People gasp and everyone freezes. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something to start. But I can also sense the satisfaction around the room. They are scared but also happy. I immediately hate all the people around me, they think this is the way to get back at him. If they can't do anything to him by themselves, at least they can enjoy watching others do it. What cowards. Don't they love a good entertainment? I grin as I step forward but a hand stops me. I look to see Melody's hand in front of me, her expression stern. She jerks her head no. I fight the urge to punch her and just roll my eyes. "What did you think you were going to do? Just barge in, to get into trouble?" I start to shake my head but she stops me. "Don't think even for a second that you can prevent anything that's going to happen right now." I scowl.

"I wasn't going to stop it, I mean what are they to me? Nothing. I was just going to encourage them to fight, ya know? Chant." She glares at me like I'm the craziest person she's ever seen. I shrug and grin. A young girl, shorter than me not to mention also very weak looking, surprisingly steps forward and approaches the man. "Stop this nonsense right now Mark. Do you even have any idea what you're doing?!"

"Don't raise your voice at me!" Mark yells. My lips curl upwards with anger. "And what if I don't stop? You wanna fight me, you whore?" He scoffs. My fists clench. My hand would be halfway up his throat by now, if not for Melody. "You're such an ill mannered woman, how dare you address me without respect! Oh, I know how to fix that," He smiles slowly looking at him in front, and back at the girl. It makes me sick.

"Hmm...guess I'll deal with you first. Alright then, what shall we do with you? As a punishment of your crime against me, you shall kneel before my feet, all the while begging for forgiveness!" His smile grows wickedly as he starts to laugh. All of his buddies near him also start to laugh. The girl in front of him trembles, her knees shaking. "Now!" He bellows. For whatever reason, the guards aren't in the room. I look around frantically, where are the guards when you actually need them? The lunch servers peak over, but stay where they are. Too scared. Melody's hands grab my arm tightly, as if she senses what I'm going to do next. I turn my head sharply towards her.

"Let me go. Don't stop me." She presses her lips tightly but drops her hand.

"What are you going to do?"

"Just watch and see what this little girl can do," I smirk and I move forward. The crowd lets me slip through easily. Not wasting a second, I grab the nearest plate and send it flying at Mark's forehead.. Oooh. That's going to leave a mark. Everyone turns to look who threw it, and I fake a gasp.

"Oh dear, I'm so sorry. Looks like my hand slipped a bit. Whatever shall I do now" I pout.. Mark growls and steps forward. Before he can move two more steps, I have him pinned down on the ground. His head lands with a pleasing thud.