He grunts."Going somewhere?" I smirk. He manages to kick me in the leg, causing me to fall off him. I instantly leap back up. He looks at me with utter disbelief. I smile and look back at the frail girl. "Get off the ground," I say. She gulps as she slowly gets up and rushes into the crowd. I turn back, just as Mark roars.

"You little scum! You helped her, now you will see my wrath!" He comes at me with a blow I easily block. Another one I block with my wrist. I step to the side and punch up his jaw, hearing a cry of pain as I also land a powerful kick in his groin. Oops. He cries out loud and stumbles back. His hand comes at me again, but I'm already down twisting to spin a kick on his ankle causing him to trip and fall to the ground. I stand back up and walk over to him. With a hand on my hip, and another of my invisible hat, I dip my hat and grin.

"Huh? Did I hear you call that young lady something very disrespectful? Too bad, this is what you get." I step on his leg, and I think I hear a crunch. His bruises are already starting to show. A black eye with a few broken bones. I laugh. "What was that? You called me a scum…" I step my other leg down. He releases a strangled scream indicating another bone broken. This is more fun than I would've thought. His companions all see me, and rush towards me with attacks. Three at once. I jump over a table, and then duck as I land. Grabbing the plate on the ground, I jam it in the shoulderbone of a guy he grunts and moves off balance. I use that opportunity to grab the small knife from my waistband and cut his leg to make it look like the plate's fault. Red leaks out his leg as he inspects it. I then quickly coat the plate with the blood on my knife and hide it back inside my waistband. The man looks at me with disbelief at first, then suspicion. I shrug and tilt my head towards the plate with a grin on my face. He cowers under me and the fight ends. I look to see that the other two are too afraid to move forward. Mark was still in the corner injured, cowering. I slowly walk over to him, and kneel down. With a simper on my face, I grab him by the shirt and yank him. Everyone's eyes on me, once again. Though, this time I don't mind it much.

"Be a good boy and we won't have trouble. Got it?" He gulps and nods, whimpering. I rise back up, just in time to hear the guard rushing towards us.

"Wha-what's going on here, can't even leave you guys for a second?" a guard mutters. "If the chief finds out about this I'll be dead."

At the same time, a loud sound rings throughout the room. At first I think it's the breakfast bell to signal the end...more urgent. The guard looks at me, Mark and his buddies, at Mr. Death Whisperer—probably because his presence is enough to make anyone cautious— and then back at me. He looks like he's in the middle of a debate inside his mind. Everyone gets startled by the alarm and some even freak out, chaos breaks out in a second. Finally after a few moments of the deafening alarm pass, the guard speaks up loudly.

"Alright, we'll figure this out later! Right now, I want everyone in one straight line! A single line!" he brings out his whip to warn us what would happen if we don't listen. Most of the prisoners are already alarmed enough to not question and quickly file themselves. There's around a hundred of us in this room and everyone just pushes themselves into the line. Melody grabs my arm softly and leads me into the line, right behind her. As I look back, I can see the line stretches all the way into the entrance of one of the jail cell hallways. I catch a glimpse of Celia somewhere at the front, and tell the worrying Melody who sighs in relief that her friend isn't getting left behind. Without another word, the guard leads our line forward towards a new hallway which I didn't think led to the cells.

We continue walking in a straight line through a long dark—yes, in the morning—hallway for the next ten minutes. Most people don't dare raise their voice over a whisper. The loud deafening sound had faded away after continuously piercing our ears for two minutes, which I was thankful for. I feared if the sound went on for any longer, I would go deaf. There's not much to see in the dark hallway except for a light at the end. Damn, if this ain't the longest hallway I've seen in my life. I glance behind me and see that at the very end if the line is the Death Whisperer walking slowly, and not seeming to pay any attention to where we were going and what was about to happen. Must not be the first time for him.

We walk closer to the light and I realize the hallway leads into the court from before. At least I have a better sense of direction here now. Melody nudges me, pointing her head towards the set up in front of us. I shrug and am about to say something when the sight stops me. There are around fifteen to twenty Leno people around the court, their helmets dark as ever concealing any trace of their faces. The annoying midget judge is sitting at the top…along with my most favorite Courts-man Kendal. He sits facing us, so this time I can get a good look at him. Average height, and black-grey hair. Wrinkles take up a good amount of his face. A typical courts-man, I suppose. Except for the fact that he was a big pain in the ass. He's facing the judge and having some sort of conversation with him. I grimace, it was too early in the morning to deal with him. Not to mention, I am sure he came back for me. Two days, it was all the freedom I got. We get led to the seats and distributed in the dirty, filthy, rows of seats. Melody, being right in front of me, goes to the right side while I get instructed to go to the left. Since it's nearly eleven o'clock the room seems more bright and I can see the corner of the room I couldn't two days prior. Well, nothing that surprising. It was a typical court. White walls, lined with Leno people and older designs lining the tops of the walls. Probably something related to serving justice. I look around before sitting down, and see that Celia is sitting a few rows behind me. Her face is expressionless. She then glances and catches my eye, her face spreading into a wide smile. I give her a nod before turning around to sit down. Kendal gets up from his spot to walk to the front. He motions the guard to silence everyone as he starts speaking.

"Hello prisoners. I am Courts-man Ken-"

"THE KING IS ENTERING THE COURT!" a loud voice cuts, coming from the other entrance. Looks like I'm saved for now. Everyone turns to the right. A bunch of royal guards enter nonchalantly, followed by…the King of our country.