Hi, my name is Camilla Sanderson and I am fifteen years old. I attend school at St. Lucia's Academy of Magic in the realm of Ligeia. My older sisters, Lumina and Pauline, assist me with homework whenever I need it. In their eyes, I am still a kid although I am a high school freshman.

"Lumina, Pauline," I scold, "I am a teenager now. Please stop babying me."

"Sorry, Cami. You have a doll-like face and cute little dimples. We can't help but adore you," Lumina giggles.

"Come on, girls, let's get to class," Pauline, my eldest sister, reprimands us.

"Sorry, sis," we chorus, following her into first period.

"Now, Lumina and Cami, don't let boys distract you. Stay focused and you'll be fine," Pauline advises, her curly dark hair glistening in the sunlight shining through the stained-glass windows.

My sisters and I attend school in a church-like environment. All of our teachers are nuns and are referred to as "Sister." Our school is very beautiful. Although we attend a school of magic, it's almost as if we were in a real Catholic church.

"Okay, boys and girls. Today, we will be studying fire spells. As you may know, Fire is the most basic of enchantments. Fira is tougher, and Firaga is the most difficult of all," Sister Leanne, a beautiful and kind-hearted African-American nun, informed the listening students.

She shows the class a fire enchantment she learned when she was about their age, which was eleven to seventeen. I raise my eager hand.

"Yes, Camilla?" prompts the nun lovingly, as she had cared for children for many years before becoming a sister.

"How much experience do I require before I can learn Fira?" I inquire shyly.

"Oh, Cami," chuckles Sister Leanne, "you must have MUCH more experience before attempting THAT spell. Any more questions before we practice our first fire spells?"

There is no response. Sister Leanne claps her hands. "All right then. Try casting Fire on these targets." She points to three red and green targets spinning back and forth. All of a sudden, the door bursts open.

"Sorry to interrupt your class, Sister," pants a girl with brown hair, brown eyes and a nose like a bird's beak. "My name is Medli; I would like to become a sorceress. However, my people don't want me to learn magic. I am here to defy the odds and do it anyway."

Another girl, this time with green hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile, grins at Sister Leanne. "Hi, my name is Saria. I come from the forest and wish to cast some spells."

"Welcome, new students!" the nun gushes excitedly. "Please take these staffs and cast Fire at those spinning targets."

"Yes, Sister," the transfer students reply obediently, taking the objects from the beautiful nun. They point the items at the targets, which promptly burst into flames.

"Bravo!" shouts Sister Leanne. "Three cheers for our foreign exchange students!"

"Hip, hip, hooray!" the young sorceresses in training shout. "All hail Medli and Saria!"

"I'll go next, Sister," I inform the nun, stepping two feet forward and cast Fire on the targets. The Christmas-hued objects combusted, causing several students to clap their hands over their sensitive ears.

"Bravo, Camilla!" smiles Sister Leanne proudly. "You showed your classmates-and sisters-how to properly combust a target using Fire enchantments. Your homework for tonight: complete these worksheets about Fire incantations and turn them in on Monday."

My sisters and I copy our assignments into our agendas and congratulate Medli and Saria one final time.

"Where do you come from, anyway?" Pauline asks inquisitively.

"Oh, we can't tell you that. It's a secret. Nobody has ever heard of the place, but I can tell you this: Saria and I come from a land with elves, fairies, and mystical beings of all kinds," said Medli, putting a finger to her lips.

"Oh, okay, we promise we won't tell anyone," Lumina informed the Aaru maiden with a wink.