Author note:Hello,readers! I'm back at it again with another poem. This poem is about one of my awful exes whom I was with on-off for two weeks long distance. This poem is different than my other ones. I got to working on it when I found out mt ex had asked Twitter followers for nudes and when I found out from my best friend via Twitter DM that her mom's abusive boyfriend had died. This poem isn't for the faint of heart. If you're unable to handle dark material,I suggest stepping back. Other than that,here it is.

To my past lover who tore me apart:

Fuck you and your miserable existence.

Vermin such as yourself disgust me.

Why the fuck did I ever fall for trash such as you?

All you do charm women.

And you only want one thing and one thing only.

Their bodies.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Men like you are a disgrace to mankind.

Only desiring to breed carelessly.

And not out of true and pure love.

You only care about lust.

Nothing else but that.

You caused me so much pain.

And so much humiliation.

With misery poured into the mix.

You twisted my mind.

With the truth.

And your lies.

You greedy bastard.

Fucking me over.

Lying to me.

Trying to turn my fellow companions.

Against me to ruin my life and reputation.

Males of your kind deserve to burn.

In an endless lake of fire.

That most call Hell.

May you suffer for all eternity.

For causing my mind to crawl.

To a very dark place.

With no peace.

And with no hope.

Damn you.

I am no longer your bitch.

Your slut.

Your whore.

None of that.

I am forever finished.

With your hellish presence.

I was an angel.

You were the devil.

That caused me to trip and fall.

Right out of Heaven.

Causing me to become weak.

Not anymore.

I am now gone.

From your life.

I went from a peaceful princess.

To a livid bitch.

Hellbent on revenge.

And causing bloodshed.

Like a woman scorned.

One day,I'll forget your name.

And then you'll drown in my pain.

The exact same way that I did.

May Karma sink her sharp,vampiric teeth into your skin.

Author note two:and that is the end. While writing this poem,I took a few pauses between to listen to a few songs by Evanescence to keep up the flow. This os my second M rated poem to be submitted so far. And with that,stay tuned for more future content.