Chapter One

The Surprise

I was extremely excited, so much so that I was practically leaping into the car.

"I'm going to have powers, Mom, I know it!" I said as we drove over to the tech center Chestering High School, where they conducted the tests. Always on the second weekend in October, for every twelve year old that year. Most of my grade wasn't going to be tested until next year because I just turned twelve a couple days before and Sixth Grade had just started.

Mom rolled her eyes, knowing only one person before me had powers. It was to be noted he needed no object to use his powers, but now they had a supply of journals that could be taken away if the magic user did something bad. Last time, we had no idea what was coming. There were no tests. And nothing like that had ever happened before.

This was when I was five. And while it happened in Norway, my family still suffered. It's unknown what happened to him. Maybe he realised what he was doing and went into solitude. But he vanished nevertheless and so did all of his spells previously cast on the world.

Nowadays, conspiracies usually revolved around magic.

And they would stay that way for a. Very. Long. Time.

We pulled into the lot in front of school, bustling with Sixth and Seventh Graders with about the same amount of excitement. I got in the line in the middle that was slowly moving forward. We slowly drew closer to the front, where I was going to go into one of four counselor's offices (they had one for each grade.)

Finally, it was my turn, so I trotted into the room. Mrs. Heriwagg, whom's name I found out by reading the door's tag, told me to sit down. I obliged.

She placed a red marble on her bleachy white desk and told me to say, "turn this marble green."

"Turn this marble green!" I said, and amazingly, the marble turned green. I was struck so hard I fell back in my seat. I heard people gasping and murmuring outside, and when I looked over, maybe 4,000 people were trying to look in.

"Okay, okay, Aaron, now, um, please say, 'I infuse my powers into this journal.'"

"I infuse my powers into this journal!" Immediately the name Aaron appeared in the first page, which was lying open on the desk.

I immediately grabbed it, which startled the woman.

"Now Aaron! Manners!"

"What if you take it?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

Everyone looking through the door looked at each other and shrugged. If the government or really anyone important/evil got ahold of that power…. went through my head.

I took the pen I had in my pocket just-in-case and wrote down:

If anyone who works for any important company or the government tries to take this journal, they will immediately forget what they're doing and give it back to me.

"AARON!" yelled the teacher.

She grabbed the journal, looked at it in confusion, and handed it back.

I exited the room with a wide grin. "Applause!" I said jokingly. A couple started to clap and I said, "No, no. I don't care if you applause or not! It's a joke! I mean, I'm not cruel. Do what you want!"

But everyone there was terrified.

My mom drove away with an indiscernible expression on her face. I was too busy testing out my powers to really study it, though.

Make that cat jump one time and then forget about it.

Make the day last one second less.

Make this car magically way bigger on the inside..

By the time Mom looked back I had created the first space you go into that looks way smaller on the outside then it really is. I named it Aaron's Water Park and Roller Coasters. (I know, so creative.) I had tons of things back there, and when Mom looked back, she crashed into the neighbor's house.

When I walked out of the wreckage, mostly unharmed because I was in a room that couldn't really be crushed because it was magic..., I quickly grabbed my journal and wrote- Make it so my Mom didn't look back and get startled.

Suddenly I was cruising along again inside of my amusement park car.

I was totally living the dream.

I could get used to this.