Creation Mythology of Enderal

Chapter 1 Dawn of time

Before Enderal, before the dawn of time itself there were Odo, the first, as the elves would called him. Odo was alone for untold ages, for almost an eternity. In this lonely existence he oft slept and when he did not sleep he weaved a realm, a world. When he found himself thinking it pointless he undid his weave, until he put himself to a new task, a task he had never done before. He cut his long white elegant beard in half and weaved. He weaved without end until the task was done and five beings stood before him. These children were divided; two men and three women. The first man he named Balaak, god of creation as he was mighty and wise beyond the others, kind and understood the art of creation. In elvish he was named Ithébae, the one that sits in judgement over you upon death.

Alüniae was the other, named god of fruit and animals for his love of both, Ithërotheb the elves called him. The strongest of the women were Maerwynn, lady of light as she stood a stark embodiment of the light in Odo's realm, and to the elves she was Mithwyrr. She was stronger than Alüniae and almost as strong as Balaak. They would take each other to spouse in everlasting love. Almost as strong as her and equal in strength to Alüniae stood Amenset, goddess of the sun as she shined bright in mind, body and creative spirit. In elvish she was Ameh Suu. Odo found a small hole in her heart upon her creation, a flaw in his weave. He decided to keep an extra eye on her, in case his mistake caused darkness or other wrongful desires to fill the hole. The last, but far from weak, was Bastet, the goddess of war. She was mighty in battle and had spirit for it. In battle she went almost unmatched. Ithidorah, the elves called her. To the mortal world they were the Old gods.

Odo rejoiced in company of his children for the longest time before he saw them ready to forge a world and ready to care for it. He had instructed them in the weave and they now forged a world, Enderal. Whilst the rest weaved Alüniae played beautiful music on his flute and his music was the fairest Odo had ever witnessed in his eternal existence. Tears of happiness crept from his eyes. After endless weaving and music for a millennium Enderal took its shape. Odo left his children to care for it and slumbered. To this very day Odo still slumbers in his realm of everlasting light.

The five children of Odo put their minds to create the first races with great speed. Balaak and Maerwynn made the Elves in their splendid future glory in ages yet to come. Alüniae made the giants, gentle guardians of what would be the Northern Wastelands and Bastet made the Merfolk, keepers of the seas. Balaak and Bastet then made the sentient and immortal in aging Elder Dragons to guard Enderal. However, these intelligent drakes took after Bastet and hungered for battle and this hunger could not be sated. Unlike Bastet they could not control their desire. Balaak berated her for giving their greatest creation such a grave flaw. She apologized and asked his forgiveness and he gave it without a second thought. Amenset created no race but the sun to allow life and the trees and grass and flowers of Alüniae and for Balaak's decision on the matter of mortals a spark of jealousy grew in her heart. The firstborn races were made at the height of the Old god's creation fervor.

Her jealousy grew stronger when Balaak and the rest of her kin sought to weave and play music to make proper guardians of Enderal, demigods named Aethereals. In Balaak' great holdfast upon the mountain Hírgälim she spoke her grievance to their lord and king, "Why are thee to lock my spirit from this task and my spirit alone? Am I undesirable to such extent, be that the case, why am I allowed in this halls? Am I unworthy, tell me, tell me thee who I call brother."

The great hall of five thrones laid on the peak of a mountain in the Karak Mountains region. It had been settled upon the mountain of Hírgälim.

With Maerwynn at his side Balaak rose. For a moment he was silent, for that moment Amenset seethed. Balaak had sensed the hole in her heart that Odo had upon her creation. Then Balaak assured her no offense was intended and that he nor anyone desired her gone from his halls and he made her part of making the Aethereals, regretting his decision and unable to deny one whom he called sister. Balaak was good and wise, unable to understand things like jealousy, humiliation, anger and deceit. Little did he know that the humiliation he placed in Amenset's heart was burned into the goddess of the sun and her heart would not forget or forgive. At the making of the Aethereals she snuck fiery darkness from her heart into one of theirs. This man, Nithrihim, was forged with darkness in his heart and mind. Her darkness did more though, it left some Aethereals far different from their brethren. Odo had forged the old gods in his image, they forged the Aethereals in their image and Men was shaped in the same image. Yet, not all Aethereals were of that appearance. Lothinriad, mistress of the underworld was half-woman half-spider and Eldan, the Rune champion held the shape of the race he would forge-with Balaak's permission and help-of steel and rock the Dwarves. Balaak was stunned and confused, as was Bastet and Alüniae but not Maerwynn it seemed, though, she did not call out Amenset's foul act. A disappointed look was all Amenset got and for a thousand years she was ashamed.

Far in the Badlands a rift opened away from Balaak's watchful gaze. The demonic titan lord Mon Haemos unleashed his corruption into Enderal, demons started to pour though as the lords of the Abyss realm sought this new world as their own. The demons was, however, felt by seen by Balaak from his throne in his hall and he sent a group of Aethereals to deal with it whilst he gathered his strength. These were Avskund, Nightingale, Hagóphos, Sookora, Kaëta, Lorï and Péritus. They faced the demon host with bravery and ferocity. The battle was fierce and they won out after many days of bloodshed. Mon Haemos fled to an unknown corner of Enderal as Balaak raised the demigods to god status for saving Enderal for the demon host. He left them to care for his newest and favorite race, Men. Whilst everyone assumed that all was well Avskund, the highlord and keeper of the oceans suffered a hint of corruption in the corner of his mind. Neither he or his beloved spouse Nightingale felt it. It worked him slowly and led to him adding dangerous creatures like Basilisks and Behemoths to the worlds vast oceans. When his corruption became clear ages later Nightingale casted him down from his godhood, unable and unwilling to kill her beloved. This matter is quite unknown to mortals that follow the Paragon faith.

When Balaak focused his ever watchful gaze upon the demon incursion Amenset made her move. She found Lothinriad, her first follower. The half-spider had been commanded to build the caves of Enderal, a task she would forever hate Balaak for, and she made a massive cave systems underneath the earth and oceans. Some went deeper than even most dwarves dared to dig. With Amenset's help Lothinriad forged the Driders, a race of half-men half-spiders in her own image. She populated the underworld with them and Amenset added races of Goblins and Bugbears in the depths. She seeded Ogres in the eastern Savage Lands and Trolls in the Northern Wastelands to rival Alüniae' Giants. Last she seeded the smaller continent of Summerland with ratmen, the Skarran. Skarran was the first Sun king and his people took their name after him. Her purpose was to stop the other gods hope of a peaceful Enderal, an act of deep set jealousy.

Next she met with Nübu, made master of hunt on Bastet's request. However, Nübu had a fierce rivalry with the mightiest of the Aethereals. Thorgaal, defender of Men. The fledgling race of Men stood under his defense and he wielded a Greatsword forged by Calindáél, the forger. He forged armor and arms for Old gods and Aethereals alike. Following him was Oröno, brute of bronze and caretaker of bunnies. He gave the world bronze and populated it with bunnies. The large brutish demigod cared for hundreds of rabbits and hares in his house in the forest of Nëomíthreon. But after populating Enderal with his beloved animals they were slain by mortals and devoured by predators made by his fellows. He grieved for every single one that perished. After centuries he felt hatred in his heart and Amenset was quick to turn him to her cause of claiming kingship and ladyship over Enderal and the Aethereals and Old gods alike.

Nithrihim, later to called himself Witch king, was the one that came to her on his own accord, with his own sworn shield; the mighty female warrior Brögea, the one that taught the Norsefolk sailing, hunting and warring.

When Balaak turned back to the world after raising the heroes of the demon incursion battle to godhood in their own right and awarded them guardianship of the Men in the regions of Easterland, Reikland, Riverland and the surrounded regions-were the infant race lived-in the west of the continent of Mordurel, he then saw the chaos and new races spreading on the surface of Mordurel and Summerland. He summoned all the Old gods for counsel on this matter. Being wise he saw Amenset's hand in much of it. Thankfully for Amenset and Lothinriad his gaze did not see what happened in the caverns and tunnels in the underworld. The summons lasted for over a thousand years, as so oft it did-a thousand years was nothing in the eyes of a god-letting the races reach the point there was little that could be done outside of genocide. Amenset used her cunning to keep the discussing going endlessly in circles.

Said once warned, "Who are you to forbid a race from existing great and wise Balaak? I say, 'tis is enough to wake high-father Odo from his deep slumber.

In anger Bastet rose from her seat and cried, "You are one to warn us on not defying high-father, betrayer!"

Balaak raised then a hand and the hall fell silent, "Your creations are an insult to us and high-father both, but I cannot bring them destruction because of your actions. I allowed you to join our forging of the Aethereals. For this new act, I forbid you from ever making a race, and if you do I shall imprison you for five thousand years. Total isolation will befall you. Thus, upon your years served I shall decide upon your release." In his heart he wondered if the fault was his or hers. He had excluded her from creation of races at the dawn of creation. Mayhaps this truly was his fault and if so he could not punish her, but he could mayhaps punish her if she crossed the line.

Alüniae pleaded with Balaak to forgive her and he did.

As if mocking Balaak, evolution had done what Amenset was forbidden from during the thousand years of counsel. It had made the Orc. The greenskin rose out of the Orcwood in the Savage Lands. Later came the blackskins and then the greyskin, a result of interbreeding between them. The Orcs had been enslaved by the stronger Ogres by the time the meeting was finally adjourned.

In secret Nithrihim assembled a great host in the underworld. Ogres, Driders, Giant Cave Spiders ridden by Goblins, Bugbears and Trolls. Under the nose of Balaak as well. It brought Amenset to laugh whenever she thought of it. It wasn't hard for Balaak to determine in which region she had her stronghold. The region named Deadwood by Men was the proof he needed. The forest there had died due to corruption by darkness, a perhaps ironic effect from the goddess of the sun. Beneath the earth numerous kilometers in the underworld sat her stronghold; Üdëmmabâd. Nithrihim and Lothinriad had settled with the great host and Brögea commanded the garrison of Driders, Bugbears and Skarran ratmen. Wielding the axe Hope Drainer she was ready to bounce upon any intruders. On their part Oröno and Nübu hid themselves with magic and sought further allies on the sun goddess' behalf. One secret Aethereal convert was Arlóä, gatekeeper to Balaak's Holdfast on top of Hírgälim.

The Titan Mon Haemos had besieged the Giants of the wastes with a host of loyal Trolls and demons of frost. After dealing with Amenset; Balaak thundered. His voice carried across all of Enderal, every corner, and upon hearing it Amenset, the evil one of fire, was afraid and Mon Haemos fled from the realm of mortals with his demon minions. The loyal Trolls was cut apart by Giants. After this new attempted incursion Maerwynn used all her might to mend the rift and lock the gate to the Abyss. It was the last time a Titan managed to walk upon Enderal's soil in recorded history.

Chapter 2 Wars of the First Age

Amenset set out her great host through the tunnels of the underworld. Nithrihim, the future Witch king, led her host with his fellow Aethereals and Amenset herself rode with them on her fiery steed Faëhara. Thanks to the tunnels her host came upon Old gods and Aethereals uncorrupted by her ideals of power at the very foot of Hírgälim itself. At the foot guarded Anuk, the knight of Flames with Aethereals in armor and with arms forged by Calindáél. Anuk, that would found the Templar Order for Man and teach them knighthood was gravely wounded and his spouse Ígilil, sweet lady of fruit and seed, felt his pain in Balaak's hall and wept in fear. It is said that when she wept, so did the world and rain poured in every region of Enderal. Balaak calmed her and all Aethereals in his hall. He attempted to gather the paragon gods but they could not come due to dealing with the aftermath of their highlord Avskund' fall no corruption.

The dark host had some weapons of bronze but most had weapons of wood and stone and armors of furs, leather mixed with bronze. Her kingdom she named Nûlbarâkz, the kingdom of the dark sun, in Elderai, the first tongue.

Bastet bloodied her Greatsword with half a thousand different foes blood and Thorgaal, Defender of Men, named his own Greatsword on that field, part the way up the mountain. God-Killer, he named it for he slew Nübu and Oröno both. Many an Aethereal fell on Hírgälim. The bloody battle traveled up the mountain to the holdfast of Balaak and Maerwynn. Her victory seemed inevitable when she saw the gatehouse to the holdfast. It was at that point when Elder dragons came to the Old gods aid, the few remaining drakes. Atop the back of the Elder dragon Volunrund Balaak defended his home against Amenset and her dark host. The drakes charred her host and caused it to flee.

Arlóä, gatekeeper of the holdfast of Balaak, had feared the darkness in his heart and fell to his knees before Balaak and Maerwynn and begged forgiveness. He was forgiven and at the beseech of Alüniae; he kept even his prestigious post as gatekeeper, which he holds to this day.

The fighting continued in the tunnels of the underworld as Balaak, Bastet and Alüniae pushed with their loyal Aethereals. Brögea fell to God-Killer in the tunnels. A third Aethereal to bloody Thorgaal's blade. She sent Nithrihim with a small host to the surface fort Sarü Kul. She sought to use it as a point to lead a counterattack. Finally the battle reached below Deadwood as Amenset fled back to her fortress Üdëmmabâd. Balaak did not dare to assault it. He and Bastet both found it too heavily fortified. The tide turned further when the elf King Hedëwá, lord of the Înwegulond kingdom, with a great host of 8,000 elves clad in bronze armor. They had come to defend their gods against the Evil one of fire-as elves named Amenset-Thorgaal was commanded to lead 3,000 of them to Sarü Kul while the rest besieged Üdëmmabâd. For years both sieges carried and Sarü Kul and Üdëmmabâd stood practically untouched. Amenset saw no way to prevail and asked her fellow Old gods for peace. Bastet argued against it, Alüniae for it and Balaak weighed his options. A raven from his spouse Maerwynn convinced him to negotiate with Amenset. Thorgaal was outraged and upon meeting his lord he raged about taking Amenset's head and leaving her forts and land in ruins. He beseeched on him that Sarü Kul had almost fallen in the last assault. Five Aethereals almost took the outer walls on their own, only Nithrihim's magic and a legion of Cave Spiders of Lothinriad held them back. Balaak listened, calm as ever before he spoke.

"Is it truly for you to sit in judgment over one of us? Dark may her heart be, yet an Old god she remains remains," Balaak stated. When he did Thorgaal found himself forced to accept his decision and saw his own folly, though he did not agree or trust 'evil one of fire, nor did Hedëwá in his lordship over all elves of the first age. But he did not argue and left the matter to Balaak.

Upon meeting his foe and sister of godhood Balaak asked what was her terms for peace. Amenset kneeled before him in submission and acknowledged his kingship over all Enderal and merely desired freedom. She begged his forgiveness and lied that she had been wrongfully guided by Lothinriad, mistress of the underworld. Balaak, king and lord of Enderal, had no understanding to comprehending lies and deceit and believed her. For in his mind, how could one he called sister lie? Highlord Avskund had fallen to corruption, mayhaps the half-spider half-man female was equally corrupted by the dark magic from the Abyss, hence forth brought by Mon Haemos. In return for her surrender Amenset pleaded, not demanded, lordship of the Üdëmmabâd and the surrounding tunnels and caverns, her kingdom of Nûlbarâkz. She pleaded after a treaty was agreed upon. Balaak therefor granted her request and embraced her like a lost sister.

Lothinriad had fled and Bastet could not find her. She had fled with a brood of Driders and Cave spiders. The large spiders, two meters in height and a length of four meters in adulthood.

Amenset sat and brooded in the grand halls of Üdëmmabâd, a host of Goblins and Driders and Bugbears around her. Nithrihim was left to brood as well, but over her submission, be it temporary or not, he sought to rule Enderal and did not wish to wait. For this his mistress scolded him harshly until he understood patience and cunning as she did. Balaak tasked him to go forth with Eldan, the Rune Champion, and Anuk, the Knight of Flame, to the Badlands and Northern Wastes and hunt for corruption. To find what his watchful eyes may have missed. Deep in the Badlands Nithrihim found the Black Demonic Mountain, Iliac Daemac. In ages to come it would become his fortress as he forged the kingdom of Eredún-Morhan. But that had yet to come to pass in his first journey into the Badlands.

On the suggestion of Bastet, Balaak rewarded the five men that had almost taken Sarü Kul singlehandedly. He named them Champions of light, tasked to keep an eye on Amenset, lady of the sun, and her former minions Lothinriad and Nithrihim. These men were Faríhad, the Fair of foot, Vacóssâ, Ranger of Imíthreonor, Dûrïk, Lord of Dwarves and the twins Fenwê, the Prince-Maker, and Denwê, the Orphan-Maker. Denwê and Fenwê were sons of mighty Anuk and sweet fragile Ígilil. They were the next generation of Aethereals, proving to the Old gods who rejoiced at their birth that the Aethereals was fertile indeed.

Faríhad was agile and quick on his feet, faster than any Aethereal, Vacóssâ was a master archer and hunted Bugbears and Hobgoblins on the elven island of Imíthreonor, Dûrïk befriended a dwarven king and when that king died he was asked to take over as king of the hold. He would rule for many centuries to come. Fenwê sat in judgement over which prince would take over after their king-father died and Denwê slew so many men in the First War of Darkness that he was named Orphan-Maker. He heartily embraced it.

In his holdfast on Hírgälim Balaak summoned his fellow Old gods, Amenset included and discussed that mayhaps their time as direct guardians over Enderal was over. Mayhaps they should leave the races to their own fates and leave the Aethereals to guard and watch. Maerwynn supported and agreed, Alüniae was hesitant and Bastet was the same. Amenset spoke both for and against leaving. If Balaak left with the rest she saw her victory as certain, but she couldn't let them take her as well so she had to speak with care and hide her hatred for them.

Bastet cried in condemnation of her, speaking of distrusting her and knowing her dark heart. Balaak raised his hand and silenced her. He said that Amenset was not their enemy anymore, but that they would not leave her alone upon Enderal. He said that the children of Odo must not fight each other. While the months of counseling went by and the Old gods debates and some Aethereals came to add their two coppers Amenset stalked the corridors and halls and spoke and conversed with all. She spoke with Calindáél, the forger, and many others. Some distrusting and some forgiving and accepting. Dwarven lords and elven lords both sought advice from an Old god in the holdfast. She offered good advice for Balaak to hear and added subtle underhanded comments to slowly turn dwarves and elves against each other and when her counsel was no longer sought she left for her fortress in the depth on Enderal. Before she left she mocked Thorgaal's distrust of her by embracing the name he and others called her underworld domain. Nûlbarâkz.

In the depths of Üdëmmabâd laid her forge Dáhkülü. In the language of her creation-black speech-it was a union of great-dáhzai, anvil-kür and fire-súlü. As the lady of the sun she used her magic to heat the forge with a unique and superheated fire. Cunning as she was she spread rumors of the magnificence of her forge. Rumors of it reached the ears of Tûlënon, the Forgemaster. He apprenticed for Calindáél for two thousand years before he could claim himself the title of forgemaster. He wasn't as good as his old master but he always had claimed it was the forge. Calindáél used a forge made by Maerwynn. He was drawn to the underworld fortress, the heart of Nûlbarâkz and met Amenset face to face. Then he entered her service and became the Tûlënon, the forgemaster of Üdëmmabâd. In the magnificent forge he made upon his ladyship's request five powerful magical rings of ebony that would be her safety measure in the future. They were made of ebony and an amethyst glimmered in its splendor on each. The Five rings of Dáhkülü they were called. Tûlënon continued to dispatch Bugbears to find enchanted ice steel for his next project, to make a grand armor for Nithrihim.

In the cesspits demons was trapped and enslaved to Amenset's will and her smiths made armor and arms of bronze, preparing for war in absolute secrecy. Equally in secrecy she had her most trusted demon lieutenant capture greenskins in the Savage Lands without anyone knowing.

In their hall Balaak, Maerwynn, Bastet and Alüniae came to decide to leave the realm of Enderal. They agreed to return to the realm where Odo, the high-father, slumbered and join his slumber. The Aethereals would remain to ensure that Enderals races could live in peace from other realms or gods interference. In this, Amenset saw an opportunity. Before she made for the holdfast she instructed her followers to continue to prepare. To the champions of light she gifted the five rings of Dáhkülü. In the holdfast of Balaak she joined them in leaving Enderal. In their realm of everlasting light they then began to slumber. She was the first to do so in a show of false unity. For a hundred years she slept and upon awakening she found her fellows still slumbering. They had fallen for her cunning. Balaak had fallen to her cunning, a thought that amused her greatly. His plans and decisions had depended on the fact Amenset was as honorable and truthful as him and his ilk, his belief was for naught.

Her return to Enderal's soil was secret and she stalked back to Üdëmmabâd where legions of warriors and beasts in bronze armor awaited her command. Her first goal would be to destroy Balaak's Holdfast on Hírgälim. The Aethereals now stayed there and used it as their own hall by Balaak's accord.

Nithrihim, his eyes and hair as black as his mistress's head, led the assault on holdfast. Half of Amenset's marshalled host marched with the future Witch king of Eredún-Morhan. Amenset rode upon her fiery steed Faëhara with to slay the kings of the two elven kingdoms. They met to treat with sweet Ígilil as mediator. The attack was swift and harsh. Both kills fell and three sons of one and one son and a daughter of the other. Ígilil fled in fear and many an elven swordsman fell in her protection as three Gobbler demons sought to devour her. Instead the always hungry beasts feasted of raw elven flesh. Amenset marveled at her success. The elves would need time to recover from their dead kings and princes, enough time for her to claim lordship over the Aethereals and then Enderal.

At Hírgälim the host carved a bloody path up the mountain. The blood was theirs as well as the defenders. Thorgaal, the man picked for lordship by Balaak, led the first counterassault with Anuk, the Knight of Flames, Eldan, the Rune champion and Seth'ionne, the Everqueen at his side. Anuk wielded his faithful longsword 'Eternal Flame of Anuk, a sword always bright with fire. Thorgaal and Nithrihim clashed on the battlefield, outside the walls of Balaak's Holdfast. It is said their dual went on for days as brave souls perished around them.

To the relief of the defenders the champions of light reached their hall and they obliterated the onrush of legions. Rather the facing them Nithrihim fled, afraid and realizing they came for him, for his life.

Amenset commanded him to reform the legions and fight in the tunnels of the underworld. She led a host of her mightiest and fiercest men and beasts to Dûzgraal Ímzír. In the dwarven named region the Aethereals had established an outpost. Vaiëlom. Her attack left all Aethereal defenders dead, not a single one survived. It was upon returning to Üdëmmabâd Nithrihim told her that the Battle of Hírgälim had seen many Aethereals slain. Upon those news the 'evil one of fire smirked. Her joy was halted at realizing the evolution of Troll-kind. In the wastes they had grown to require a cold climate and could not travel south again as the heat would kill them.

The elves had marshalled their forces and two crowned kings led a host of 10,000 to the Plain of Aezgêroth. The Aethereals, led by their lord Thorgaal, joined them. All that could fight came with him for a desperate push. Eldan, the rune champion, on top a griffin led some thousand dwarves to Aezgêroth. The champions of light came as well. Amenset saw that the second war of darkness would be decided on the plain of her control. In Nûlbarâkz itself. She summoned all her strength. She emptied the pits of Üdëmmabâd and left a token garrison in Sarü Kul. A smug smirk rose on her snow white complexion as she brought forth her newest weapon. From her deepest pits marched legions of Fel orcs. The greenskins captured before her century of sleep had been tortured, twisted and bred until they were ferocious, almost barbaric, warriors warped by black magic.

The Battle of the Plain of Aezgêroth was brutal and savage. Both sides hammered at each other ceaselessly. Upon the field Nithrihim's armor was broken by Vacóssâ, Ranger of Imíthreonor. On the edge of perishing he fled in fear. On her steed Amenset almost took the life of Thorgaal and Anuk both. Gravely wounded they were carried from the field, clinging to life. At the height of the battle the champions of light faced Amenset and she felt no fear for they wore the rings of Dáhkülü that she had gifted them, the rings that increased the wearers might and they were beautifully crafted as well. Dûrïk, Faríhad, Vacóssâ, sons of mighty Anuk and sweet Ígilil; Denwê and Fenwê all fell to the secrets of the rings they wore. Their minds and spirits was twisted and their souls lost to the lady and goddess of the sun. they turned and without hesitation changed sides and cut down their former elven and dwarven followers and Aethereal brethren.

As the tide turned Prince Faendal Hedëwá of the elven kingdom of Înwegulond strode forth to Amenset. His horse had been cut down and with arming sword, broken shield and cracked helm he seized the microsecond opportunity and ran her ladyship through upon his blade. His blade was one forged by Calindáél as a gift to his great grandfather generations ago. It was forged strong enough to kill a god. At this moment Seth'ionne, the Everqueen whom were the most trusted and loved by the elves, rallied the elves and by her magic banished the 'evil one of fire's mightiest lieutenant left to emptiness between realms. Faëhara carried his mistress to where the champions of light, now her Hollowed lords, spirited their wounded mistress into the tunnels. Her host shattered and the war was lost, yet her life did not end. She submitted herself to black and blood magic alike.

With her defeat the longest of the counted ages, the first age, came to an end. As the Battle of the Plain of Aezgêroth ended the Aethereals had gone from some thousand before the war to dozens. Almost all of their number had fallen and it is said 'they mourned until the end of the second age and Anuk and Ígilil wept for their lost sons. Since her defeat the kingdom of Nûlbarâkz had remained under the earth and Amenset brooded and schemed in Üdëmmabâd.