She's a sad Pygmy-Poofy-Puff. Yes, indeed she is. Always frowning, but never in a depressed mood. However, never in a happy mood either. Her deep blue doe eyes and innocent, pale complexion could make any man fall for her even though she's only twelve years old, but Pygmy has other things to worry about like what her next meal is going to be.

Under that dress is skin and bones. It's the reason why she's always so sad because she's hungry and wants something to eat.

However, her father starves her, so she steals loaves bread from the bakery in the town when the baker is in the back and hides them under her bed. Unfortunately, most of the time, the mice get to them when she is asleep and her breakfast and lunch is gone.

Pygmy is a sad, young girl with a deep frown always on her face. What will become of her?