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Screeching into the face of danger, Lyra was fearless against his opponent. If it meant to protect his children, then he would happily sacrifice his life for them. One slice across the face and the demon pulled away, growling in anger. Lyra threw himself onto the demon, raised his fist and brought it down several times. In the end, he left the demon's face bloody and bruised until Lyra was yanked off and thrown away by two other demons. Lyra let out another ear-piercing screech and raced back on all fours towards his two petrified children.

His once green eyes were now blood red and unrecognizable. He was not himself at all and they both knew it. He was a Hawk, a protector, a bird of prey who would go to great lengths to protect those he loved and cared for. These demons before him were not going to back down so easily. They guarded their friend by standing in front of him. Dark magic appeared in their hand and they threw it at Lyra. Lyra was a lion-hawk when he threw himself at the dark magic, claws out and ready to block the attack. It struck him, he flew back and over the heads of his children. His body hit the ground, rolled, and once it stopped, he laid motionless ten feet away.

"DAD!" Quill, Lyra's daughter screamed out, running over to him followed by her younger brother, Damien. They rolled him on to his back and his eyes were closed meaning only two things: he was either dead or unconscious.

Quill's heart beat increased and tears slipped from her eyes as she shook him. When it was clear that he wasn't going to wake up anytime soon, she turned her head to looked at the two approaching demons with their dark magic in hand.

She didn't want to leave her father behind, but she knew that it would drive him to point of insanity if he found out that his two beloved, precious children were dead. Quill grabbed her younger brother's hand and sprinted off. The two demons chased after the children like hungry raptors from Jurassic Park, having only the intent to shed blood and kill.

The two children raced through the forest, panting hard from the adrenaline that rushed through their systems. They were both getting tired the more they ran, but neither of them let their aching legs stop. The demons were getting closer until one reached out and grabbed Quill's long hair, yanking her back. She shrieked and fell back, bumping into the demon. In a moment, his hand wrapped around her throat and he pinned her down on her back, hovering over her while the other demon went after Damien to finish him off.

Before any slaughtering could happen, a hot ball of fire slammed into the demon's face from a hundred feet away. The demon pulled away, wiping his face off to rid it of the heat, then frantically turned his head in all directions to see where it came from.

Ashley, their mother, charged at the demon, launched herself in the air and kicked out her legs to have her foot make contact with his face. She let out a shriek and her eyes were also blood red, the corners of them seething with flames.

"Get away from my children!" She snapped and both of her hands lit up with flames. She threw flames at the demon who tried to kill Quill while Mackenzie raced to the demon who was approaching Damien and threw a dagger through the air that stabbed him in the throat. The demon screeched in pain and then exploded into black ashes. Ashley eventually destroyed the demon who almost killed Quill by flipping him over and snapping his neck.

"Mom!" Quill exclaimed. Ashley's eyes went back to deep blue and the flames from her hands vanished. She embraced her daughter when she was hugged and let out a heavy sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness, you two are okay. Where is your father?"

"I think he's…" She trailed off, then took her mother by the hand to lead her back in the direction of Lyra. Ashley parted from Quill when she saw Lyra and knelt down to feel his neck for a pulse.

"He's alive."

Quill let out a sigh. Ashley stood up and whistled for a hawk to come to their aid. In moments, a large hawk, the size of a dragon almost, swooped down and landed feet from them. Ashley and Mackenzie dragged him over to the hawk and draped him over his back. Ashley spoke in a foreign tongue that commanded him to take him back to the clan. He nodded and then took off.

"Come you two, let's hurry out of these woods before more come."

The two children nodded and followed their mother out like ducklings. Mackenzie picked up her dagger and put it back in its sheath before she followed as well.