AN: This is to honor my friend's late father, who walked into the fires of war and never returned. La tua mente era forte e la tua volontà forte. Benvenuto a casa, soldato.

Smoking craters, bullets flying.

Death and destruction burnt into your eyes.

Blood and warfare, never forgotten.

Open your eyes, only to see how far you would've gotten.

However far you are,

Wherever you may be,

And no matter your status,

You will live on.

You refuse to die, continuing to thrive in the hearts of those you helped,

Pushing forward, through crumbled buildings and enemy bivouacs,

Through horrid elements, and dusty shacks.

We you our lives and freedom, along with your comrades.

Your body may lay in the ground, but your image will never fade.

Your death was not meaningless, a sacrifice to be heard.

You were sure this was your vocation, even before.

You will never be forgotten, not even frayed