Harry Coumnas is a scientific writer who has written many excellent books, and has won a number of awards and honors. He is also a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at a well-recognized University in Florida. One of his most popular books focuses on scientific investigations that describe an intriguing study about laughter.

This investigation didn't take place at a comedy club, but was influenced by some normal conversations of graduate students at local malls and streets. He found that out of 1500 laugh episodes, only 10% were generated by a joke and others were due to the bonding between the individuals in a group.

His investigations sound strange to many as he has also mentioned the tickle-induced vocalizations from primates. He saw and revealed that gorillas are famous for their sign language abilities and usually treat visitors with special signs such as HO, HO…..

Apart from this, Harry Coumnas also stated that rats apparently have very ticklish necks. He explained it by sharing how he once tickled the baby rats' napes, and in turn the rodent's emitted high-frequency chirps that he interpreted as laughter.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a professor of psychology and neuroscience at a prestigious University based in Florida. He even writes books on laughter concerning various species. Not only this, he has experienced that the couples who tackled the stressful situation with laughter not only felt better in the moment, but had higher levels of satisfaction in their relationship and even stayed together longer than couples who did not crack a smile.