Chapter 1

An all-pervading silence covered the land, the air was tense and seemed to thrum around Levia Anra's fingertips. The fire inside of her felt as if it was trying to erupt. Levia knew that the pull most likely came from the Scuritas, after spending so much time hunting the grotesque monsters Levia had learned to resist the pull, but even she had to admit that the pull was especially strong today.

Levia mentally readied herself, the stronger pull meant stronger monsters or a larger gathering. Neither would be easy, but Levia was confident she could deal well enough. She took deep breaths trying her best to remain calm and confident and erase any traces of anxiety or fear, her long green scaled tail twitched continuously. Levia held her head high as she neared the town gates, she spotted the walls of stone and the thatched roofs of the building within the town's walls. As Levia neared the town's gates, a single leather clad guard with a rusted iron sword approached her, he was in late forties at the earliest and she was again reminded at what these people had to do to defend their lands. From Raiders to Scuritas.

"Halt, Missy! What brings ye' to our village?" he croaked out, his hand on the pommel of his sword.

"Hell is empty," Levia bluntly stated. The guard's eyes widened in shock, then he nodded his head in understanding.

"Come on, Missy, lemme take ye' to 'er…" the old man said as he pushed the gate open and let her in.

"May I speak with the head of your village?" Levia asked as she followed the old man.

"She be waitin' for ye'," he croaked as he sidestepped a cart. She nodded her head. Deftly avoiding the inhabitants of the village. She had no desire to stir them up, it was best if they remained as calm as possible. Often times fear would lead to panic. Which sometimes could attract the Scuritas into packs to stow even more chaos.

As they walked along Levia noticed the state of the village, many of the houses were falling apart or unkempt. There were faded X's upon the doors. Levia had heard of some villages believe they could ward off the evil that was the Scuritas by placing wards -or the non-magical resemblance- to keep them away. It never worked. Levia knew that it took more than a simple ward, even her elemental magic was barely enough against a fully grown Scuritas.

"Here ye' are," the old man muttered as he nodded his head towards a large stone building. In contrast to the rest of the village, the building was very well kept. Levia noticed that the he didn't enter the gate or open it. For a moment she stood there awkwardly, she wasn't quite sure what to do. The man didn't seem like he was going to open the gate or call for anyone and at the same time it would seem strange to enter by herself.

Steeling herself against the awkwardness of her predicament, she huffed and pushed the gate open. Creating a loud screeching noise as it swung wide open. "Thank you for the help, Old Man…" The old man just frantically nodded in response before he scurried off. She watched with slight concern before she pivoted and marched up the stone stairs. If the villagers were acting so she wondered how the leaders were going to treat her. To Levia it was quite obvious something was wrong, and it wasn't just the Scuritas, something about the people suggested that sounds something else, possibly something even worse or greater was bothering them.

Levia gave the oaken door a firm knock. No one answered the door. Levia knocked again, this time a stout, shriveled woman opened the door.

"Hello ma-" Levia began.

"Are you that warrior person?" the lady demanded, not bothering to let Levia finish her sentence.

"Y-yes," Levia stuttered in surprise. The old lady grabbed Levia's arm and hauled her inside the building, the heavy door closing with an ominous thud. Despite being fairly unfazeable, Levia had to admit that she was feeling a bit confused. One moment everyone was scurrying about in fear and the next moment she was facing a demanding person. Levia wryly wondered if this woman was the thing that had everyone on edge.

"Hurry up," the old lady barked at Levia as she dragged Levia down the narrow hallway.

"I've been waiting for you to arrive. It's about high time someone did something about that, that thing!" the old lady huffed indignantly.

"You mean the Scuritas?" Levia asked.

"No, I mean what I mean, and that thing isn't man or beast, it's worse than those damned monsters, and no one will do a thing about it," the lady sniffed angrily.


"Why'd they send someone small like you? It's not like you can do anything!" the old lady said cutting Levia off once again. With a smile, Levia decided to ignore the old lady since the old lady only continued to make snide remarks about Levia's diminutive appearance.

Finally, they reached a metal door. With a huff the old lady inserted a key and twisted the door open. Levia raised an eyebrow at the whole operation. Someone obviously feared for their life. The old lady pushed Levia into the room and once again let the door slam shut behind Levia. Levia realized that she had been left by herself.

Levia gave a yelp of surprise when she felt a drop at water land on top of her head. As she stood there it slowly dawned on Levia that the lady had lead her through the village walls and left her outside. The Eshikos carefully moved forward into the darkness. She was now on high alert, her breathing steady and quiet as her muscles were taut, ready to spring as she made careful note of every small noise. That's when she heard it. A whirlwind of angry clicks and guttural growls. It was a Scuritas.

Breathing deeply, she concentrated as she moved forward. Making note of every sound and movement she could sense. Levia stopped short, her grip on her sword loosening as she stared at the sight before her eyes as she happened upon a clearing. She now understood what the old lady had meant by what she said. The scene before her was confusing to her, she simply hadn't seen a man like that. He was large and holding a glowing sword.

Was that a summoned sword? Her tail began swishing faster as she watched the man be surrounded by three of the monsters known as Securitas, they were very large and spindly, their black beady eyes were situated on top of their gaping mouths with three tusks, their scraggly fur and lesion infested skin marked them as the demom creatures infesting the lands. The reptilian scowled and unsheathed her sword as she laid back and watched the alien man.

His armor was different from anything she'd seen before. It was like a full plate armor set, grey, but didn't look like she was familiar with. It was sleek, and held a hexagonal pattern, the overlapping plates over a decently sized tunic and a weirdly shaped pair of leggings, it was loose, as if he'd gotten a handydown. Her eyebrow raised as the fight had gotten intense.

He sidestepped a lunge and hacked his summoned blade downwards, straight into the Securitas neck, a horrid screech rang out as he looked startled. His hand coming up to shield his armored face as it got coated in the black sludge that they called blood. The stranger back peddled and grunted as his vision was undoubtedly blurred.

Levia jumped up then, making her way into the fray as the man wiped his face in time to catch a crazed demon, it's powerful hind quarters began kicking his abdomen veraciously.

With her sword raised and poised to thrust into the chest of the secruitras she stopped dead in her tracks as the bursts went off, almost to the point of deafening, she yelled and backstepped, the stranger had produced a small crossbow that shot Magi-Bolts from what it seemed. She didn't have enough time to dwell on it as the final creature tackled the man and dragged him to the ground, it's powerful clawed paws slammed down onto the man's helmeted face, jerking his view eschew.

Levia slashed this time without hesitation, cutting deep into the hamstring of the monster, it's attacking stopped to utter a screech, which was abruptly cut short as her broadsword decapitated the abomination cleanly. It's ragdoll of a corpse collapsing on the grey individual.

Levia stood there watching as the man slowly pushed the creature off and sat up, shaking his head before the helmet… receded? Her eyes grew wide in astonishment. Who was this? The reptilian raised her sword. "Who are you?"

The newly revealed man didn't say anything immediately. He slowly regained his senses before answering. He was handsome to say the least, he reminded her of the captains of the Wall Garrisons to the north where they protected the forests against the tide of decay and blights such as orcs.

Levia lowered her sword as he spoke. He was sizing her up quietly, a look of confusion on his face. "I should be asking what you are…" He shrugged. "Names James… what's yours?" He grunted as he slowly sat up, his hand supporting him. He seemed content to sit next to the filth.

"I am Levia Anra, of the race Eshikos and tribe Moon Walkers." She bowed her head slightly giving her title. But this James seemed just as confused.

He looked her up and down once more as if he had walked into a wonderland in the books made in human cities. Her eyes looked at him just as curious, never in her days had she seen such elegant armor. Her body wasn't too much to boast about, she was lean, muscular and standing at about 5'4, her dark brown hair, coming to meet the scales around her arms, legs, neck and cheeks/temples. Her human skin blending in to make her seem more beautiful. Her human legs and dangerous clawed hands spoke of a warrior. Her armor was light, covering her chests, shoulders, and thighs made of pure steel. It was important to keep herself light rather than weight herself down, hindering her movements. She was an Eshikos. A race of reptilians that ranged greatly in variety, either in half human forms to completely lizard like. She was on the half human species.

"Look, ma'am… Levia-" He grunted again as he tried to sit up, he clutched his stomach and hissed. He was injured. She crouched down and held his shoulders and helped him to his feet. She looked around, not noticing any dropped equipment. So she decided to begin carrying him back to the village. He was… heavy to say the least.

What a chore this was turning out to be.

It was a short while before they reached back at the small village. The same guardsmen looked at them and got up quickly, coming to aid the small reptilian woman. "Oi, laddie! What's got ya so 'urtz!?"

"He was attacked I wish to bring him to the temple please…" She said as she lead them towards the only healer no doubt in town. As they entered the temple an older man in orange robes rushed over to them, taking the stranger and babbling about injuries during prayer. Levia watched as the priest began performing various healing magics on the wounded male, the look of astonishment still plain on his rugged face.

Levia looked out the window and saw that it was becoming night, she wouldn't continue the search in the dark, that'd only invite unnecessary danger. Instead she found herself waiting around the town. Waiting on a word on the mysterious man. The lights in the monastery were still lit, indicating it would go on for some hours. She sighed and made her way to the nearest inn. Sleep would be welcomed with open arms.