Now that there were more than three people living here, arrangements needed to be made as to where people were going to sleep. It wasn't too big of an issue since there were two floors and an extra wing leading to the science area on the second floor. Of course, Derek wasn't sure how he felt about people going into the science wing because it was so far away. If there were to be an attack on the school, it would take too long for people to get assembled. There was a chance they'd lose people if they were spread out like that.

Of course, ultimately it was going to be left up to Jeffrey as to how he wanted people to be dispersed. After all, this was his group now and he was probably the most qualified since he had military experience. Maybe if he slipped Jeffrey a little clue that he wanted to bunk with Katherine, Jeffrey could make that happen. Daniel could stay with his sister Jenny – they seemed pretty close. And it wasn't like he had to be bunked up with Katherine, right? If they weren't in the same place, he wasn't going to die of loneliness or anything.

"Hello everyone," Jeffrey finally greeted before he cleared his throat. "I'm sure by now a lot of you are ready to get to your rooms and just rest after the day you've all had. But first things first, we have to get you all to a comfortable room. Now, there's enough space here that you could all have your own little corners, but I wouldn't recommend that. If something were to happen here, it's best if we're all pretty close to each other so we all know what's going on.

"So, with that being said, I figure if you have someone that you wouldn't mind bunking with, come let me know and we'll go from there. The first three rooms on the first floor have already been spoken for, so if you wanted one of them, I'd suggest you decide to bunk with either myself, Chad, Mitch, or Derek. I'll be over in the first room when you all decide who you want to sleep next to."

Although Derek knew that it was a pipe dream, he kind of wished that Katherine would ask Jeffrey to put them in the same room. After all, Derek had a great view of the field out back from his window. Sure, there were geeks out there – one or two every day – but it was still a spectacular view. But Derek knew that Katherine was going to bunk with Daniel. Probably upstairs in the science wing where no one would be able to bother them. Daniel was the kind of guy who liked to keep his toys all to himself. He was not big on sharing. And as far as Derek was concerned, that was all Katherine is to him – a little toy he liked to play with.

If Katherine wasn't so afraid of letting people know that she was interested in Derek, she could have had someone who loved her unconditionally. Derek would do anything for Katherine – surely she had to know that. He'd been in love with Katherine for ten years! There shouldn't even have been a question as to what Derek would do for Katherine. Now, Daniel on the other hand, Derek wouldn't have been surprised if he shoved Katherine between himself and a geek just to save his own skin. That was just the kind of person he was as far as Derek was concerned.

Sighing, Derek watched as Lindsay walked into Jeffrey's room. The assignments were going to start and Derek didn't want to be here when they did. If Katherine wanted to bunk with him, she'd tell Jeffrey and then Jeffrey would direct her towards Derek's room. Otherwise, there was nothing more for Derek to do here, so he went to his room to just get away. It had been a long day and he was tired. Maybe he could catch some sleep before it was time for him to take watch.

It wasn't long before all of the arrangements were made. Katie and Allie were sharing a room on the second floor as well as Jim and Samantha. Jenny asked if she could bunk with Chad and Mitch allowed Becky to stay with him since they had dated in high school. Mike and Vicky decided that they wanted to be on the first floor, so they got the fourth room over. Also on the second floor, Lindsay and Steve chose a room with a good view of the woods behind the school. Christie decided that she wanted to bunk with Derek, so she got him to help her move her stuff into the room and get settled in – he didn't mind that she bothered him while he was trying to sleep though.

Finally, Daniel insisted that he and Katherine get a room in the science wing so they were away from everyone. He was kind of a recluse – at least that was the excuse he gave Jeffrey. But Derek knew why he wanted to be so far away. He wanted to have Katherine all to himself and if they were isolated in the science wing, he was going to get his wish. God, Derek hated him so much! Yet, at the same time, he would have done anything to be in his shoes right now as he watched him hang all over Katherine as they walked to their new room together.

"You're doing it again," Christie informed him as she stepped into his field of vision. "You've got that teenage pining look on your face." Frowning, she wrapped her arm around his shoulder and turned them so their backs were facing Katherine and Daniel. "Seriously Der, you need to get over it. Katherine and you – it's probably not going to happen. She's about as straight as they come. And she and Daniel are practically married already. I mean, if this whole walker thing hadn't have happened, I'm sure they would have definitely tied the knot by now. So there's no way she's leaving him for anyone."

That's what Christie thought. Again, Derek wished so much that he could just shoot her down and tell her that he and Katherine had sex ten years ago. But he made a promise and he wasn't going to break it. So, he chuckled instead, moving towards their room as he explained, "Yeah, you're right. I just…need to get over her. Move on to someone who's not taken." Smiling at his friend, he joked, "Should be easy enough."

Although Christie knew that Derek was lying through his teeth and there was probably no chance of him moving on, she let it slide. "Yeah, it should be fine. And I'll help you," she offered, plopping onto her cot that was beside Derek's. "I'll point out all of the potentially available girls who would want to be with you and you can take your pick. I an excellent wing woman, you know." Again, Christie smiled, bumping shoulders with Derek as a small chuckle escaped his lips.

Since Katherine was taking the first watch, Derek figured that he'd take the second, which meant it was the night shift for him tonight. "Hey Christie, I'm gonna try to get some sleep. I have the night watch tonight, so I want to be prepared for anything, you know." Slowly, Derek lowered himself onto his cot, pulling the thin blanket up over his shoulder. "You don't have to stay here. Go mingle – get used to the layout of the school or something. Just in case we need to get out of here quick, I mean. At least you'll be familiar with it."

A small smile came to Christie's lips as she lied down on her own cot, her body turned so that she was facing Derek. "I went to school here, too," she reminded him with another smile. "Besides, I'm kind of tired anyway. I might as well catch some sleep. Who knows if I'll be able to get any when you're not in here with me." Although Christie liked to pretend that she was tough and none of this bothered her when she was around Derek, the truth was, she was scared – really scared. After seeing half of her group torn to shreds by walkers, she knew that no one was safe in this world. And most nights she just lied awake in her tent and tried not to break down thinking that she was going to be next on the menu.

Over the years, Derek had learned not to question Christie's actions. Besides, it wasn't his place to tell her not to sleep when she wanted to. After all, he had no idea what she had gone through over the last ten months and he didn't really want to ask either. If he asked, she would expect him to talk about what he'd gone through and he didn't want to. Not yet anyway – not even with his favorite cousin. It was all still too fresh in his mind and he would rather just keep it to himself for the time being.

Not five minutes after Christie fell asleep, Derek followed her, the events of the last few days finally catching up with him. Unfortunately, his sleep was anything but peaceful – memories of his family being torn away from him plagued his dreams, making it almost impossible for Derek to sleep comfortably. He jolted awake about two hours later, a fine sheen of sweat covering his body as his chest rose and fell with his irregular pants. Apparently a few hours of peace was too much to ask for tonight.

Realizing that there was no way he was going to be able to get any actual sleep, Derek pushed himself off his cot and pulled on his sneakers. He might as well just relieve Katherine of her shift so she could get some sleep. After all, Katherine had Daniel to cuddle up to when – or if – she had nightmares. Surely, Katherine could get more sleep than Derek could, so it was kind of pointless to make him stand watch and miss out on potential precious hours of sleep. And no, he wasn't walking out there just to possibly keep watch with Katherine so they could be close and possibly talk – not at all.


Lindsay sighed in pleasure as she rolled to her own side of the cot, tugging the blankets up to her just below her shoulders so she didn't feel so exposed. "You…are amazing," she complimented her lover, slinging one arm over the pillow Steve was using to rest his head on. "Have I ever told you that before? Because it's true, you know?"

A small chuckle escaped Steve's lips as he scooted closer to Lindsay, his head moving to rest over Lindsay's heart. "Yeah, you may have mentioned it once or twice," he assured her. "But it never gets old." Glancing down the cot towards the closed door, Steve smirked at it before he turned his attention back to Lindsay. "Do you think anyone heard us? I mean, you were making some serious happy noises."

"I was not!" Lindsay argued with a wide smile of her own, poking Steve in the ribs playfully. "You were the one making all the noise. Practically begging me the whole damn time like some kind of slut."

Again, Steve grinned, nipping at Lindsay's pebbled nipple. "Mmm…only for you, Linds," he smiled right back. Another deep moan escaped his lips when Lindsay dipped her head and captured his lips, tongue teasing along the seam to beg for entrance, which he was immediately given. When the kiss finally broke, Steve couldn't help but keep that same smile plastered on his lips.

For him, this was Heaven. Sure, there were walkers surrounding them and their lives were dangerous and spent fighting for survival, but that was only half of it. Times like this when he was lying in Lindsay's arms while they both enjoyed the afterglow of their love making was what mattered. As long as they were together – and healthy – Steve didn't care about anything else.

Still, he wished that they could tell people about their relationship. But he knew that there was a chance people wouldn't accept them. And Lindsay wasn't ready to let everyone know their personal business. But Steve wanted to at least confide in Katherine – their best friend of all people would understand and accept them for who they really were. She had to. Of course, Steve hadn't run his plan by Lindsay yet, but he found that his lover was a lot more agreeable right after sex. So there was no time like the present.

His fingers gently moved over Lindsay's side as Lindsay's fingers carded through his hair, Steve licking his lips as he looked up at the woman he loved. "So, I was thinking that maybe we should tell Katherine about us," he suggested, pressing his index finger against Lindsay's lips when she tried to speak. "Just hear me out, okay? She's our best friend. And we have to tell someone. I'm tired of keeping this just between us. So, there's no better option than Katherine, right? She'll understand. And she won't care. Katherine loves you like her own flesh and blood, you know that. It'll be fine. So…can we tell her?"

Although Lindsay didn't really want anyone to know about them, at the same time, she didn't want to disappoint Steve. And it wasn't even that she was worried about what other people would think if they knew. It was just that she didn't want to spoil what they had. With just the two of them knowing, it was pure – adventurous and almost naughty. But if others knew about it, then it took the adventure out of trying to keep it a secret.

Of course, Lindsay knew that she was overthinking this too much, and it was only Katherine. But Katherine would lead to more people down the road, and Lindsay didn't want to lose their spark yet. When people knew about a relationship and it was common knowledge, it just wasn't fun anymore. The passion somehow got sucked out of it. But, again, it was only Katherine who Steve wanted to tell. And he had a point – Katherine was her best friend and she knew that she wouldn't judge them. Hell, she'd probably be happy that Lindsay was able to find love in this screwed up world that they lived in now.

After thinking it through, Lindsay finally gave in. "All right, we can tell Katherine. But only Katherine," she answered. "Everyone doesn't need to know that you and I are together. They'll just suck all of the fun out of our relationship."

Really, Steve didn't understand why Lindsay thought that people knowing about them was going to suck all of the passion out of their relationship, but they'd had that conversation before. He was just happy that they were finally going to be able to tell another person that they were together. "Okay Linds," Steve agreed with a small nod. "Only Katherine." Another smile came to his lips as he pushed himself into a semi-seated position and crushed his lips against Lindsay's once more, rolling them so that he was lying on top of his lover. "Do you think you can handle another round?"

A playful growl escaped Lindsay as she lifted her hips to shift their weight, rolling Steve off her so their positions were switched. "Do you even have to ask? You know I'm always up for the challenge." Leaning in, she brushed their lips together before nipping at Steve's neck and earlobe. "The question is, can you handle another round?" Not waiting for an answer, Lindsay kissed Steve passionately, grinding their lower halves together as their moans were swallowed up in their kisses.


The idea of being around Katherine to talk and the actual act were two different things. Now that Derek was out of his room and staring down the long hallway that would lead him to Katherine, he was having second thoughts. What if Katherine wasn't alone down there? Maybe she and Daniel were there having some alone time. That was the last thing Derek wanted to walk in on. It would just solidify everything – Derek preferred his own reality where he and Katherine were going to get together some day. Seeing her and Daniel together would shatter that.

It would be so easy to just walk down there and run into Katherine, but Derek was a giant chicken. There were still three hours before it was actually his turn to be on watch, and he couldn't sleep. This was quite the predicament that he found himself in here. Dammit, he was a twenty five year old man! He should be able to walk up to another person and have a damn conversation! Even if that other person was a hot girl who he'd had a crush on since high school and who he'd had sex with once although they weren't supposed to talk about it. He should be able to talk to Katherine like an adult.

Gathering all of his courage, Derek slowly made his way down the hall, turning the corner and freezing when he caught sight of Katherine sitting by the window. God, she was even better looking than Derek remembered. Sure, he'd been looking at her a lot over the last few hours, but he hadn't actually had time to study her like he did now. Age was doing Katherine all kinds of favors. She was like a fine wine as far as Derek was concerned – she just got better with age. Derek had thought she was an angel before, but now she was something more. Words couldn't describe how attracted he was to Katherine.

So it was no wonder Derek couldn't talk to her. Katherine was way out of his league. Even if she was interested in someone other than Daniel – which she wasn't from what other people said – Katherine wouldn't want anything to do with Derek. Well, unless she was drunk, apparently. But they weren't supposed to talk about that. Unfortunately, Derek couldn't forget about it, either. More than anything, he wished that he could just erase that night from his mind so he didn't remember what it felt like to have Katherine for a few hours, but it never worked. Something always reminded him of being with Katherine and he'd be right back in his room that night, reliving all of the wonderful moments he had with Katherine in living color. Derek hated that.

Just as he was about to turn and go back to his room, he heard his name being called from plush, deliciously pink lips.

"Derek, is that you?" Katherine asked, pushing herself off the windowsill and putting her gun back in its holster. A small smile came to her lips when Derek stopped and turned towards her, the cutest look on his face. Derek always looked like he was embarrassed when he was around Katherine and she just thought it was so adorable. But she shouldn't be thinking like that. She had to get over whatever this thing was she had for Derek because it was never going to happen again. It couldn't. Even if Katherine wanted it to – maybe. God, she didn't even know what she wanted. And until she knew, she didn't want to drag Derek into anything and make him as confused as Katherine obviously was. "What are you doing here? Your shift doesn't start for a few hours."

Katherine having a smile on her face when she realized it was Derek was a good sign. Of course, Derek wasn't going to read too much into it because he didn't want to get his hopes up, but he couldn't help but to return the smile, dimples denting his cheeks. "Y-Yeah, I know," he assured Katherine, shoving his hands into his pockets as he moved closer. "I just…couldn't sleep. Figured maybe you'd want to head off and get some shut eye early. I can take over."

Yeah, going back to the room she shared with Daniel was the last thing Katherine wanted to do. She only offered to take the first shift because she knew that it would get her away from him. Katherine cared about Daniel – really, she did. It was just that lately she felt like they were drifting apart. Almost everything he did now annoyed the hell out of her. More often than not, she found herself trying to get away from him when she should be wanting to spend more time with him. That was a clear sign their relationship had gone downhill. But she wasn't ready to break up with him just yet. She needed that normalcy – the familiarity – in her life right now.

So when Derek offered to take over, Katherine merely shook her head, taking her seat on the windowsill once more. "Nah, it's okay," she answered. "I'm good. But…I mean, if you want to stay here and watch with me, I won't stop you."

No, Katherine was not secretly wishing that Derek decided to stay. That would have been wrong because she was trying to put distance between the two of them until she figured out his feelings. She'd only offered to let Derek stay because she was being polite. And when Derek agreed to stay and keep her company, Katherine wasn't smiling because she was happy about it. Again, it was just a polite gesture.

This was a bad idea. Derek knew that much. He wasn't an idiot. Being around Katherine more than was absolutely necessary was only going to feed into his crush, which was the exact opposite of what he wanted. Yet, when Katherine offered to let him stay, Derek didn't even hesitate to take the invitation. He gladly took a seat on the floor, back resting against the wall, and got comfortable. That was his first mistake.

His second mistake was allowing Katherine to get him talking. At first, it was just random things – how he liked it here, how happy he was to see Christie alive. But then Katherine started asking him more personal questions like how he'd ended up here. "I was with my family in our house when this all started," Derek explained, smiling softly at the memory of his family. "We were doing just fine – fighting off geeks and making sure we were prepared for an attack. Then it happened one day." Breathing out a small, humorless laugh, Derek continued, "I guess we weren't as prepared as we thought."

Listening to Derek's story made Katherine think about her family. She knew that her parents were dead, but she had no idea where her brother or sister were. The last she heard, they'd been vacationing with her grandparents in Florida. Since she had no way of contacting them, she had no idea if Florida had been hit by the virus or not, so she was pretty much in the dark on their well-being. It was obvious that Derek was hurting thinking about his family, and Katherine wanted to help. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked, soft bottle green eyes focused on Derek alone.

Slowly, Derek shook his head, licking his lips as he sniffled slightly. "No," he answered softly, running his hand down his face. "I can't. M'sorry." He could tell Katherine the general things about what they were doing, but he couldn't go into detail about it. That was asking too much. The whole ordeal was too fresh and he was still hurting – he needed time to grieve.

"Hey," Katherine whispered, pushing herself away from the windowsill without thinking and moving closer to Derek. Down on one knee in front of Derek, Katherine cupped his chin, gently lifting Derek's head so their eyes met. "Don't be sorry. You don't have to tell me anything that you don't want to. But…I want you to know that I'm here if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone." Of course, Katherine knew that she was probably the last person on Earth that Derek wanted to open up to, but she felt like she had to put it out there because it was true. If Derek needed someone, Katherine would be there.

In that moment, Derek knew that Katherine was being sincere. And he also knew that there was something between them – and it was strong. Katherine may not want to believe it, but Derek could feel it. And he knew that Katherine could feel it too. Sure, Katherine could ignore it, but for how long? Sooner or later, she would have to acknowledge that there was this thing – this heat – between them and there was no escaping it. Maybe that was why they were both here; still alive and thrown together like this. Maybe it was fate sending them a message.

Of course, that could have just been Derek's fantasy brain working on overdrive. It seemed to be happening a lot lately. Still, that knowledge didn't stop Derek from scooting a bit closer, his eyes jumping from Katherine's own eyes down to her plush, kissable lips and back. There was no way Katherine didn't know what Derek was thinking right now, and if she wanted to stop him, she had plenty of time. Derek felt like he was moving in slow motion as he leaned in closer, ready to capture those lips that were featured in every wet dream he'd ever had.

Just as their lips touched – barely brushing against one another – the sound of footsteps could be heard coming down the hall, causing them both to pull away from each other. It was as though Derek had been in some sort of trance and those damn shoes had snapped him out of it. Words couldn't describe how much he hated that sound now. His perfect moment that he was sharing with Katherine was shattered now because of that sound, and he wasn't going to forget that anytime soon.

A few moments later, Daniel came around the corner, hands on his hips as he focused on his girlfriend. "Katherine, are you coming to bed sometime tonight?" he asked, his lips protruding out into a pout. "You said that your shift was over at midnight. Well, it's five past twelve and you're still out here." His attention briefly shifted to Derek – long enough to shoot him the world's scariest glare before he was looking back at Katherine. "I'm tired and I can't sleep without you, Kitty. Come to bed with me."

To say that Daniel had the art of pouting down to the letter would have been an understatement. He was perfect at it. Derek was actually jealous that he had never been able to master that skill. It must have been the way he used his bright blue eyes to really lure Katherine in. It made Derek sick that he could manipulate Katherine like this and get her away from him when they had been having such a good moment.

Five minutes after her shift was supposed to end and he was already looking for her. Damn, this man had perfect timing. Well, Katherine supposed that she should be thankful Daniel came down here when he did because she had just been about to make a huge mistake. And if he hadn't interrupted her, she wouldn't have stopped Derek from coming closer and closing that gap between them completely. And honestly, Katherine wasn't sure if she would have stopped with a kiss. So yeah, this was better.

Still, that didn't mean she wanted to go back to that room Daniel insisted upon getting and be annoyed all night. She just knew that Daniel was going to complain about how much time she was spending with Derek, and Katherine just didn't want to hear it tonight. She was well aware of how much time she was spending with Derek – she didn't need him to spell it out for her. And if it were up to her, she would have stayed for Derek's whole shift, but Daniel wanted to go to bed. Of course, Katherine knew he could sleep without her, but she didn't call him out on the bluff. She wasn't getting involved in whatever macho man contest he had going on in his head between himself and Derek.

Instead, Katherine pushed herself off the floor, giving Derek a small, apologetic smile. "Yeah, Danny, I'm coming," she assured him, slowly making her way to the end of the hall where he was standing. As soon as she got there, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his lips against hers, making a show of the kiss for Derek's sake, Katherine was sure. And she let him – allowing Daniel to have his way was easier than arguing and dealing with him when he was mad.

When he finally pulled away, Daniel all but dragged Katherine away from Derek, chattering on about how he couldn't wait to get her back to their room so he could show her how much he missed her. Honestly, Katherine wasn't in the mood for him to show her anything. She'd been awake now for over twenty four hours and she just wanted to sleep. But she couldn't tell Daniel that while Derek was still within earshot. She had to make it look like they were a happy couple – it was easier that way. Maybe then Derek would forget about her and move on. That would make it easier for Katherine to forget and move on, too.

Sure enough, as soon as Daniel had her in their room, he started to make nice on him suggestions. Roughly, he shoved her against the wall, pushing his hands under her shirt to feel her breasts beneath as his lips descended over hers once more. "Mmm…Kat…want to take you right now," he breathed, fingers digging into her skin, leaving little red marks where his fingernails pressed against her. "It's been…way too long."

Obviously, Daniel was really into this, but Katherine just wasn't feeling the same way. She was tired and irritated by what happened with Derek. If there was one thing in this world that she hated more than walkers, it was being so confused that she didn't even know who she was anymore. And she had reached that point now. Katherine had no idea what she wanted at the moment, but she knew it wasn't this. At least not with him, anyway.

She gently gripped Daniel's upper arms, pushing his hands out from under her shirt and putting some distance between the two of them. "Not now, Danny," she protested, shaking her head as she released him and walked further into the room. "I'm just…I'm not in the mood right now. I'm tired. I just wanna get some sleep now that I don't have to keep watch anymore."

A deep frown came to Daniel's lips when Katherine shot him down. "You don't want to have sex with me?" he asked, almost as though he couldn't believe that this was happening. "Seriously?! You're turning down sex so you can sleep?"

Katherine should have known that he wasn't going to get away with this without there being some sort of discussion. "Yes," she answered simply, pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it into the corner where they were keeping their dirty laundry. "I'm tired, Danny. Maybe you don't remember, but I went on a run with Mike and the gang to Dallas, so I haven't been able to sleep since the night before we left."

Again, Daniel frowned at Katherine, only this time it was angrier. "Yeah Katherine, I remember that you left me to go on some stupid mission." Walking around Katherine, Daniel started stripping out of his clothes as well, tossing them onto the pile as he went. "And I also remember that you brought Derek fucking Michaels back with you. From what I understood, you were just supposed to bring back supplies. Instead, you brought back a person from high school who has the biggest damn crush on you! And now, after hanging out with him for God only knows how long, you don't wanna have sex with me anymore." Shrugging, he concluded, "I mean, it just makes me wonder if maybe you're getting your kicks from someone else."

Great, they were really going to get into this right now. Even when Katherine tried not to make Daniel mad, it never worked – honestly, she didn't know why he even tried. "You know I'm not cheating on you," she assured him, rolling her eyes when she knew he wasn't looking. "We've had this argument before. And every time, it's the same. You accuse me of cheating, we argue about it for a few hours, and then you're fine. Can we just skip it this time, please? Like I said, I'm beat. I just wanna sleep."

It was true. He and Katherine had this argument all of the time. Any time Daniel felt threatened, this was his plan of attack. And Katherine did look really tired, so he figured he could let it slide this time. After all, it wasn't like Katherine talked to any of the other men in the group. Well, except to give orders, and she had to do that if everyone wanted to be safe. Other than that, Katherine really only spoke to women, and there was no way she was cheating on her with any of them. But Derek was for sure trying to steal her away from him. He knew that Katherine would never go for him, so again, he didn't actually feel threatened.

Sighing, Daniel allowed himself to relax, moving towards Katherine once more and pulling her into an embrace. "I'm sorry, Kitty," he apologized, pressing his lips to the center of her chest. "I just don't like being away from you for so long. And then you're not in the mood when I am and it just puts all of these crazy thoughts into my head." Taking Katherine's hand, Daniel led him to their cot, slowly lying down and motioning for Katherine to follow. When she did, he quickly snuggled up next to her, pressing another kiss to her lips. "Maybe tomorrow when you're rested we can have a little fun."

With that, Daniel blew out the lantern and rested his head on Katherine's belly, falling asleep pretty quickly once the light was out. Unfortunately, Katherine couldn't follow him into that slumber. Her mind was on a certain person who was taking watch right now with bright hazel eyes and dimples that melted her heart. It didn't matter that she was bone tired and she had everything she should need right here next to her. In high school, this would have been enough – Derek ruined that, albeit unintentionally.

When Katherine finally fell asleep, it was anything but peaceful. Her dreams were of a young teenage boy who wore his heart on his sleeve and had the biggest crush on Katherine. The boy viewed her as something she wasn't – perfect – and Katherine liked the way it made her feel. The dreams were great in the beginning, but they soon turned into nightmares as Katherine's mind recalled how she treated that young boy the next morning. Her heart shattered when that broken face came into view.

Katherine jolted awake when Derek's broken face came into her mind, a deep frown marring her features. Daniel moaned in protest and scooted away from her, but Katherine didn't pay him any mind. She had her own issues to deal with – she couldn't worry about always making sure Daniel was okay. Sure, she did her best when he was awake, but he wouldn't know the difference when he was sleeping.

More than anything, Katherine wanted to go to Derek, but she knew that if Daniel woke up and she wasn't here, he was going to have a hissy fit. She was torn between two worlds, and she didn't know which way she needed to go. Obviously, she needed to talk to someone about this. And Lindsay was going to be that someone. After all, she was like her sister, so Katherine knew that she could trust her with information as well as to lead her down the right path.

Mind made up, Katherine slowly lowered herself back down on the cot, licking her lips as she glanced at Daniel. He was handsome – there was no denying that. But somewhere along the way, he just stopped being everything that Katherine wanted – everything that she thought she needed. Yeah, she was definitely going to have to talk to Lindsay about this quickly.