Lucas The Scary Monster

The monster stretched his scaly arms above his head and bellowed a yawn deep from within his lungs. He scratched his purple scaly head with his thick, yellow claws and his round, yellow belly with the other. His long and floppy ears twitched as he swished his purple scaly tail from side to side, the spikes on it glinting in the morning light. He stomped and jumped around his house; the furniture shook every time he landed on the floor. Without warning, he crashed open the shutters of his windows and shouted in a deep gruff voice, "GOOD MORNING, EVERYONE!"

His neighbors looked to his house with smiles on their faces. It was Lucas, the smiling monster! Every monster in the neighborhood waved a good morning towards Lucas's window and he gave them a big, wide grin; he showed his shiny rainbow teeth.

Lucas is a scary looking monster but everyone in Komu Town knew he was the friendliest monster around. Whenever someone needed help, Lucas would stomp all the way from his house and help the monster in need. If someone was sad, Lucas would growl some jokes to make them laugh. But best of all, when someone needed a smile, Lucas was always there with his shiny rainbow teeth. Everyone loved Lucas!

One day, Lucas got a visitor. It was his monster friend, Phink, the traveling monster. He just came back from the world of humans and had many stories to tell, especially a story for Lucas.

Lucas made some nice, sweet tea for Phink and they sat down for some storytelling. Before Phink went home, he had one more story to tell. "Lucas, did you know what I found out about the human world?" Lucas shook his heavy head. Phink continued, "You wouldn't believe it! The humans think us monsters are a scary bunch!"

Lucas was shocked! Monsters aren't scary, monsters are nice! Just like him and Phink. "We're not scary, Phink!" He roared his surprised, the windows shook. "We're very friendly!"

Phink nodded as he finished his tea, "Well, that's what I tried to tell them but they kept throwing things at me." He took out a pretty rock and placed it on the table, "This one hit my head and it hurt but it was so pretty I thought I'd bring it back to you. Well, I have to go home, my family is waiting!" With that, Phink left Lucas's house.

After Lucas was in bed, he couldn't stop tossing a turning in bed. He grunted and moaned, he kicked his claw-like feet in the air and, finally, he jumped out of bed with a loud roar. "I must go to the human world and tell them that monsters are nice and not scary at all!"

Lucas brushed his rainbow teeth and washed his face in the morning; made some tea and shined his scales and claws. He had to look good because he wanted to show the humans that not only are monsters nice but they are clean, too. Lucas got on a monster train that would take him to the border of the human world. From there, Lucas walked through a thicket and into a park.

At first, Lucas thought that everything would go well but he was wrong. As soon as he stepped into the park, Lucas tripped over a rock and he fell with a heavy thud. Lucas hurt one of his scary arms and he started crying rainbow tears; wailing and bellowing. And that was when he heard a terrified gasp. He opened his teary eyes and saw a human boy who looked scared. Lucas was still roaring in tears, which made the boy run away. However, the boy also tripped over a rock and scraped one of his knees bloody.

The boy started to cry and Lucas stopped wailing. He rushed to the boy who was scared of him because not only was Lucas scary looking to him, but because Lucas had grabbed his leg. The boy was frightened that the monster might eat his leg but to his surprise, Lucas scooped a huge drop of rainbow tear from his eye and put it on his cut knee. Amazingly, the cut slowly disappeared and the boy could stand, walk, run and hop again.

The boy looked at Lucas who was looking at him quietly and he said, "Thank you, monster. My name is Jojo."

Lucas was pleasantly surprised and smiled with his rainbow teeth showing, "Oh my, my name is Lucas and I am the smiling monster!" He took out his claws and Jojo shook it with both his hands.

"Well, Lucas, you're not scary at all!" Jojo said. "Why don't you come with me? My mom and dad and my sisters and brothers are having a barbecue by the pond. My grandma, my grandpa, my uncles, my aunts and my cousins will be there, too. I want them to know I made a new friend!" Lucas nodded in excitement and they both walked towards the pond.

Jojo's family felt a quaking beneath their feet and they thought there was an earthquake. They heard Jojo calling out to them. They turned to look at the boy and was shocked to see a monster running behind him. Everyone panicked and grabbed anything they could to throw them at the monster. Lucas halted and suddenly felt fearful of being hit by flying objects but he heard Jojo tell them to stop, "Wait, Lucas is my friend! He helped me when I fell down and he's a really nice monster!"

Everyone wasn't sure what to do until Jojo told them the story from beginning to end. Jojo's parents came up to Lucas and thanked him, his brothers and sisters brought him food and drinks. Jojo's grandparents couldn't stop telling him stories about when Jojo was a baby and his cousins asked him to join their game of hide-and-seek.

When the day got dark, it was time to say good-bye to his new human friends. Lucas and Jojo took a picture together and Jojo promised to tell other humans that monsters aren't so bad. Lucas went home happy and smiling, his rainbow teeth shining all the way to his house.

The next morning, Phink knocked rapidly on Lucas's door. Lucas opened the door to an excited monster. "Hey, Lucas! You're in the papers!" Lucas read the newspaper and smiled. There was a picture of him and Jojo with a headline that said, Monsters Are Friends. It seemed that Jojo told the human world that monsters weren't so scary after all.