In the world of Wis, there are many myths, tales and legends. The most common of all, is the myth of heaven and hell. The myth is known to all, that gods reside in the heavens, and governs all below them, while the devil resides in hell, the incarnation of evil itself. When a body dies, the spirit will be freed, and judged for its existence. Everyone knows where sinners go, to the depths of hell where they are subjected to eternal agony, while the rest are sent to heaven to be reincarnated. This is commonly known as the cycle of life and death where no one can escape from.

Among the human realm, there were many sectors and religions. Some worshipped the gods, some worshipped the devil. The many sectors occasionally clashed against one another to uphold their beliefs, sacrificing and wasting so many lives in place of the lives they should instead be saving. Eventually, after decades of bloodshed stained the soil of Wis red, the sectors that worshipped the gods triumph, and drew the worshippers of devil into hiding. Having no place to go, they formed religious cults underground, unable to face the light for fear of being exterminated. The victors soon spread the word and belief that gods are almighty, and devil is the forbidden evil. Anyone caught praying or possessing a tribute to the devil shall be burned at stake, for they are possessed by evil. Soon, it became common knowledge that devil is evil... but is this really the case?

Alright, enough of the boring lengthy backstory, let's get to the main one




"Hey, no fair! How come you always win me at chess? C'mon, give me a break, will you?"

"No can do, it will be too boring to go easy on you," a young man looking in his early twenties yawned and gave a stretch. His back had been aching for the 100 days they sat down to play chest. His cold blue eyes bored deeply into his opponent, a man in his thirties wearing a heavily robed gown.

"Isn't that heavy? Why do you even wear it, it's so inconvenient."

"Image, for image. What do you know of image? Image is everything," the man defended himself.

If anyone saw him, they would be dumbstruck in awe, for they would instantly recognise him as one of the eight major gods, the god of fortune. Donned in his elegant gown, with a red robe resting upon his shoulders, a head of silky gold hair cascading down his back, emerald eyes twinkling like the night sky. One's soul could get lost in the galaxy of stars hidden within those eyes with just a glance.

"I'm bored, it's so boring nowadays, isn't it, Goldie?"

"Stop calling me that, I have an official name. It's Laem. Remember it," frowned Leam.

"Right right, Goldie," the man nodded.

"Urgh, what did I just say," Leam shook his head.

"Well that's enough playing. I have to get back to work. You can't believe how much work I've got piled up just 'cuz I accepted your challenge. You don't prove to be much of a challenge anyway," the man said as he got up from his seat. "See ya around, hopefully not."

"Oh and, the next time you waste my time, I swear I will kill you."

"Hahaha, I'd like to see you try," Laem chuckled.

With a wave of his hand, the man disappeared through a portal.

The man appeared at what seems like a large cavern, dimly lit with redstones set ablaze. In the centre of this huge room, was an oakwood table with deliberate carvings at the legs, topped with a delicate slab of marble. A large, throne-like chair sat behind this table, giving a majestic feeling to the entire room, if not for the creepy atmosphere. From the entrance guarded by a minotaur towering high above the gates with a giant axe in his hands, a carpet of bones lined the path up to the front of the table. At both sides of the path were two winged creatures of the dark, sneering freakishly at each other, ready to pounce any moment.

"Enough! When will the two of you stop this farce whenever I am not around!" the man towered above these two creatures, voice booming above their heads.

"Milord! Finally, you are back!" exclaimed one of them.

She was dressed in a puffy dress with frills at the edges. Her silver hair was tied into twintails at each side, with curls at the ends twirling down to her waist. A Lolita, as you would call it. Uncanny to her appearance, she wields a giant scythe in her hands. One may wonder how she is even able to lift it up with that fragile body of hers.

"Where have you been? The influx of souls is too much nowadays, it's too much for us to handle!" she exclaimed.

"Have the humans not learnt anything at all? Even with world peace, they are still killing each other. Can't they find anything better to do?" the man sighed.

"The humans will always be at odds with one another, no matter the reason," the other winged girl said solemnly, "just like us."

She was dressed similarly; however, she had her hair tied up high into a single ponytail that reached down to her shoulders. Instead of a scythe, she wielded a chain and sickle in both hands.

Both of them bared their fangs and got into a stance ready for battle.

"Mel. Silvia. Stop that. This is an order," the man said.

"Tsk…" The girls turned away from each other unwillingly.

"Min, report," the man commanded.

"Aye sir," in place of the giant minotaur now stood a childlike boy with horns poking out from the sides of his head, the giant axe from before was now a tiny toy axe held in his tiny hands. No one can ever see a resemblance in those two figures who are worlds apart.

"In the north, the humans are picking a fight with each other. I believe some major loser just lost his entire fortune in a casino and started an all-out riot with the drunkards in the bar. Four have died so far. In the central area, the temperature dropped to a sudden minus twenty degree Celsius. Those living on the streets were unprepared and majority had frozen to death. An approximate soul count of six hundred and forty-four souls have arrived, and I believe more of them is coming. In the south, armed terrorists appeared and massacred an entire town. Death toll two thousand-eight hundred and seventy. Around four hundred militants died in the process…. babies died of premature death…. natural causes…. The total would be four thousand four hundred and forty-four in the past three days. In the west…"

"… Lord…. Lord... are you listening?"

"… Mmm.…hmph… yea I am listening. Tell everyone to continue what they are doing and sent those souls on their way," the man mumbled as he jolted awake.

"If people ever knew this is Satan-sama, they would be so disappointed," the girl with the ponytail said in disbelief.

"Well sorry for being such a disappointment, Silvia."

"It's time you sit down and do your job properly. There's a bunch of administrative affairs that requires your presence. The water lord in the west Lighain Lake requests to meet. Apparently, the increase in drowned spirits are infesting his waters and he is complaining of the noise. Why don't you send a subordinate down to retrieve those souls?"

"Oh good idea! Why didn't I think of that?" Satan exclaimed.

"Finally you are seeing the urgency of matters, my lord."

"Yes, it is indeed. It is an excellent idea to go down to the human realm. Well done Silvia!"

"Yes my lord, thank you for the compli… wait no. Don't tell me you.."

Without letting her complete her sentences, Satan opened up a portal with a wave of his hand and stepped through it. "Hmm… that one will do..." he mumbled to himself.

"Satan-sama, stop right there! Satan-sama.. stop…. wait….. don't…..." Silvia's voice dimmed as the portal closed.




The shrill wailing of a baby sounded through the emergency wards. Doctors and nurses were amazed at the sight of this magnificent baby. On this very day, a pandemic occurred that killed off half the world's population.