Found we then / a deep-set cave
Smelling of / some wild beast
Gullveig told / of a Dane
Who gave gold / for my head

This cave was / humble home
Saehrimnir troll / called Dread-tooth
For he was warrior / most frightful so
Repaying men's evil / with vengeful blows

He raged at us / but spaketh Erland
"As struck you wound / so man strikes us
We are hunted / our blood spilled"
For Erland brave / had taken arrow

Spaketh Ander's son / tempered words
Striking common / earth with Dread-tooth
We pledged to heal / his deepest wound
And feed him meat / not of our friends

Erland stayed with / Bjornulf brave
Together spinning / tales for troll-friend
As Svoldar clever / Brynhild bold
And myself hunted / a great hart

We returned with / meat as vowed
Saehrimnir ate and / gnashed then
For hours it took / the runemaster
To wrest the spear / out from his back

Rot had gnawed / at Dread-tooth's back
But Svoldar cleaned / and treated wound
Left by Mjitnor / the silvered spear
Graved with runes / by a learnèd hand

Saehrimnir slept and / clothes we found
For we left Eske's / burning house
In nothing save / what in we slept
Bitten we were / by winter chill

In furs and cloth / we arrayed ourselves
And found in clutch / of headless bones
A powerful gift / a runed lyfstyn
Given then to / the healer Svoldar

Talked we then / of troll-friend
Now returned / to his strength
"When we return / to Hafnaross
We may need / Saehrimnir's aid"

From the cave of / Dread-tooth troll
We passed to / the silent wood
Ancient forests / weighted by time
Centuries resting / upon our shoulders

Our way wound / beneath ash roots
Rising like dragons / from earthen waves
But hidden magics / mired our way
Until we found / circle of aged stones

Bound protection / to seven stones
Higher than a man / and hidden carved
Blood sacrifice in / times long past
Memories came/ to my thoughts

Svoldar and Bjornulf / sought out food
And wood to burn / where bones and ash
Rest against the / cleft earth cliff
And found a meal / in form of beast

I and Buri offered/ to one-eyed Odhinn
The best of what / meat we had
A bird above / dropped berries red
Sweet-smelling and / full of vigor

Upon return from / hunting clever
Brave Bjornulf gave / a gift to heaven
And with great poem / won godly favor
Sent as sun's ray / that fell upon him

After a dinner fine / the berries gave
Strength and speed / as if blessed
Through the night / we sped swift
Until at dawn we / found the witch's hut