Chapter 1: Robbery in Progress

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"Okay!", I scream, walking through the sliding, glass doors and into Stan's Kid Store. "This is a robbery! Everyone get on the ground and NO ONE MOVE A MUSCLE!"

Before anything could be said or done, I quickly pull out from my back pocket my gun; a small, rusted, grey, revolver. I then fire off a single shot in the air, the sound of the gunshot echoing throughout the small, one-story store.

Screaming now, and getting on the green-and-blue titled floor, the kids in the stores all started looking at me, wondering what my next move would be.

"Okay", I said, looking at the potential gold mine in front of me. "Ohhh, this is going to be easier than I thought."

Chuckling a bit now, I hastily rush over to the sliding door and signal for my partners to come in. A few minutes later, my two partners walk into the store, both of which dressed in complete black, with a ski-mask to hid their faces and both armed with a fully-loaded, 12-guage shotgun. Once in, we put our plan into action.

Causally walking over to the cashier, I aim my gun at the old bastard.

"Stan, I'm guessing", I commented, pushing down the hammer of my weapon.

Stan is an old man, with puffy, white hair and wrinkle, tan skin. He's wearing a tiny pair of round, clear glasses, pair with a bright-green, palm-trees covered, Hawaii shirts and a pair of sand-color short.

"Like the beach, don't you", I ask, eyeing the old man intensely.

Cowering behind the counter, Stan slowly rose and nodded his head.

"Well", I started, "If you ever want to see it again, I recommended giving me all the money in the register. You know, unless you do want to visit the big, beautiful beach in the sky. And hey, who know, maybe so of these kids will want to go with you."

I then move aside to show Stan some of his precious kids, weeping and crying, with my two friends standing over them like gods.

"Okay!", scream Stan, coming up from behind the counter. "Okay! You win! I'll give you everything I have! Just please! Don't hurt the kids!"

"Only you can decide that", I reply, pulling out from beneath my pitch-black shirt an old, worn-out, light-brown bag and tossing it on the counter beside the cash register.

"Put the money in there", I demanded, pointing at the sack.

Without so much as a second thought, Stan push a button of his cash register. A second later, the thing open, and revealing wads and wads of beautiful, green dollar. Like a dog obeying his master, Stan started taking the money out from the register and putting it into the sack. While he was doing that, I turn back toward my allies.

"Okay guys", I said, "Start emptying the kids' pockets. Take whatever look like it worth something. Oh, and try not to hurt them. After all, we ain't monsters."

Laughing a bit, I watch as my buddies started to ransack the kids of whatever they had; taking their wallets, snatching their phone, stealing their jewelry, and tossing all of them into more sacks pulled out from beneath their shirt.

While bending down to pick up a small, golden bracelet right off the wrist of this small, thin, brown-hair girl, I notice something off in the distance. Bending back up, I took a closer look to see what it is. It was a medium-sized, dark-red, baseball cap, sitting on some idiot's head. The idiot wearing the cap was hiding near the bookshelves in the corner of the store, behind the many snack shelves.

"Hey Kenny", I whisper, nudging my partner in the elbow.

"What is it", he reply, getting back up after swipe a boy's watch.

"There's someone standing", I said, pointing at the guy. "Go check him out."

"What", shot out Kenny suddenly. "No, why don't you go check him out! You saw him first!"

"Yeah, well I got the most loots in my bag", I announce, bringing my sack right up to Kenny's face and shaking it. The sounds of stolen money, phones, and jewelry all then ratter together, making a loud sound.

Trying to find something to said, Kenny started shaking his head all over before reluctantly giving up and dropping his sack. He then "willing" walk over to the kid standing. As he walk away, I could have swear I heard the sound of his loading his shotgun.

Murmuring randoms bits of sounds and words, I annoying hustle toward the freaking idiot, weapon loaded and in hands. Turning a corner, I hastily walk him.

The idiot is a medium-height kid, with messy, uncombed, pitch-black hair hidden under a messy, stain-covered, dark-red, baseball. Also, he's wearing a loose, dark-purple, hoodie with a what look like a pair of too-tight, long, blackish-gray pant and finally a small, dark-ocean blue, three compartment backpack on his back. All of which were covered in disturbing stains.

"Hmm", I thought, "Kid can't possibly have that much cash. Then again, every little bits does help."

Begin as quiet as possible, I quickly made my way to the kid before grabbing his shoulder and turning him around. Even before he could blink an eye, I place the barrel of my shotgun against the kid's stomach.

"Okay", I said, trying my hardest to sound threatening. "If you don't want the last thing you see to be a bullet going into your head, you'll give me everything you have!"

"Uhh...", reply the kid so calmly for so reason. "I'm sorry, what did you said?"

"What?!", I exclaim, looking confuse.

"How is this kid so calm?!", I thought.

Calmly, and causally, putting the thin, gold-covered, book he was reading back on the shelf, he quickly pull out from under his hoodie an almost invisible, white cord. Following the white cord all the way up to his ears, he then pull out a small pair of earplug. Looking at me for a bit, the kid then notice the loaded shotgun press right against his stomach.

"Are...Are you robbing me?", he ask, his voice changing so suddenly. Only, instead of sounding scare or calm, he...he sounded angry.

For a second, I was at a lost for words, forgetting even what it is I was doing. During my stun second, the man ask again.

"Are you robbing me", he repeated, pulling down on his hat so that I could no longer see his eyes.

Shaking it off, and returning back into reality, I started to slowly move the barrel of my gun up, toward his stupid, pathetic face.

"Like I said before", I repeated, "If you don't want the last thing you see to be a bullet going into your head, you'll give me- What...WHAT THE HECK!"

Out of nowhere, these almost invisible, light bluish-white circles, appear on the kid's hands. The kid, who seem extremely calm but also extremely mad, started to spread out his arms and legs. As he did, bits of the circles suddenly come flying off from his hands. Not to soon afterward, I started hearing a sort of... sound. Like as if I was in a really, really strong blizzard.

"I will ask one last time", said the kid, practically grinding his teeth "Are you robbing me!?"

"AAAAHHHHHHH!", scream Kenny, his voice echoing throughout the whole store, like when Markey first fire off his gun.

"What the-!", I scream, looking toward the bookshelves, where Kenny was heading.

"Was-Was that Kenny?!", whisper Markey, rushing over to me, handgun still aim at Stan.

"I think so", I reply, looking intensely around. "But why did he scream?! And where's did kid from before?!"

"What kid?", ask Markey, looking at me funny. "I don't see any kids there."

"There was a kid there", I scream, looking angrily at my "partner". "He must be hiding somewhere!"

"Well forgot about him", Markey declare, "Go check on Kenny! See what's up with him!"

"What!?", I yelled, leaning back. "Why me?!"

"'Cause I'm still looting the gold mine call the cash register", he reply angrily, firing off another shot, causing Stan to drop the money and the children to scream.

"Whoa!", I exclaim, jumping back.

Shooting the crazy bastard an evil gaze, I quietly and cautiously follow after Kenny's trail.

"Kenny?", I yell, turning into the aisle where I last saw the kid.

As I enter the aisle, I was expecting to find simply a knock-out Kenny, with his gun missing. What I find was way, way worst.

Somehow, somehow, Kenny had been frozen! Encase in a large block of clear, white-and-blue ice!

"What the heck?!", I scream, quickly bringing up my shotgun. " Kenny! Man! Oh man! What happen to you!"

"Same thing that's going happen to you", someone reply suddenly from behind me.

"Uh?!", I ask, looking behind me.

There, standing only a few feet away from me, is a nothing more a tiny teenager, with his hands extended outward for some reasons.

Without even a second wasted, I bring up my gun and aim it mere inches from the kid's face.

"What did you do to Kenny?!", I said, practically grinding my teeth together. "What did you do to him? What are you?!"

"What am I", repeated the kid, sounding almost as emotional as one of those weird, stone head on Easter Island.

"Hmm", reply him for awhile, before finally answering. "I do not know what am I. I do not know who I am. I do however know that I can not let you rob these kids."

"Oh yeah!", I reply, loading a shell into my gun. "Well, then I guess I can not let you live!"

I then pull the burning-hot, jet-black, metal trigger of my shotgun.

"Come on!", I said, "Come on! Come on! Hurry up!"

With the last of the kids tossing in their valuable, I hurriedly grab the two sacks and return to Stan. Hopefully, by now, his cash register was empty of money.

While speed-walking over to him, I was startled when, all of a sudden, Larry came flying out of nowhere.

"AAAHHHH!", he scream as he came flying across the room and smash into some of the arcade games here in the store. As Larry struck the old games, sparks of lightning then came shooting out of them, electrocuting the poor bastard.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!", he continue to scream, shaking uncontrollable as bright-yellow, bolt of electric travel throughout his body.

He may only have been on the broken arcade machines for a few seconds, but by the time he had fallen off, he was smoking and not moving.

"What the heck?", I mutter, slowly backing up. "What the heck was that!?"

Dropping the loots, I then turn around and started pointing my gun at whatever. As I did, Stan and the bunch of his customers drop themselves to the ground.

"Who's there?!", I scream, pulling back on the hammer of my revolver. "Who's there?! Be warn, I have a weapon! ...And more than enough hostages!"

Thinking smart, I quickly walk over to a downed kid, grabbing her and then placing the barrel of my gun against the side of her head.

"If you don't want this little girl here to die", I yell, my angry voice echoing throughout the store. "Then I suggest you show yourself!"

"As you wish", reply someone suddenly.

"Uh..", I mutter, looking around.

Slowly coming out from behind a shelf full of snacks is a small teenage boy, not taller than my hostage.

"Who the heck are you?!", I ask, switching my target from the little girl to the teenage boy. "And what the heck did you do to my two partners?!"

"I took them out", the boy reply, sounding almost mad. "Just like I'm going to take you out!"

"Oh yeah!", I said, "Well, not if I take you out first!"

I then pull the trigger of my revolver, firing off three shots.

As the small, metal bullets came rocketing toward me, I quickly brought up my right hands and stop them, dead in their tracks.

The lone robber, the scared hostages, and even Stan, the store owner, all stare in amazement at the three bullets. The three small, tiny revolver's bullets, floating still in the air, not moving any closer to me, or toward the ground. Just, floating still in mid-air.

"What...What are you?", ask the robber, his shooting hand shaking uncontrollable.

Lifting his head just a little, the boy reveal to everyone a single, big smile.

"I'm the guy who's going to save everyone", I reply, lifting up my hand before slamming it back down. As I did, the bullets also came slamming down, right into the the floor.

"NO!", scream the robber, aiming the gun back toward the little girl's head.

"Not so fast!", I scream, crossing both my arms. As I cross my arms, I instantly started to turn into a large blur. In only a few seconds, I disappear.

"What the-!?"

Looking around, and turning around frighteningly, the shooter started screaming into the air.

"What are you, you freaks!? Show yourself! NOW! I got one bullet left! If you don't show yourself, I will blow this girl's brai-AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-!"

Teleporting right behind the bastard, I grab him by the shoulder and punch him in the back. However, instead of actually hitting him, my attack went right through his back, through his body, and out of his chest.

His knees dropping to the ground a half second later, he started to moan and groan, dropping his weapon and his hostage, and clutching the area around where my hand went through him.

"aaahhh…", groan Markey slowing, now clawing at his chest.

Eyeing everyone suddenly, to make sure they were all far enough away, I then transform my body again. Still time, into a light-green, knock-out gas. Once fully "gas", I enter Markey's body through his nose and mouth, and knock him out. Once knock-out, I quickly exited his body, so that the gas I was wouldn't accidently kill him.

After defeating the three robbers, and turning my body back into a solid, I then took a hard long look around the store. Normally, Stan's Kid's Store was a pleasant place; with kids screaming and shouting. Not because of robbers like these three fools, but instead because they were cheering each other on when playing the arcade games. And if there would too many kids hanging around the games, they could always just read a few books or magazines, snacks on a few snacks, or maybe listen to the new songs Stan had previously ordered.

Now, the whole store was as quiet as a mouse, with kids glue to the floor in fear, and Stan hiding behind his counter, peeking his head over only a bit to see what is going on. Right now, the only "thing" going on is that everyone in the whole store is staring at me. Whether amaze by what I just did, or horrifying beyond measure, I didn't know. Nor care. Instead, I just did teleported away, leaving behind the stun kids, the shock Stan, and the unconscious robbers. Just in time too, since as I was teleporting away, I started hearing the annoying sounds of police sirens.

Teleporting to the top of the building across the street, I slowly walk to the edge of the building's top before looking back over at the kid's store.

It wasn't long before five black-and-white police cars, with bright, flashing, blue and red sirens show up. Police officers, with their guns pull out, then came running out of the cars and into the store.

"Hmm", I said, crossing my arms. "Stan must have call the cops while I was choking Markey out. Smart."

Watching a bit longer, as the cops rush in and a few stay behind to radio for help, I close my eyes to focus my listening. I was listening to what everyone was saying in the store.

"Just as I thought", I said to myself, grinning.

The kids and Stan were all talking at once, telling the officers of a young teenage boy, who can apparently turn into a gas, and who punch can go right through a person, and so on and so on. At first, the officers didn't really believe them, but as they started to look around, they began too. From a man frozen in ice, to a man getting pick up and toss across a room, to finally a man getting choked out by an unknown gas. All of which caught on the store's surveillance system.

It didn't really scare me much, since no one would really believe in it, even with the surveillance footage. After all, who would believe a young teenage boy could shoot ice from his hands.

Opening my eyes, I smile a bit, before teleporting away.