Chapter 2: Meeting People

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Appearing and landing onto the roof of my home, a long since abandon gas station, the sign, pumps and even building itself all cover in rusts and dust, I stop when I got to ledge.

Sitting down and letting my legs hang over, I look up at the sky and sun for a bit.

"It been two years since I first find myself in that alleyway," I say to myself. "So much had change since then. So much."

Looking back at the ground, I pick out some rocks from the sandy desert and use my telekinesis power to move them toward me. Flying right at me, I catch them, one by one, and playfully juggle the three of them. Floating and hitting each other, I went back to thinking about the past.

"Why can't I find anything about myself? Two years of searching, non-stop. No sleep, no foods, no rest, just searching all over for anything, but always coming up empty."

Flashbacks of going through years of missing person picture, hoping that one would at least give me a name shot through my mind in a flash.

Screaming when I snap out of it, I grab one of the rock and toss it as far as I could. The rock going quite a distance, I grab another one from the desert.

"And these powers. How did I get them? Where did they come from? I can do so much with them. I can move things with my mind, teleport almost anywhere I want, and even shoot both fire and ice from my bare hands. That's not normal. That's not normal thing people can do. How can I do it? I am not a normal person."

Tossing another rock, this one a little further than the last, I repeat the cycle and mentally pick up another rock.

"With no memory of who I am or where I came from, I was beyond lucky when I stumble upon this old gas station on the outside of the city. Two years living here and I seen no one drive by. Just how I like it."

About to toss one more rock, I instead stop and let all three rocks fall to the ground. Looking around some more, I teleport into the boarded up station, landing right into a chair, just one of many things I found and brought from all over the city. Pushing myself with a bit of telekinesis, I roll myself over to the mini-fridge where I open it and grab a soda.

Letting out a sigh, I was about to take a sip when, all of a sudden, I stop. The edge of the can inches from my lip, I had to move it away and focus.

"What is that sound," I ask, getting up and going to a wall. Putting my ear against it, I listen so more.

"It sound a lot like an engine. A car engine? No, that cannot be right. No one drive here. This is a forgotten road. That cannot be a car engine."

Listening more closely, I push myself off and teleport back onto the roof. Landing on the ledge, I cover my eyes and scan the surrounding area.

"It is a car," I say, lowering as my hand as I saw a small, red car driving a few miles away. "What is a car doing here? Is it lost? Or are they are looking for me? Or the gas station? Maybe they are here for a place to set up shop? No, that cannot be right. This whole place is empty. There is no one here to buy stuff. They have to be lost, but I have to be sure."

Taking in a deep breath, I step off the roof and teleport to the car.

"We're lost," I say, lending back in my seat and looking around. "Just admit it Diana. We are lost."

"We are not lost," Diana reply, her eyes completely on the road ahead. "This is a new way to Ian's house."

"Ian doesn't live an hour outside the city," I reply, opening the window to feel the breeze. Instead getting hit by a burning hot wind, I close it. "Also, he doesn't live in the desert."

Staring out at the empty, sandy desert, I look up when I thought I heard a sound.

"Hey Diana," I say, "Did you hear that? It sounded like something hit the roof."

"I didn't hear anything," Diana reply, reaching and putting out her phone. "Come on Aileen. Help me out here. Type in Ian's address."

"You are lost," I laugh, snatching the phone and typing in Ian's address. "Don't worry, I won't rub it in. I will however let you do explaining when we get to Ian. He will want to know why we're two hours late."

Hearing something on the roof again, I tap Diana in his shoulder.

"I'm telling you, I'm hearing something on the roof. Pull over."

Adjusting myself while being on top of the speeding car, I look pass the roof and into the mind of the driver. A thin girl with orange hair in a tank top and shorts, I learn her name is Diana Fatan.

"Diana Fatan," I say to myself, "21 years old. Work as a waitress at a bar. Currently lost and trying to find an "Ian Haddy". Just as I thought. Lost."

Changing target, I then start to scan the other girl's mind. Slightly shorter than Ms. Fatan, she had long black hair pulled into a ponytail and is wearing a pale blue shirt with long jean.

While trying to read her mind, my vision becomes very blurry. My arms start shaking and an odd yet familiar pain creep into my head.

"I-I know this," I moan, placing my hands to my head. "It is-It is-It is the same from before. Two-Two years ago. What-What is-What is-going on-"

The pain getting worse, it then become too much to handle. Pushing myself off the roof of the car, I look up at the sky and scream!

"What the heck," I yell, hearing someone screaming! Diana also hearing the screaming slam on the brakes. As she did, a body drop in front of us, hitting the hood and sliding off.

"Oh my god," I say, covering my mouth with my hands. "What-What happen! Where did guy come from? Is he die?"

"I don't know," Diana reply, her eyes just as wide as my. "I don't know! Come on, let get out of here!"

"What! No, we can't leave him! He may still be alive!"

"If he is, he'll sue us! And if he isn't, then we're killer! Let's just go! No one around! No one here! If we leave now, we can pretend like it never happen!"

"Well it did happen," I reply, getting out and reaching to the man's side.

The man, a teenager actually, like me and Diana, is laying on his back, not moving at all. Kneeling beside him, I place my ear to his chest. Hearing nothing, I start to panic. Thinking of what to do, I pinch his nose and give him lip-to-lip.

"Aileen," Diana screams, grabbing my arm and pulling me away.

Able to break free, I give him one last breath before Diana wrap her arms around me and pull me away.

Feeling a sudden rush of energy, like something had just charge me with power, I shot open my eyes and got up.

"What the," I scream, looking all over. A scream getting my attention, I find myself a few feet from the two girls from before, Diana's arms wrap around the black hair one. "Uhh, hello. Hi."

Thinking fast, I shot out my hand.

"You will forget about all of this," I start, "You will forget about all of this and leave. You will get back in your car, drive away, and never ever come back here. You will then forget about me. I am no one to you."

"I will forget about you," Diana repeats, letting go of her friend. "You are no one to me. I will get back in my car, drive away, and leave forever."

Turning away, she, and she alone, walk back to her car. Meanwhile, the black hair girl stay, still staring at me. Trying again, I wave my hand at her.

"You will forget about all of-"

Before I could finish, the girl slap me across the face.