The Little Angel

She was born to a young woman

Who was wild inside

A young woman who wanted to settle

When it came time to decide


Young though she was

She had always wanted a family

One of her own

It was her greatest fantasy


A daughter she would have

She would soon find out

Excited she was

She would tell her family often

How grateful she was

And that more would soon blossom


And that woman

Well she had to leave some parts half open

Take a break from somethings

To put something new into motion

And soon in November a child was born

And easily gained the whole families devotion


She was born in a season with a chill on it's end

Beautiful and innocent to life's many ways

Yet already jaded to one of life's trends

And soon many hardships would graze


Her mother still blinded by her joy

Showed off her daughter with a sense of great pride

Yet it did not take her long to discover life's ploy

The mother did her best to take them in stride


Her daughter grew sicker from within

And did not get better

The start of the end

The doctors soon told her


They placed a date

A date on the youngest one's life

Said it was her fate

Her fate to die


And life as a new mother

Turned into something scary soon

A disease that would smother

And nothing was immune


Incurable they said

A mother's worst fear

Research she read

That almost went nowhere


So the mother she did what all mother's do

She fought for her child to survive it through

Yet it seemed that time was against her

And everywhere she turned

Her daughter was now too much older

To test the experimental cure


But she could not give up

How could she even think it

When life would not letup

And her child grew in spirit


Yet the child herself

Would soon do something amazing

She would live on

Something worth praising


Despite that date on her life

She would grow with inner strength

A new hope was born

When she endured that cursed length


The child's family were proud and encouraged

To see the child prosper with the little she had

Yet there were outsider who discouraged

False hope with ironclad

The family ignored them

For they knew the truth


While some only saw her through their eyes

A young child lay motionless wrapped up in tubes and machines

They would say they witnessed a child marked for demise

Though the family saw that by all means

A strength that kept growing

Despite all of life's cruel means


And the young mother drew strength from the sight

She put her life back together

And looked on to the bright

Soon she would find out a date with new weather

This one of joy that would change life altogether


Her daughter would soon gain something important

A special new title for her

That would change all their lives in one moment

It happened in a blur


Another the mother would say

To that family of hers

Another child on it's way

To enter the fold


A little brother the child would gain

To be an older sister like her mother herself

Something new she would obtain

Something bright and full of hope


The child's aunt would sometimes wonder

Exactly how she felt

The aunt would sit and she would ponder

Exactly how she dealt


With the games life played

With her young fragile soul

And the miracles she made

On her strength alone


And how proud she was of her niece

That she thought was stronger than herself

How the young girl had made peace

With all that was under her belt


How the child could see the light

The world had to offer

When her world seemed so blight

Yet for the child there was more to proffer


Perhaps it was so

Because she was born this way

So she laughed and she smiled

In the only way she could convey


That she was alright

And happy with what she was given

That for her there was no plight

For her soul was born driven


Even so her family still wished her life anew

To be unburdened by disease

Yet soon they knew

No matter how displeased

They were grateful through and through


So the outsiders can pity and keep to themselves

For the family they were happy

To be given this chance

To love one special little girl

Who would change life's whole stance


And even though some say

The child so frail to the eyes

That she was born broken

And marked for demise


Her loved ones they knew

And would shake their heads at them

They will tell you the truth

Of all of this mayhem


That what was born was an angel

With the strength to live

Just a little angel wrapped in human skin

With infinite hope she would give


And if you meet her you will see

What they all eventually do

One special little girl

She'll change your whole view

This was written for my sister and her daughter who is diagnosed with SMA Type 1. I can not even began to imagine what this feels like since I myself am not a mother yet, but as her Aunt I know how hard it is to struggle to believe in hope when faced with something so terrible. I am proud of you, Cadence, you truly are so much stronger than anyone else I have ever met. I am proud to call you my niece.