Role To Play

Listen closely, my Dear

The world is a game

Everyone here

Well they have a role to play

Cast into action

The moment they're born

Chained to a part

Whether good or bad

One journey for them

To waste away

Too focused they are

On playing this ugly game

They see not the truth of the world

Only a facade

Mindless they are to win the game

It's disgusting, my Dear

To watch them fade away

Into a role they do not need

To play this game

They fall like the others

Who are greedy for victory

A trait humans fall under too often

There is no mercy

So be wise, my Dear

And do not fall prey

Like the others before you

Caught up in this game

Do not be condemned to the chains

That have grounded you since birth

Free yourself and live fully till you burst

The problem the other do not yet see

Is the game is unwinnable

There is no true victory