Author's Note: Hey. This is a poem written by Cale in the story "Stress Me, Depress me, But I Promise You Won't Break me". I haven't posted that chapter yet though, so stay tuned… Guess who she wrote it for?

A Love That Was Beautiful

It's supposed to be beautiful.

We were supposed to be beautiful.

Together, nothing could stop us. Him and I were a team.


He promised that he would never leave me.

But there he was.

I knew I never stood a chance.

I wasn't worth a second glance.

But to him, I was beautiful.

Inside and out.

But apparently, not enough.

I always knew we would never be together.

Well, at least not in true love.

Even since we were little, I knew he would never love me as more than a best friend.

And as it turns out, little me was right.

It's okay though.

I have other friends, just as good as you.

You brought me up when others brought me down.

I guess I have to go now, and go my own way,

Cause I know that some promises must break, and that you can't stay.