AN: This is the prologue to a fantasy story I've had floating around in my head for a while. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of it. I will be posting more pieces of it as time goes on. All the places, names and everything else are completely made up. I've put a lot of time into creating this world. The history, culture, religions, and so much other stuff. I never realized how much stuff went into creating something like this. I hope you all find it enjoyable!

The winds blew heavy and cut through the leather and furs that were wrapped around the men of the North. The cold air bit their cheeks and noses as they inhaled. The armor on their bodies weighed them down as the cold made their muscles flex involuntarily to keep themselves warm, but these men were used to it. They had lived in these bitter conditions for generations and had endured the oppression of the imperial invader at the same time. Living on fish and what little agriculture they could grow and keep for themselves that the Empire didn't take, they had learned to survive in this harsh eternal winter that was the northern reaches of the continent.

No mountains protected them. Their backs were to the sea and an army of soldiers in red tunics were bearing down on them. Lined up with full body shields, and shining steal plate armor, the sea of Imperial soldiers seemed to go on forever. No one standing within the shield wall of Northern Clansmen had ever seen the Imperial Army in such mass. It seemed that every legion within the empire was there. Fear gripped them as tight as the icy winds that blew in from the frozen ocean behind them.

Where was their king and savior? Not a mind among them wasn't thinking that as they beheld the Imperial behemoth before them. The snow crunched beneath their frozen feet. Rags and straps of leather held their fur-lined boots on and the material of their kilts swayed and flapped in the breeze. Every man dressed differently as they stood together, a united North for the first time in history. It was unprecedented but even all of the Northern Clansmen united under one banner couldn't outmatch the full might of the Imperial Army.

Drums hammered in the distance but the sound was lost over somewhere in the frigid wind. The Imperial Legions picked up their spears and shields and began to march forward. An entire mass of people marching over the frozen land towards the small area where the North Men huddled together, their shields linked together as were their fates. Everything they had done over the past years had all come down to this. They would soon be pushed back into the sea and the Empire would finally get what it has always wanted: The land in the North.

Silence drifted over the men of the North, like a blanket of fresh snow. No one made a sound, they just watched, their breath frosting in the cold air, frost forming on the end of their beards. They just stood together and watched. If this was to be their end, then they would make it such an end that the world would remember their fight. The world would remember this day.

Then, suddenly, as it seemed the North would soon be a distant memory, or a page that the Empire would tear from its history books, a sound was heard over the howling of the wind. The sound air being moved by something large, but not the wind came softly over the hills that surrounded the battlefield. It started low, but soon was loud enough that even the trained and disciplined soldiers of the Empire had stopped their formations and listened. Commanders strained to hear what it could be, the sound only grew.

Not knowing what to do the Imperial commanders formed their men into a tighter formation and a defensive position, waiting to see what this new threat was. The small group of clansmen ahead of them could have been crushed easily but no commander was willing to risk their career or their Legion when this new threat was looming.

All eyes scanned the sky as a dark figure seemed to soar towards them. It grew larger and larger with every flap of its leathery wings. When it didn't seem as though it could get any larger, it did. The beast seemed almost as big as the Stone Keep and was longer than anything they had ever seen. Its eyes were orange and it's mouth lined with sharp teeth that seemed as large as any man there. Its skin was black with a few areas colored red along its wings and body. It was the Empire's turn to feel fear.

The best came to sit on one of the cliffs that flanked the North men's shield wall. If there had been anyone questioning what this beast was, any doubt was now washed away as it craned its neck and let out a roar that could be heard for miles. Dragons had returned to the world.