Penny was a black-haired, five-inch-tall pixie who wore nothing but an ugly piece of brown cloth that barely covered her body. She spent her days in the forest she lived in flitting about the tree, searching for someone who'd want to have a little fun with her. Each and every day she'd search, but she'd never find anyone who was willing to show her a good time. But one day, she saw someone she thought she'd never see in her entire life—a human man, completely naked and covering his private area with nothing but his hands.

The pixie hid behind a tree and watched as the man darted about the forest, looking for something to cover his privates with, but nothing he found was able to do the trick; the leaves were too small, the bark of the tress were too thin, and the creatures of the forest were giving him strange looks the entire time. But Penny was staring at the human's crotch, smacking her lips as she imagined how large his penis was. It was then the pixie couldn't take the suspense anymore, and flew out from her hiding spot and right in front of the human's face.

He yelped out in astonishment the moment he laid eyes upon Penny, but the pixie just stared straight at him, her eyes wide and her tiny pussy slowly getting wet and dripping on the forest floor. She pointed down at the man's crotch, then balled her hand into a fist and quickly moved it up and down. All it took was that simple gesture for the human to realize what she wanted, but decided to not let the horny creature sway him into doing such an obscene thing, and proceed to walk away from her. But Penny wasn't going to let him get away that easily.

Desperate for relief, she flew over the man's head and stopped in front of his face once again. The frustrated human sneered at the pixie in disgust, but understood she wouldn't go away until she got what she wanted, and reluctantly took his hands away from his crotch. Penny let out deafening squeal of delight as the human's flaccid cock and dangling balls spilled out from between his legs, and flew down to his cock and immediately started licking the head of it. The tiny creature licked his it so quickly and so sloppily that it was completely covered in pixie spit in less than a minute.

The man looked down at the strange spectacle and had no idea what to think…but that didn't stop his cock from getting longer and harder. And the longer and harder it became, the wetter and hornier Penny became, until she ripped the ugly brown cloth of her body, thus exposing her beautiful body, tiny yet perky breasts, and completely soaked pussy to the hapless human. Penny became so horny that she hoisted herself up on top of the cock head and started rubbing her pussy all over it, and that was more than enough for the man yell out in pleasure and bust a nut so huge that Penny was sent flying right into the trunk of a nearby tree.

His balls empty and his cock reverted back to flaccid, the human man recovered his crotch with his hands and resumed darting about the forest in search for something to cover himself up, leaving Penny dazed, confused, and completely covered in hot, sticky spunk, but no less satisfied she finally found somebody who was willing to show her a good time.

And as for her search for somebody to help her get unstuck from the tree she got sent flying into? That, my beautiful, horny friends, is a story for another time…