A Wallflower

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to names, events and other establishments are mere coincidences.

A/N: Just like to share that this story is highly inspired by a Japanese web novel and other mangas. As such you may see some similarities or subtle references and those are owned by their respective authors and mangaka. Hope you will enjoy reading this.

A/N: June 26,2018-I have combined and edited some chapters.


A screeching of breaks…. flashing of lights….. voices…shouting…noises…. then pain

Pain….. pain …pain ….darkness…..numbness

Finally an escape in this lonely world

Are you happy?

Who? What?

Do you want a second chance?

Yes… NO! I Don't Know…who are you…where..

Nothing but darkness…swimming in darkness…black against black….

Please live my life…..


Save them…


Save them…


Save them…


Thank you

Feeling of warmth


This is your chance….live and be happy….Thank you….


Feeling of warmth and light…small spheres of light….


Chapter 1: Camellia

….and I woke up, inhaling a deep breath a bit painful as if my lungs have stopped breathing, beating heart faster than normal, as if suddenly realizing it has to beat.

Inhale…Exhale…. Inhale… Exhale

Trying to open my eyes…dry eyes and dried tears I think…

As I opened my eyes slowly …. I can only see darkness. But my brain supplied it as darkness of night time.

I can feel myself lying in a bed, so soft as if I'm atop of clouds or feathers cocooned with a soft blanket. Despite the comfortable bed, I feel clammy and wanted to remove the blankets, but my body feels too tired, and I can feel an incoming dizziness, lightheadedness and as if sleep is lulling me back, inviting me back… to close my eyes and relax.

I accepted that invitation, my body did not give me a choice and accepted it wholeheartedly wanting to rest. And I dreamed…. I dreamed of a life that was not mine.

I dreamed of the life of one Camellia. The life and memories of one Camellia Lillian Strelitzia. A beautiful redhead with startling blue eyes, daughter of Grand Duke Strelitzia of Anthos. A kingdom in a sort of Victorian Era or was it Middle Ages, that I never heard of. Granted I don't know my history, but I think and am convinced this is a different world entirely. It's my dream anyway, right?

Camellia is the second child and only daughter, raised in both strict and loving family. Taught about etiquette, music, art, and everything one would expect from aristocracy. Raised in an environment that every girl who believe in fairy tales would dream of. But despite of being a noble she was kind to commoners always trying to see the world with her own eyes; all her servants love her. She sees them as equals, but despite this she is naïve to the under workings of the world.

And as a child of aristocracy a young woman in a semi-patriarchal world, she was expected to marry a noble or a royalty, she being technically royalty herself. Camellia is the fiancé of the kingdom's first prince, Prince Lark; son of the king and his concubine. Prince Lark with his hair of dark blonde and mesmerizing violet eyes. She had fallen for the prince at first glance and had done everything to be his fiancé. Granted she really didn't have to do much she is the daughter of the only Grand Duke anyway, she had just to convince her father for it. Despite the possible political repercussions her father agreed. She was happy, and people can see that Prince Lark was smitten with her, a bit reserve but he does care. She was content, and happy until the time came that she entered the Royal Academy of Anthos.

The Royal Academy is somewhat like a boarding high school in the modern world. Where young nobles are expected to attend starting by the age of 16 and graduating by 18 and in a span of that year will be their coming of age ceremony, scheduled by age and social standing. The Academy is located inside the Royal Capital and near the royal palace. Classes include their responsibilities to the kingdom their supposed duties as nobles and what was expected to them. Classes also include different specializations, where they can hone those skills they would really like to specialize with etc etc. But most likely the academy is where young nobles are expected to build their own network. Court different heirs and nobles to be their allies, assess on which faction they may side on, and look for possible engagement that will bring good reputation to the family and for continuing their line. Aristocracy is politics in this world anyway. When thinking about it, I think this world is not as strict with female nobles as the Victorian era that I remember from history. Etiquette is strict but not that strict, I think.

Going back with Camellia. When she entered the Royal Academy, she was really excited because finally she will be with her Prince Lark once again. The prince was actually a year older than her and the same age as her older brother Jarred, meaning they have entered the Academy a year earlier than her.

But those smiles and expected happiness and love was met with sadness, anger and jealousy. At the Academy she met Althea Leonis Ora, the girl that have taken her Prince Lark's interest. She is a daughter of the Viscount Leonis Ora, a beautiful girl with caramel brown hair and chocolate eyes. She is a "beauty of innocence" to quote her brother. But for Camellia, she is nothing but an airhead who throws social etiquette and clings to young men of higher status in the society. Althea is of the same year as her Prince Lark and her brother and their friends/allies. She was always with them. Even if Camellia tries to approach them, befriend them or hang out with them, she was always unable to stay longer. Even if she was there, Prince Lark will not talk to her, only with Althea. His attention is only for Althea, and it hurt Camellia very much. Watching them interact wondering why Prince Lark does not look at her like how he looks at Althea. She even asked her brother Jarred, but was only spurned away saying Althea is kind and amazing and she should try to befriend her and stop being prideful.

Love and jealousy blinded her. She might have started to snubbed Althea whenever they meet; which is technically allowed in etiquette since Camellia is of higher standing. Started rumours about her and bad mouth her to other students. Just the usual that Althea is disrespectful and does not follow the social etiquette, that she tries to cling with a man who already has a fiancé, which is really frowned upon in the society. But it was not only Camellia who hated Althea, most of the young maidens in the Academy hated her too. But they have used Camellia as a front, a leader of sorts.

One afternoon on the 5th day of the week, Althea have invited Camellia for an afternoon tea. Althea talking about things that are not really connected to anything meaningless things. Camellia have used this chance to tell her off. That Althea should distance with her Prince Lark that she should respect that Camellia is his fiancé. Althea could flirt with other young men including her brother Jarred, but not with her Prince Lark. In near tears, swallowing her pride Camellia have asked Althea not to take her Prince Lark, she can take anyone but Prince Lark. Althea have only smiled, smiled and smiled at her and offered tea. Accepting her offer and drinking her tea, blinking back the tears and trying to calm herself, Camellia waited for a reply, looking at Althea with determined eyes, but Althea changed the subject. She continued on talking about flowers in the garden as if she never heard Camellia's request. Insulted and trying to calm her anger and keep her tears at bay, Camellia decided to leave. Setting down her tea cup and standing with much dignity looked at Althea for a brief second, looked down at her, then Camellia left without looking back.

Going back to her room in the dormitory, Camellia just stayed there distracting herself with reading and trying to calm her aching heart, not talking to anyone and only leaving for the dinner time. At dinner time in the grand hall, she saw her Prince Lark, not even bothering to talk to her, only talking with Althea. And then she saw it again, those looks full of love only for Althea. It broke her heart more. Not finishing her dinner, she excused herself from her friends and left for an early night. A night full of tears and frustration, that left her with light-headedness and feeling of unable to breath evenly, her body shutting down telling her to just sleep it all away.

Why?...I have loved him with all my heart….

That voice again… Camellia?

I'm sorry….

Are you Camellia?

Thank you…Thank you for granting my wish…..

Wait?! What?

Good Bye

Everything have turned black again, but I can feel my body waking up, and I can't wait to wake up and find answers. Who are you Camellia? What connection do I have with you? Why those memories feel like I have experienced them myself? Are you a dream, figment of my imagination? A wondering soul? Now that's a bit scary. Who are you?

I can already guess that I have been hit by a car and probably in coma, if I am still alive anyways? But I can feel myself waking up, looks like I am alive after all. But do brains come up with imaginative worlds when in coma? Time to find out. Wake up Me! Wake up Azalea!