Sonja Haaby has been successfully working in public accounting for the past 11 years. She started her career as the Branch Manager in the U.S. bank, Bend, Oregon in the year 1998. At the bank, she was responsible for maintaining and ensuring that the branch operations are in compliance with regulations, policies, and procedures. In addition, she took care of the customer service and ensured the sales standards are being met. She conducted audits and reconciled various areas of operations including Cashier's checks, general ledger accounts, money orders, traveler's checks and proof of teller work.

Sonja Haaby is a licensed Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service, which allows her to represent clients in front of the IRS just like a CPA. She is also pursuing her Certified Public Accountant license and Accountant license and will complete it in the fourth quarter of 2018.

About Sonja Haaby

Sonja Haaby is a family person and has three beautiful children, 2 girls - Sydney aged 23 and Amber aged 21, and a son - Andre aged 18. Sonja has received a number of licensing and certifications including IRS Enrolled Agent, Licensed Tax Preparer (State of Oregon), and Franklin Covey (Time Management Course). She supports different volunteer activities. She was an active member of PTA when her kids were at school. She was a board member of Volunteer connect and has been a part of various fundraising functions, working with different local charities. Apart from this, she also offers one on one coaching and mentoring in life and leadership skills.