This is an attempt to make a story that's more than just "action this and action that". This is a new attempt to create something intriguing. Will it work? I don't know. But, it'll be fun to find out.


There was once a country as brilliant as any other, perhaps even more so. It was a land of bounty and beauty, with golden trees in the autumn, and picturesque snow in the winter. It was a place of peace, and of joy. It was a place of royalty and nobility. But it was also a place of treachery and deceit, where secrets, carried by the winds, would wind up in the darkest locations, hiding within the crevices of the sparkling world that the country projected. But secrets cannot be held for long.

They had caught the attention of Folksvangr, the kingdom in the north, and alongside Byleistr, their King, they attacked the golden country. It was brutal, and bloody, awful and obscene, a horrific chorus that wailed throughout the land. So vicious was it, that the golden lands had been forced to issue a draft, conscripting commoners to throw against the brutal hordes.

Miraculously, or perhaps by the grace of some god, the golden country survived, and emerged victorious. But the horror of war, even ten years later, had not faded from memory, and the country suffered as it struggled to regain its footing, and the nobility attempted to reestablish its glorious power.

Duneyrr, Hraesvelgr, Ratatoskr...the Three Great Houses of BrĂ¡valla. Having grasped their strength from the corpse of the country, these three stood as the most willing to claw their way to the top, to force the land into submission beneath their will. The other noble houses had no choice but to bow their heads before the three.

A tale of Three Houses, and the darkness they hide beneath the glow of a brilliant country.

From the blooming of the springtime flowers, to the soaring of the summer birds...

To the dancing of the winter winds, by the light of the fall moon.

A tale of one soul, who merely wishes to find a place in this world, who wishes to rescind the heartache of a broken life.