Oh man, I don't even know if people do this anymore but I'm hoping it's worth a shot?

I'm looking for a story I read about 5-6 years ago on here, might be older?

A girl's brother is getting married his girlfriend in a castle, and she loves their relationship so she's very excited. But she also has to deal with her brother's best friend, whom she used to be in love with, before she left to pursue a career. Over the course of the weekend, the best friend also seems to be falling in love with her.

I believe they were sharing a room together for some reason?

There was also a game of never have I ever in there, and she rode a motorcycle that her brother did not know about, but the best friend found out about.

Genre was romance. I think sub-genre may have been humor? At least 4 chapters, probably 7? This is probably not very reliable information, damn.

Please do help me out, it's been bugging me for ages.

Thanks so much!