Disclaimer: I don't Speak Good romanian And I can't Read it either, So that's why There'll be a good number of mistakes and awkward writings.
It also Didn't help that some of the Journal He wrote was missing.

"Oh god why" a woman soaking tears on the dead body of her son

it was one of many bodies on the ground they stink of decay and

It was our 15th day here my family had been taken from our home

in bucharest me and sisters were separated from each other
we hadn't seen each other since
If this was a movie this would be a sick climax

my stomach was churning I had only living off of cooked leaves
that I just plucked off a tree.
everybody was starving now that i think about it the men rarely IF ever fed us

"is this what life gives me nothing but suffering and defeat" I thought to myself.

before i knew it I was crying but it was interrupted by a loud sound

*boom* it sounded like an explosion a ear-splitting one at that.
gunfire and yelling were next there was nowhere to hide we were in a open area inside of a fence all we could do was just sit there
and wait .

then there was an eerie silence in the area
when men suddenly burst into our camp
they were wearing fur coats and hats and some russian words on there jackets
I knew I was saved By I could not stand anymore an passed out

thats the last thing before long I was in a hospital

I lived the rest of my life in peace reviling from the horrors of that camp but i never my sisters or my mother ever again.