("If the world hates you, Know that it has hated me first" -God)

Blood N Tanry th looked outside the cave that was his home, He looked into a nearby mirror that the ignorant peasents and lord had donated so that Tanry th (Blood's guardian and sorta a step bronze dragon mother) would not eat them.
He was a teifiling that looked like a shadow with red eyes, to blend into darkness(usually so the peasent donators wouldn't notice him when they came into the cave) he wore a semi black outfit, except for his bandana that was red which hid a row of sharp pointed teeth. He didn't wear shoes but favored fingerless gloves.
"Well hello there handsome!" Blood smiled "17 years of being in this cave and I still havn't been allowed to leave, Mother really is over protective."
He'd been 5 when his father tossed him into Tanry th's lair in order for him to be eaten or killed.
Instead Tanry th raised Blood into a proper person as the kid at 5 didn't understand or comprehend anything, though he learned slowly how to speak, it was only after his studies that he learned that he liked words, music and dancing, The perfect combination that he became a bard. He eagerly waited the day he could leave on his own quest to get a lair. He breathed a sigh "Like thats going to happen anytime soon..."


Tanry th sat in her cave asleep, when suddenly she opened her eyes quickly, a set of thoughts had entered her head that were not her own.
"So, they've chosen my son...very well, I feel he is ready...I hope."

The next day, Blood was sleeping upside down like a bat, he admitted it helped with the joints in his legs and cracked his back, with a motion he jumped off the metal bar he'd set up and landed on his feet.
"Hello wor-Mother!" His mother had been watching waiting for Blood to wake up (I know it sounds creepy but she had a good reason.) Her sudden apearence caused Blood to jump back abit.
"Good morning son." said Tanry th simply.
Blood recovered and began his daily work out for in the morning, he grabbed the bar he'd been sleeping on and began doing pull ups.
"So what do you need Mother?" he stopped pulling up and looked worried "I didn't wake up late again did I?"
A simple shake of the head gave assurence that Blood had not missed the most important meal of the day.
"Well thats a relief, I was really worried that-"
"Your getting married." said Tanry th "I would miss-Run that by me again?" asked Blood Tanry th breathed before saying "I got a message from the High Council of the Arachunes."
"Driders?" asked Blood.
"No, Driders are made when a drow fails the test set by Lolth the Spider Goddess, The Arachunes are born half spiders who hate the Driders and Lolth by extension, they instead serve Arachune the God of Webs and Madness on all his enemies."
Explained Tanry th "So why am I getting married again?" asked Blood "The Arachunes want thier Princesses to marry one of each mortal race to lock in a peace treaty to all races."
Blood was chewing on some beef while saying "So they chose me...why?"
"Because their Princess Hanayume chose you out of all the races that is used to exploring underground, you are the only Teifiling raised by a powerful dragon and know alot." explained Tanry th "Well then I just get there and marry a Princess and done right?" asked Blood who picked at his teeth in order to get his breakfast out of it.
"Well no, the princess will get here and you must escort her all the way to the Capital City underground and then you marry her and rule for a year or so depending." said Tanry th

"So when does she get here?" asked Blood who jumped when he heard behind him "I was here 2 mins ago."