Blood started to say "You scared m-" he was lost for words when he laid his hand on Princess Hanyume.
She had the lower body of a spider that was white, but all that was forgotten when you gazed at the upper half which was humanoid, The Princess was beautiful, blondish hair in a longish hair style, though she had 6 eyes, 4 of them were small, red and actually went with her larger 2 red eyes, her white dress she wore didn't hide a CC sized bust, you could only see 4 of the spider legs as the other 4 were covered by the white dress.
"Wow." said Blood after he absorbed what the Princess looked like.
Blushing bright red the Princess held her arms across her chest, If she was trying to hide what she had up there, she was failing.
"Please stop starring, I know I'm ugly..." she was silent and tears rolled down her beautiful face. Blood turned to Tanry th "Mother could you give us some alone time?"
Tanry th scanned Blood's face as only a mother could, seeing he had no other motives besides talking, she exited.
After that he sat down on a rock, adjusted his hat and patted the flat rock next to him.
"We may have just met but I'd like talking all the same, please sit."
The Princess sat next to Blood, she'd stopped crying and curiousity shown on her face.
"Now what's this about you being ugly? Cause I don't think so."
A single tear started "The other Princesses don't look like me, their fully Arachnid, though we're called half spiders half humans our society judges us based on how Arachnid like we are. Me being more humanish makes me ugly in they're eyes."
Blood thought for a second then asked "But why arn't you treated like the royalty you are."
She wasn't crying anymore but she had a guilty face "They only do that to the ones who are like me, treating us like whores despite our royal ancestry."
Blood sounded surprised "There are more humanish looking half spiders?"
"Yes and we're treated like inferiors for doing our solem duty" said the Princess Blood stood up, he looked angry, his eyes narrowing "That sounds horrible." his face turned back to normal. Having a idea he neeled down and held her hand, "My beautiful soon to be wife, I am loyal and promise to get you back to your capital and become your Prince." He bowed "Milady." He held out his other hand to help her up gently. When she rose she was blushing to a deep red, but this time she was happy.
"No ones ever treated me this way, I'm usually labled a freak..." she began to frown again at the thought. Blood spoke up "I know how that feels, I really do...Wait what time is it?"
A voice from the other room answered "5:00! Dinner time"
He once again bowed to Princess Hanayumi "Would you like to join us?"
She raised his head up to hers and kissed him full on the lips before pulling back and saying "Sure, thank you my loving soon to be husband."
As she passed by he said "Twas a pleasure." and followed behind her still having the kiss on his mind.