Braving The New World

Written by: TheCynicalOtaku

Chapter 1: Goodbye Old World, Hello New Life

For as long as mankind could tell stories, there was always tales of epic men and women, and legendary warriors, whether they were good or bad. They all range from just normal humans that happen to be highly skilled, to superhumans, and even Gods, like Zeus, Raiden, or Thor. Whether they come from TV shows, comic books, videogames, or ancient religions, we have always had a fascination with beings who had abilities greater than any humans. This is a story about how I, Kentaro Sugiyama, an average 18 year old fresh outta high school, became the greatest hero…

Location: Aoiyama High. Japan. Earth.

"Finally graduated…" Kentaro said to himself as he walked away from Aoiyama High for the last time. He kept walking on his way home through the city, when he heard the loud crashing of trash cans being knocked over from down a dark alleyway. He then stopped and put his hand by his ear. "I know I heard something…." he thought.

Down the alleyway, a young woman, whose clothes were tattered and torn slightly, was held against a wall by a large man. Her wrists and ankles were tied together, her left eye was blackened, and her lip was bloodied. He held his hand over her mouth as he pulled out a knife.

"Make a noise like that again, and I will make sure you die slowly…" he said.

Though she was tied up, she continued to resist him. Her mouth may have been covered, but her eyes definitely said "go to hell."

"You are a feisty one… I hate feisty," he said, running the tip of the blade down her cheek.

She then bit his hand, causing him to remove it from her mouth. After escaping his clutches, she managed to yell out for help, but was slammed head first against the wall hard enough to kill her.

Hearing her scream, Kentaro came running to her. Upon arrival, he immediately thereafter was paralyzed with fear. Before him stood the man, next to the young woman's corpse. The man approached Kentaro with his knife.

"See what playin' the hero gets ya? You could have lived to see another day, but luck just ain't on your side today. Now… Stand still, this'll only hurt for a second," the man said as he grabbed Kentaro by the collar of his jacket and prepared to stab him.

In that moment, Kentaro snapped out of his fear induced paralysis and managed to slip out of his jacket. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! I-I gotta get outta here!" he thought. Without thinking about what he was doing, he ran out onto the road, screaming, "help! Somebody call the police!" but he was hit by an oncoming truck, instantly killing him.



Kentaro could hear somebody calling out his name, as if he were being woke up from a dream.


"Ah! I'm up! I'm up!" he said frantically. "Where am I? Is this the hospital? Wait, what about that girl! Is she here?! Is she ok?!" he said as he began to panic.


"Get ahold of yourself!" said a woman just after she slapped Kentaro. She had long, flowing blonde hair, wings, a halo, and was wearing a long white robe that stopped at her ankles. "Also, to answer your questions in order: Heaven, no, I don't know, no, and I don't know," she said bluntly.

"Wait, Heaven? Am I…?" he said.

"Dead? Yes. You died right after getting hit by a truck. I am the Angel that was assigned to you the day you were born. My name Airiel. Just Airiel," she said, still maintaining her blunt tone of voice.

"My name is-" he said as he was cut off by Airiel

"Kentaro Sugiyama. I know everything about you. That is part of my job here. Listen, Kentaro, I've had a long day due to somebody deciding to die before their time on my day off, so I'm just gonna skip the formalities and cut to the chase…" she paused as she summoned a scroll and opened it up.

"Uh… Ok, what's that?" he said as she unrolled it and handed it to Kentaro.

"That is a contract. You can choose to stay here in Heaven, or you can choose to be brought back to life in another world. If you wanna stay here, place your right hand on the paper and say 'I, Kentaro Sugiyama, wish to stay in heaven'. If you choose the other option, place your left hand on the paper and say you wanna go there," she stated.

Kentaro thought about the events prior to his death. "I meant to save her, I did… but… I wasn't fast enough, and when I did get to her, it was too late and I ended up running away like a damn coward as soon as my own life was in danger… I can't do that again. I won't do that again…" he thought. "Hey, Airiel?" he said.

"Hm?" she replied. She was sitting on a floating chair filing her nails.

"I think I want to go to this other world, but can you tell me what it's like? Is it, like, some kinda fantasy world, or some opposite earth kinda deal?" he asked.

"Actually, it's not 'is it', but rather 'are they?'. They are nothing like the world you knew. There are adventurers, guilds, mythological beasts, all that jazz. Had a, uh, 'friend' of mine get sent to one once with some dork. Now she's stuck with him, a little girl that likes to blow stuff up, and the poster girl for masochists everywhere" she said.

"Uh… Ok, well, I guess my choice is made then" he said as he placed his hand on the paper. A circle on it began to glow as he touched it. "I, Kentaro Sugiyama, wish to go to this new world" he said. In an instant, Ken was sucked into the circle.

"Probably should have told him to say where he wanted to land… Eh, I'm sure he'll be fine" Airiel said.

Location: Unknown woodlands, Tahra.

"OHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUCK! AH! FUCK! SHIT! STOP! HITTING! BRANCHES!" Kentaro said as he fell, hitting tree branches on his way down. He soon hit the ground with a loud thud. "... Owwww" he said as he laid on the ground on pain. "Well, at least nothing's broken… Hopefully…" he said as he slowly got on his feet. "Alright, now where am I?" he said while looking around. He quickly took notice of a nearby sign, which was pointing down a path. He walked up to the sign, and let out a sigh of relief after seeing that the people here spoke his language.

The sign said "House of Lee R. Jenkins. Welcome!"

"Hmm… I was expecting a more, uh… Unique name. Oh well. If somebody lives here, maybe they can help me" he said. It wasn't long before Ken had reached the house. It was a rather sizable cabin. As Kentaro approached the property, he noticed somebody crouched by the door. He then quickly hid behind a nearby pile of logs.

"C'mon, ya damn lock, open!" the man at the door said. "I know this old geezer's gotta have somethin' valuable…"

"A thief?" he whispered. Once again, he thought of how he died. "No more cowering" he thought to himself. Letting out a long exhale, he decided to stop the thief. "Hey!" shouted Kentaro.

The thief immediately turned around. "Who the hell are you, huh? You the old man's guard or somethin'?" he said as he drew out a small dagger.

"Doesn't matter who I am. W-what matters is that you should leave. N-now…" Kentaro was trying to put on a brave face, but he was scared.

"I don't think yer in any position to be tellin' anybody what to do, boy" the thief said. "This here blade ain't just fer show!" he said as he made a ran towards Kentaro and attempted a horizontal slash at his throat.

Kentaro managed to dodge the attack, but fell off balance and landed on his rear. The image of the man that killed that girl kept running through his mind. "I will not cower in fear again!" he thought.

The thief then thrusted his blade downward, aiming for Kentaro's chest.

Kentaro, albeit barely, managed to roll out of the way in time. He then grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it at the thief's eyes. While the thief was blinded, Kentaro tackled him, getting the thief away from his dagger.

The thief managed to push Kentaro off of him, and started to make a beeline for his dagger. Kentaro then ran towards the dagger, kicking it even further away.

The thief then grabbed Kentaro by his leg and ran his shoulder into the back of Kentaro's knee, causing him to fall. The thief then crawled onto his back and picked up a small stone, smashing it against Kentaro's head and dizzying the young man.

The thief then went for his dagger and returned to the stunned Kentaro. "Ya... Put up a better fight... Than expected, boy" he said between breaths. "But… Now ya done…" he added. He then kicked Kentaro onto his back.

As he rolled over, Kentaro yet again threw another handful of dirt in his eye and tackled him to the ground. As Kentaro tackled him, the thief stuck the dagger in Kentaro's waist.

"Argh!" he cried out in pain. But that didn't stop him. Kentaro was determined to beat this guy, come hell or high water. With the dagger still in him, he proceeded to repeatedly punch the thief as hard as he could, but for every hit Kentaro dished out, the thief returned with one of his own.

Remembering some of the Mixed Martial Arts fights he'd seen online, he then attempted to go for an Armbar and after some struggling managed to get into the position. "lift your hips, and pull down on their wrist… dunno if it'll work, but here goes!" he thought. He then applied the hold full-force, and held it until he broke the thief's arm.

"AGHHH! MY FUCKIN' ARM! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO MY ARM?!" he said as he writhed in pain.

Kentaro then punched him one last time, knocking him out. Kentaro's adrenaline soon faded, and he too fell unconscious due to blood loss. Everything faded to black. He couldn't feel anything; no pain, not even the ground beneath him. It was as if Kentaro was trapped in his own mind, like being able to move about in a dream, despite being asleep.

"Am I dead? Did I die again?" he thought.

"No, you are very much alive, my boy" said a man. "Just unconscious. You seemed to have lost quite a bit of blood back there. Lucky for you that my friend here is quite adept in healing magic, eh?" he added. By the sound of his voice, he seemed to be much older than Kentaro.

"If I'm knocked out, how are you talking to me?" Kentaro thought.

"Telepathy stone. It allows me to speak to you in thought. Your body might be inanimate at the ment, but your mind is still active" the man said. "Oh, where are my manners? I am Lee. Lee Roi Jenkins. And you are?" he added.

"Oh, my name is Kentaro Sugiyama. But you can call me Ken" he thought. "What happened to the thief?" he added.

"Him? Tiberius took him to the authorities. He won't be doing any more burglary for a while. You two did quite a number on one another" said Lee.

"Good. People like that deserve to be locked up" Kentaro thought.

"Well, I suppose I will let you rest, lad. I will speak to you when you awaken. For now, you get some rest" said Lee.

A/N: Hope you guys and gals enjoyed this. This is my first time actually writing something in a long, long time. I wanted the first chapter to be short, sweet, and to the point. I hope you all are ready for chapter 2! See ya then!