This was a waste of time.

I squinted at the chicken scratch sprawled on the whiteboard. Throughout my best efforts, I couldn't understand what this lady was trying to convey. Her writing reminded me of my eight-year-old sister's, but even with that Autumn's awful penmanship was because she was young. What did bird nose have as an excuse?

I closed my notebook, deciding I'll teach myself later. I was going to mess up my eyesight if I continue to stare aimlessly at the board. My Father warned me I wouldn't learn anything in this class.

"Questions anyone?"

I looked around, everyone was either blank-faced or dozed off. I turned back towards her.

"Guess not."

The very few who were up either snorted or stifled a laugh. The most notable one from behind me. The voice was perky and a little bit too cheerful but I choose not to pay any mind,. People will bend backward to be associated with me. Why wouldn't they? I was nearly perfect in everything and when you're around perfect people, you start to associate yourself with the word.

They didn't really want to be my friend, whether they knew it or not. They just wanted the benefits, which was funny because even when I insult them constantly and disrespect their entire existence… it comes down to a joke. They'll laugh it off along with the others surrounding them and then I ended up hating myself.

"Very funny Alexander."

I yawned. "You think so?"

She opened her mouth, ready to retort, then pressed her lips into a thin line. For a second, she just stared at me before addressing the class. "Time to wake up everyone," she tapped Chris' seat. "Maybe you all should consider sleeping earlier."

Chris peeked his face out from his arms, At first, he looked at me then the teacher, perplexed. Then he got it. "H-haha you caught me, Ms. Flood," he smiled, wiping some of the drool dripping onto the corner of his chin with a sleeve.

I rolled my eyes. He wasn't getting his way out of this one.

"What time did you get to sleep last night?"

"Early ma'am."

I leaned back in the chair, half listening to the conversation. Out of all the years me and Chris been friends, he always half-assed things. From half assing his job to half-assing the truth. When we were kids it sorta annoyed me but he'd use to help me find stray animals so I didn't have a choice but to hang out with him. He helped provide entertainment.

"How early?"

He chuckled. "Six?"

"Then you shouldn't be so tired Christopher."

"I think something must be wrong with me."

I was tempted to just intrude and tell him though that may be the case, I doubt his mental inconvenience had anything to do with him getting his dick wet in the bushes…

Wait... that was due to his inconvenience. Who fucks in the bushes anymore? The shit was middle school and even back then it was still repulsive.

She folded her arms against each other. "I'll make sure to make your Mother is aware."

And just like that, the smug look he wore was gone. She didn't acknowledge this expression and just walked down the aisles, tapping each desk accompanied by a sleeping student.

I took out my phone from my pocket, wanting to text my Mom to take me home. I'm not feeling it today.

"I'm so dead!"

Don't care. "Tell her you weren't feeling well." I look down at the screen, unlocking the device.

"She isn't going to believe me."

"Don't know what to tell you," I began to text my mom.

Pick me up. I'm tired.

And get some food, I'm hungry.

Chris huffed in frustration and reached over to my desk, I pulled away.

"Don't touch me or my belongings. You know this."

"Is your phone more important than me?" He dramatically exclam then paused. "Wait, never mind."

"Glad to see you're finally catching on what not to ask me."

He glared. "Very funny. Why don't you put away your phone and pay attention to the free education being provided to you?."

I sneered in his direction. "I can pay attention to the education I'm receiving on Monday. I just told my Mom to pick me up."

"You can do that?"

I turned my head and was ready to respond before Chris quickly interjected.

"Yeah, Mrs. Wolfe is like the most chill parent you'll ever meet. Total milf-"

"That's weird, stop."

I don't see why he insists on telling everyone we meet how hot he thinks my Mom is.

My phone buzzed in my hand and I quickly looked down to see what time she'll be picking me up.

K u want Mcdonalds


Sensing a decline in interest, the girl spoke again. "How did you not get in trouble when you spoke back to Ms. Flood?"

"I don't know," I placed my phone in my pocket and stared. She had red hair and bright green eyes. She was pretty cute. "What's your name again?"


"Alexander. This is why I put you and your friend up front. Turn your head around and pay more attention."

My lips curled into a sneer. "I was paying attention in the back."

If Chris just knew how to shut his mouth, I wouldn't be up here in the first place.

"So was I. We were talking about the problems."

I rolled my eyes. "Nothing wrong with two friends discussing their love for math."

She stared, eyes narrowing. "I find that hard to believe. Now face the board."

Don't say anything back. Just turn your head and you'll be fine. Your Mother is going to call in any minute.

So that's what I did, I turned my head to the board, biting down on my tongue to prevent anything from getting out.

"Thank you."

You're welcome, bitch.


The chairs were surprisingly comfortable and cozy. If I could- and not be judged by it, I'll just roll over and fall asleep. Where were these at the High? Fuck that, where were these in the city period?

"Glad to see your comfortable," the lady smiled from behind the desk. Despite me and my Aunt walking in without scheduling an appointment, she was pretty helpful and kind.

I blushed. "It's much roomier here then my old school."

"What made you make such a big move?"

"Well, I visited over the summer and went back to Los Angeles to realize I like the quiet.."

"Do you live near the highway?"

"Well, I'm sure you'll like it here."

"I hope-"

Before I could finish the phone beside her rang. She shot me an apologetic look and picked it up.

"Hello? It's Dr. Marilyn Fawn calling fr- huh? Oh hello, Ms. Wolfe, what is the issue?" She paused. "Oh… okay. Do you have any idea what class he may be in?"

I bit my tongue and look down at my phone. The screen was slightly cracked due to an altercation with my brother and it was a bit outdated but it worked perfectly fine. I unlocked the device, checking my notifications. There was only three. One from Episode Interactive and the other two were spammed emails. I sighed, turning off the screen.

"Thank you, I'll call him down to wait in the office, no problem. Have a nice day." She hung up, looking up at me. "Prepare yourself."

I raised my eyebrows. "Why?"

"Mr. Wolfe," she dialed a number.

That wasn't very professional but I wasn't one to complain. The office people back home had a lot more to say about the students. I just expected it to be a tad different here, that maybe the kids were well behaved.

"Hello, Ms. Flood?" She leaned back in the chair. "Yes, please send Alexander Wolfe downstairs, his Mother is coming to pick him up." She paused. "Okay, thank you." She hung up and clicked her tongue.

"Why should I prepare? Is he a troublemaker?"

"Huh?" She blinked. "Oh no… well kinda but mostly everyone loves him."

Before I could question her more the topic was changed. "I love your hair. It's dyed right?"

My hand automatically went over to stroke an ashy blond curl. It was pretty obvious, I originally wanted to shave it off into a tiny fro but my hairdresser wasn't having it.

But I couldn't lie and say I didn't love the attention I've gotten because of it.

"Yeah. I wasn't sure if the color will look good on my complexion but I'm pretty happy with it."

"It turned out very cute."


"Thank you."

Before she could say anything else Auntie walked in alongside the principal and counselor. "Hey, sugar, ready to go?"

"I'm not starting today?"

The principal smirked. "Do you wanna start today?"

"No." I stood up, flashing her a smile. She was an older woman with a strong perfume scent masking the entire room. But it was a nice smell so I didn't mind very much.

"That was quick," the counselor crossed his arms, slightly tilting his head at me. He looked to be around the desk lady's age.

"She's ready to leave," My Aunt chipped in before I could respond.

Just as she said that the door slammed open, earning all our attention. A man stood at the entrance, pausing and looking at each of us.

His eyes were blank, dead even. They were like doll eyes that pierce through the soul. I felt my stomach twinge at his stare and I looked away.

He spoke, landing his eyes on the desk lady. "Is she here yet?"

Damn, he sounded so done with everything. I looked back up at him. He didn't slouch and was well dressed; high brand. He looked like a movie star with a strong jaw and dark tousled hair.

She looked out the window. "Not yet honey."

"You're leaving already Wolfe?" The counselor scratched his head, giving him a crooked smile. "It's the beginning of the day."

"My Mother just decided to pick me up."

I forced myself to rip my gaze from him as another punch in my gut made me wince.

What was I doing staring at him like a generic movie character?

"Okay, let's go sugar." my Aunt turned to the three adults. "Have a nice day,"

They wished the same to both of us as I stood. "Let's bounce," I smiled at the three weakly before walking after my aunt.


My chest pounded as I turned around. "Huh?"

"You were staring so I assumed you wanted to ask."

The beating hardens and I could've sworn they could all hear it. They had to, right? No way they couldn't, it was filling up my head for crying out loud.

Ba dum. Ba dum. Ba dum.

My mouth dried. "Oh… sorry. Uhm, I'm Alison."

"Uh huh," he turned back to the desk lady and frowned.

And just like that, the heartbeat slowed. I quickly gathered myself together and rushed out of the room.

"That was embarrassing," I exhaled before inhaling.

"He could've been rude about it," she elbowed me as we made our way out the building. "I mean you were looking up at him as if he was God."

"You're not serious."

She paused, considering her answer could be the very reason I move back to LA. "You were giving him one of those looks like you were trying to figure him out."

"Okay, so how much is that a plane ticket?"

"Stop being a drama queen," she laughed.

I didn't find this amusing whatsoever.