Something wasn't right, no, that's putting It lightly, nothing was ever right. Mayden looked around her bedroom. Someone wasn't here, a person who was meant to be here, where was he? Where in the hell did he go?

Mayden sat up in her bed, she looked at the empty spot next to her, and stared at it for several seconds. That's not right she thought to herself Wasn't he here last night? Then she remembered, that spot hasn't been filled since graduation, the man that occupied this spot left and he hasn't come back, well not to her, technically he was six feet under ground in Medical Lake Cemetery. Mayden heaved a sigh as she remembered this, and now she didn't want to get up, she didn't even want to be awake. Mayden flopped back down on her bed and turned on her side.

"Alright Ms. Lewis Let's go, up, up" Someone yelled as they burst in Mayden's dorm room.

Mayden groaned at the sound "No" she replied.

"Come on Mayden, it's been a year, you can't stay depressed like this, it's goanna end up being a world record" Her friend replied.

"Good" Mayden replied from her pillow.

"You also have classes to get too"

Mayden groaned once more.

"Come on now, get up"

Mayden sat up and stared at her friend.

"Well hi beautiful, good to see you awake" Rebecca Clark said as she saw her friend's sorry excuse for a face.

"Shut the fuck up Becks" Mayden replied.

Rebecca put her hands up in a surrender fashion and backed out of the room. Mayden got out of her bed and looked at herself in the mirror, her long brown hair fell around her face in every which way, and her blue eyes looked soulless, her lips in a permanent frown. She looked like the definition of a landfill.

Mayden sat at a table, her breakfast of Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs and Milk sat in front of her.

"Jesus Mayden, you look like hell" Someone said.

"Thanks James, love you too" Mayden replied sarcastically, no hint of joy in her voice.

James Ramirez chuckled "I'm just saying Maple"

Maple was the nickname that he gave her, it was after one of his favorite TV show characters, May Maple of the Pokemon Advanced Series, he always said that she was an exact replica of her, if he saw her now that opinion would change dramatically. Mayden glared at James.

"Aye, Aye General" James said as he sat down.

Several other people came to join her.

"Come on Mayden, its been a year" Rebecca said again.

Mayden groaned "I don't need a lecture from you Becks"

"Listen, we all went through some sort a of depression since he died, but its been a year now" Rebecca said "I know you loved him but come on"

Mayden looked up from her breakfast to give Rebecca a hard glare.

"Oh, the Maple glare" Rebecca said jokingly "Anyone in its sights turns and runs"

"You did it this morning Becks" Mayden replied.

"Aye, and that I did" Rebecca replied.

"Then shut up and do it again" Mayden replied once more.

Two people looked up at the two.

"Okay Mayden, calm down" Joshua Balls said, his girlfriend Sofia Garcia nodded.

Mayden huffed and looked back down at her breakfast, not hungry anymore she got up and left.

"Today will be a high of 45 with a low of 20 degrees. Next up, The Cyprus Military College's Wargames team won the European Wargames Championship for the second time in the past year, we go to a pre-recorded interview with Cyprus Military College Minister of Defense James Deen."

Mayden never paid the TV any attention, it was just a distraction from her depressed state, but this caught her eye.

"James, tell us, since you took over as Minister of Defense at the CMC a year ago, you have been able to bring the CMC to two wins, how do you feel?" The TV reporter asked.

James Deen chuckled "Aye Catharine, I feel great about our win today. It was hard fought and deserves to be celebrated"

Mayden looked down at her watch, it was 11:56 am.

"Fuck" Mayden exclaimed.

She grabbed her stuff off the lounge table and started to run out of the Dorm Lounge Center.

"Do you have any message for any school that you may be competing against?"

Mayden stopped in her tracks and started at the TV.

James smirked "Watch out, I'm going to turn you into the Glowing Sea"

A wave of anger and nostalgia came over Mayden, how dare he use his catchphrase. Mayden started to yell at the TV.

"How dare you!" she yelled "how fucking dare you!"

"That was the catchphrase of the late Medical Lake High School Secretary of Defense Sean Michalek correct?"

"Yes, it is, may he rest in peace" James said.

"How fucking dare you say that in front of me!" Mayden screamed, she started to storm toward the TV.

Sofia and Josh came out of the dorm elevators to see Mayden storming towards the TV, they run over to her and start to hold her back.

"Mayden, calm down" Sofia said.

Mayden pushed forward "This motherfucker!"

"Mayden, come on, calm down"

Mayden stopped pushing "That motherfucker" she spat.

"Yes, I know" Josh said "Now come on, we got a meeting to get to"

Mayden pulled off from Sofia and Josh and did a about face and stormed out the center, Josh and Sofia chuckled a little bit before following her out.

Mayden stormed into the Joint Chiefs Meeting room, Sofia and Josh following hopelessly behind her. James and Rebecca looked up at the pissed off Marine Joint Chief.

"What's wrong with her?" Rebecca asked the Secretary of the Marine Joint Chief.

Sofia shrugged at the question "Some guy on the news used Sean's catchphrase"

"Oof" Rebecca replied.

Josh and Sofia sat in their respected places, Sofia behind Mayden and Josh behind James.

The Air Force Joint Chief Jenny Michalek, the sister of the late Sean Michalek came into the room, her Secretary Madeline Willis followed her in. Jenny stared at Mayden and she stared right back at her then she leaned over to the Army Joint Chief and whispered, "What happened to her?"

James shrugged and leaned over to his Secretary "What happened?"

Josh chuckled "She got mad at the TV, some guy said Sean's catchphrase and it pissed her off"

James repeated this to Jenny who laughed then slammed her fist against the meeting desk "Aye" she replied.

Mayden's stare on Jenny softened and she turned to the Navy Joint Chief "Well Chairmen, are we getting started or what?"

Rebecca looked at Mayden and shook her head "Negative General, we have to wait for the Secretaries to get here"

Mayden huffed "Of course we have to wait on those two bumbling fucks" she replied. She wasn't fond of the Eastern Washington University Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense and never has been, they don't do a good job, well as good of a job as Sean did, and they were never tough and most times either Mayden or Jenny had to step in on situations that they got themselves into.

Secretary of Defense David Tomson and Deputy Secretary of Defense Jordan Davis came into the board room several minutes later.

"Ahh, why, don't you look at that" Mayden said, swinging her hands into the air.

"Nice to see you as well Mrs. Michalek" David said to Mayden.

"Ay, listen buddy, Ms. Michalek is over there" She pointed to Jenny "I'm Ms. Lewis"

David shook his head. Mayden turned to Rebecca "Now that the bumbling fucks are here, can we start Ms. Chairman?"

"Aye" Rebecca replied.

The meeting got underway.

"As we all know, the first ever Wargames International Championship is coming up" Rebecca said "And we need our forces at operational capacity"

Jenny raised her hand.

"Yes Jenny?"

"How are we goanna do that? Fairchild won't let us use their airfield for the next two months" The Air Force Joint Chief pointed out.

"What about Felts Field?" Jenny's Secretary asked.

Jenny turned around to her secretary "You can talk?" She joked

The Secretary of the Air Force Joint Chief huffed at the Air Force Joint Chief and turned away from her, Rebecca, Sofia and Jordan laughed while the three men and the only depressed female of the group just looked on.

"I'm kidding Maddy, come on" Madeline looked at Jenny her hurt expression softened a bit.

"That's a good Idea, use Felts Field" Rebecca said.

"Aye, Aye Admiral" Jenny responded.

"As I was saying. In the essence of operational capacity, The Marines, this means you Mayden, must get used to the Idea of Naval Invasions"

"Say that again? Naval Invasions?" Mayden inquired.

"Aye" Rebecca said "The World Championships are going to be held in three places, Seattle for the Qualifiers, Barbados for the Semi-Finals and for the Finals, the entire I-95 Corridor, Washington D.C to New York"

"Holy shit" James stated "That's a big field"

"And that it is James, that's why were going to need used to the idea of Naval Invasions"

"Yeah, but Becks, there's no fucking way we can do that?"

"Ask Portland" Madeline spoke up once more.

"I'm sorry?" Mayden asked with a threatening tone.

"Oi, Mayden, calm down" Jenny said.

"I could ask the Mayor of Portland, he's a friend of my dad's" Madeline clarified.

Mayden's expression softened "I'm sorry Maddy, and thank you, that would be nice" The depressed tone was back.

Rebecca's expression turned to worry whiles Sofia's turned to depression as well, the Joint Chiefs Attitude was mirrored in her Secretary as well as the Secretary's boyfriend.

"On that note, James!" Rebecca yelled


"The Army needs more training with the Mechanized equipment, were going to be using it a lot" Rebecca said

"I already have it happening, the 3rd Mech Training Battalion is working with all Operational Battalions" James replied

"Okay and that's about it, I know what I'm doing, Minister is there anything you would like to say?"

David looked up from his phone "Me? Oh yeah sure" he snapped his fingers and his Deputy Secretary closed the blinds.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the first ever World Championships, and this is important, the winner gets recognition for a lifetime, there own island to train for almost anything as well as be honorary victors at any event, and finally, we would get called into newsrooms around the world for insights on anything War Games. This is important, not only to us, but also the school, the superintendent of EWU wants us to win as it would mean more money for the school and better programs, we are not allowed to let him down"

Rebecca looked at him, Mayden and Jenny rolled their eyes, like they wasn't goanna win, James got out of his chair and walked out, Josh following him.

"I guess I don't need to call it" Rebecca yelled after him. "Augh, forget him, Dismissed."

Mayden, Jenny and the rest walked out of the board room and headed to their first classes.