The Red String

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"5:30?, too early too cold"

I snuggled back to bed and back to the dream world

10 minutes later….

"Honey, get up and take a bath its already 5:40" I woke up [again] this time from my mum's voice.

"I'm up, I'm up" I answered sleepily and walk to the bathroom adjoined from my room and took a bath.

30 minutes later….

"Morning Ma" I greeted my mother while sitting down and getting ready to eat.

"Morning dear, you almost overslept again" Mama said while giving me my breakfast

"Thanks…well it's cold perfect for sleeping in" I answered and started eating my breakfast. After a few minutes I felt my mother's stare at me"

"Ma, is something wrong?"

"Nothing dear I just think that braid suits you that's all"


When the clock showed 6:45, I started to get ready to leave. I kissed my parents good bye; papa just woke up from bed. I arrived to school a few minutes before 7:15, Yes! I'm not late. In our school we start our flag ceremony and Morning Prayer at 7:15 and lasts up to 7:30. After that we have a 15 minute homeroom class for announcements and the like or for last minute copying of assignments or review for quizzes or neither and we just gossip and chat around.

While I was arranging my things for the first class, I saw something red and tried to look at it and discovered a red string tied to my right pinky [finger]. I tugged at it and tried to undo the knot, but nothing happened, I mean I can barely touch or feel the string and the knot, well…actually there's no knot just the string around and hanging from my pinky. I can barely touch it… and it feels nothing. And the weirdest thing about it…there's no end as if in a certain length it disappears.

"Morning friend, whatcha looking at?" my best friend Alexandria or Lexi for short greeted me and seated in the chair in front of me while facing me , that's her official seat for the class.

"Morning Lexi, I'm just looking at this string" I answered while trying to show her the red string tied in my finger. She answered me with what-are-you-talking-about look.

"I mean this string" I held up a portion forming a short red line

"Seriously, what string?" she said while passing a finger in the line, well if it is a normal string she will not be able to pass her finger and she will feel the string, but NO…her finger just passed THROUGH it. Oh my…the weirdness meter is really going up.

"Ahhh…nahh I was just thinking if you'll fall for the trick" I lied trying to give a smile. She just raised an eyebrow at me and said "Whatever, hey did you watch the episode last night…tell me I was not able to, my stupid little brother hogged the television again"

This string is really going to be included in my weirdness list. This list started from my weird spelled name: Mihyehl, as you might have observed my parents love the letter "h" although my older brother escaped it, they probably can't find a name for a guy that can be spelled with too many "h" that does not sound gay. I'm fifteen and my birthday is in February and I'm the ONLY one who has a zodiac sign of Pisces since grade school. I mean come on I have been alive for 14 years and attended school for about 11 years have met and befriended different classmates yet I am the only Pisces in class from my 11 years of schooling.

The second [or should it be third] in the list is my so-called ability. I can see spirits or ghost as others call them. I have been since as far as I remember, since the earliest memory I have involves an imaginary friend that turned out was not imaginary at all. As I grow up, I learned to ignore them, unfortunately strong emotional spirits gives me headache sometimes. My mother made me wear scapular for protection [our religion is Roman Catholic], it is effective for evil spirits but I can still see 'good' spirits as one may call them. Ok, back to the recent problem, what is happening to me…again.

Class started and passed that involves lectures, seat works etc. And finally the favorite time of the day…lunch time arrived. I usually eat with my friends: Lexi, Lovey and Rica, at the cafeteria. We usually talk after or during the meal about anything and everything under the sun, although it mostly involves a variety of things that a teenager likes.

As I was retelling [more like a continuation] to Lexi about the episode we were talking about earlier, my attention was diverted by Lovey; she and Rica were chatting about an anime episode they have recently watched.

"Yeah, It's really funny about the red string in his finger and made him believe they were meant to be" Lovey said

"Lovey, what that does mean?" I asked, The three of them looked at me as if I have grown another head, I'm not really a fan of anime so I might have surprised them.

"What?" she asked

"What does a red string on a pinky finger mean?"

"Oh, that well from all the animes that I have watched so far, I can conclude that according to a legend every person in the world has a red string tied to them they call it the red string of fate, no one can see it nor felt it and usually the end of one's string is tied to your destined person"

"It's a legend originated from eastern countries" Rica added

"Oh, ok"

"Yehl, What's that about?" Lexi asked me using the nickname she gave me.

"Well, just curious, it's just strange for a person to tie a red string or any string on someone's finger, that's all" I lied. Lexi gave me an I-know-your-lying-and I'll-bother you-later look.

We left the cafeteria, took a detour in the rest room to brush our teeth and other after lunch rituals, then left to go back to our classroom and stayed there, until the afternoon bell rang, some of my classmates took a nap, some have their phones in hand probably texting, updating their status, tweeting, or taking a selfie, some are playing a game [the imaginary basketball game which uses a black board eraser as a ball and the top part of the black board as the ring] and most are just chatting around. My friends and I belong to the last group.

Classes resumed but I can't concentrate on the lesson because of the red string and the possibility of meeting my destined one. During one of our free time Lexi cornered me and I explained to her about the red string in my finger. She knows my ability because we have been friends since grade school and will be less likely to be surprised of the weird things that are happening to me. Lovey and Rica, we met and became friends during our first year of high school.

When I got home I researched in the internet and found out that what Lovey and Rica told me is true. These made me think of who is the person at the end of my string and resulted to questions of…when will I meet him? What does he look like? Does he have a pleasing personality? Will I really love him or will he love me back? For the past weeks the string and the mystery person at the end of the string had my attention but I grew tired of it after 3 weeks, so I just let the string do whatever it wants [hanging from my finger]. It does not really make a difference since I can't feel it, can barely touch it and I am the only one who can see it. After months passed I thought that the appearance of the string is the biggest surprise for the year but I was wrong.

Christmas vacation is nearing and my older brother Jake will be coming home from university. Jake called home a week before his arrival to ask permission to invite some of his friends and classmates to our annual beach and barbeque party after Christmas. He also informed us that the entrance, lodgings and part of the food will be contributed by them. Papa agreed since it was the first time Jake will invite his college friends [he's a second year BSBA major in Marketing Management] and he also wants to introduce his girlfriend Lily, another reason is that Jake promised that they will behave themselves and contact numbers of parents or guardians of the invited ones will be given to papa.

So today December 27 early morning we; myself, Lexi [I invited her so that I won't be alone and out of placed with the college people], Jake and papa are waiting in the bus stop for the arrival of Jake's friends. The plan for the day is to fetch Jake's friends, go home with them [we're riding a van], fetch mama and help in preparing the snacks and some of the foods while Jake tour his friends in the house, afterwards everyone will help in packing and loading of things and food in the van and car and travel to the resort [almost an hour and a half travel].

And here comes the surprise that topped the list for the year, I was talking with Lexi when I felt the string tighten in my finger. Key word FELT, for the very first time I felt the string. I was shocked so I looked to the direction of the string then I saw him. I saw a guy giving my brother a one-armed manly hug. I stared and saw the guy that holds the end of my red string.

The first thought that occurred to me is 'he's cute' and the next is Oh My God. As what have I said before he's cute, he's the same height as Jake 5'8 or 5'9, he looks average in weight and has an in-between white and brown complexion. Has a nicely shaped nose, eyes and mouth. I can't tell anything about his hair aside from its brownish black because he's wearing a cap that goes well with his outfit [I can only see a few strands of his hair]. All in all he's above average in looks. He must have felt that I was looking at him so suddenly our eyes met and my heart skipped a beat. He must have asked Jake about us and Jake answered and called for us.

"Edwin, this is my little sister Mihyehl and her best friend Alexandria or Lexi for short, and you two this is Edwin, the girls over there are my Lily and her friends Iris and Rose…we call them [more like tease them] the Flower Trio, the guy with them is Allen, the two guys with papa are the twins B1 and B2..ahh no I mean Andre and Andrew [Drey and Drew]" Jake said introducing all his friends in a very Jake way.

"Ah…n-nice to meet you" I said after Lexi elbowed me, cause I'm still staring at Edwin.

"Nice to meet you too" he said with a smile and we shake hands, he shake hands with Lexi too.

"So, lets go…Pa we're complete" Jake said and called papa's attention.

"Ok..lead them to the van, I'm just going to buy something…Mihyehl, Lexi you coming?"

"Ok" Jake and I said in unison.

When Lexi was certain that papa can't hear us, she asked why I'm so star struck with Edwin.

"I'm not its just that…ahmm"

"Cause he's cute?"

"No..I mean Yes he's cute but…ahmm well he has the end of the red string" I said in a whisper nervously.

"wait..what? He is the guy who hold the end of your string?...Kya..then your meant to be" Lexi said sounding VERY excited. You can already see in her face that she's imagining scenes out of a romance novel.

"we don't know if it's true and if that's the real meaning" I said breaking her from her overly romantic and too unrealistic most of the times imaginations.


"forget about it..lets just enjoy the beach later" I said and gave her a pleading look that says 'please drop it'

"oookkk, if you say so" she answered, a pout clearly on her face.

Its awkward….really awkward and I think I'm the only one who feels it. I don't really know what to feel. Is he really the one for me? But I barely know him, well I can get to know him..but.. argg. These thoughts have been running in my head from the trip to home until the trip to the beach well Lexi distracts me from time to time.

The beach outing is really fun, awkward at first because of Jake's friends but in the end we got comfortable with each other. The twins were really funny they love to joke and prank people especially Jake. As for the girls, Lily, Iris and Rose as of now are my favorite girls aside from Lexi, Lovey and Rica. Because we are all girls I get to hang out with them and tell embarrassing stories of Jake, talk about boys in general, difference between high school and college life and many more. But among them my favorite of all is Edwin, he's funny and sweet a gentleman and not at the same time. He talks with everyone as if they have known each other from a very long time even to me and Lexi and to Ma and Pa. He sounds and looks perfect.

During our alone time as what Lexi calls it, she always teases me that I'm falling for Edwin and that it is fate because of the red string so on and so on. And I think I'm really falling for him. Is it possible to fall for someone you met and know in just three days? Am I really falling for him because it's Edwin or because of the notion that he could possibly be my destined one?

Of course in every happy moment a not so good thing happens, for me anyway. We were hanging out in the cottage eating barbeque, while the twins bury Jake in the sand with the help of Lily; Allen is flirting with other girls in the beach and Iris glaring daggers at him and the girls he's flirting with while Rose is braiding Lexi's hair.

Ring ring ring (A/N:lets pretend there's a ringtone :P).One of the phones in the table in front of us rings [most of us leaves our phone in the table in the cottage to be safe since it is always in sight].

"Edwin!, Catherine's calling" Rose called after she saw whose phone is ringing and whose calling.

"Ah, wait" Edwin said, he was sitting near the twins burying Jake. He stood up and answered the call.

"Ah, hey Cath… yah where in the beach, how are you?" he said through the phone while walking away from us to speak privately.

"Who's Catherine?" Lexi asked curiously to Rose.

"Edwin's girlfriend" Rose answered

When I heard that, I felt my heart broke. Edwin just received a call from his girlfriend. He has a girlfriend. Rose told us that Catherine was Edwin's girlfriend since high school they were also childhood friends and live in the same subdivision, their parents were close friends. She also attends the same university as them but in a different course. Rose also said that Catherine was also invited for the beach outing but opt to join her classmates in their own trip to Tagaytay.

Edwin looks happy talking to her. I don't know what to feel I mean I don't have the right to be hurt or angry, but it hurts…it really hurts because maybe I am really falling for him, even though I think it's not possible to fall for someone you just met. We live in reality not movies. Even though I'm heartbroken, I still acted the same..sort of, only Lexi can see that I'm not ok..probably mama too. I console myself that at least I had a good time with Edwin for our last night in the beach..a bonfire party.

"I really had a good time" Edwin told me, when we where seating near the fire, roasting marshmallows.

" too"

"Hope we have another one next year…its more fun with you..and of course Lexi too"

I just smiled at him. I don't know what to feel when he said that but I'm happy really happy yet it hurts at the same time. I don't know what to make of that statement; I don't want to be categorized as one of the girls who makes meaning in every sweet thing a guy said or does. But falling for him in a three day outing means I am probably already one of those girls. But I am a teenager girl who has never experienced a romantic relationship. Well that's my defense, and why am I even having an internal debate with my inner mind that sounds like Lexi?

We left the beach early morning after the last swim watching the sunrise. After the swim we showered and dressed. We packed all the things we brought and prepared ourselves to leave. We first returned home, cooked and ate lunch, and accompanied the college peeps to the bus station. We said our goodbyes, with hugs and kisses from the girls.

The outing ended but the only thing I can think of is Edwin. Lexi called me a love sick puppy..well she is probably right. My thoughts revolve around the possibility that even if he has a girlfriend, we will still end up with each other because of the red string. But who am I kidding I don't even know what the red string really means, I'm just deluding myself. Sometimes it sucks to be a young girl and a teenager, we're prone to daydream and are impressionable that sometimes leads to falling for someone easily. But it might probably just me and my weirdness.

One day, Ma talked to me in one of our bonding moments.

"you know I never thought that you'd experience the same thing" she told me

"hmmm?" I said confused.

"the red string"

My heart skipped a beat and my head snapped at her when she said that, when I was going to reply, she continued.

"when I had seen mine, I was already working in my first job and have a loving boyfriend"

"was it papa?, your boyfriend I mean"

"hmm, no, when I saw the string I also researched it, but I love my boyfriend at that time, I never believed it. I told myself, I will not let a silly string control me. But I think the string show itself when we are nearing the time we will meet our destined one. I met your papa accidentally on a seminar, we bumped each other literally. Of course as a gentleman he apologized. At that time I saw my string connected to his."

"Did you instantly fall in love, and broke up with your boyfriend?"

"Actually no, we never met again that day or for another 3 years, and my boyfriend that time was still my boyfriend when I met your father for the second time around"

"But you already know he's the one"

"Yes, but I refuse to believe it. Your father that time was not my type of guy, he's too timid and says the wrong thing at the wrong time. My thoughts that time is that how can I fall for someone that is not compatible with me."

"Then what's your love story?"

"haha, its complicated in a way, we became temporary co-workers. I was able to get to know him. We started as friends and I always make it habit to never ever think that we are soulmates, we are just co-workers. Although it changed when I found out that my boyfriend of three and a half years cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend. Your father was one of the people who comforted me"

"Then you fell in love with him?"

"Not for another year"


"Well I want to fall for someone because it's them not because we are destined to be. For me soul mates are there to ensure you'll have someone you'll spend your life with and love as you grow old. It does not necessary mean that when you meet you'll have to fall and be in love as soon as possible, sometimes circumstances and different situations will prevent that. If you think you're already in love with your soul mate then let it be, if you think he's happy with he's girlfriend let it go, but don't close yourself, Mihyehl you're still young you'll experience more in life, you might fall for other boys and experience different kinds of relationship or wait for your soul mate to love you. Remember dear, experiences teach us different lessons and sometimes it changes us to be a better person. Everyone changes every time. You'll have your experiences and he'll have his own experiences and time comes you'll meet halfway."

"That's confusing and enlightening at the same time…Ma when did you knew about my string?"

"I only saw it briefly and only twice, one was sometime before vacation and the second was during the bonfire in the beach, you and Edwin were talking at that time"

"oh..thanks ma" I said while I hugged her

"no problem, mothers knows best anyways"

"By the way Ma, can you still your and papa's string?"

"Nope, it disappeared when we got married"

His side of story

The red string of fate, to be able to see it is a gift, an assurance; generally for girls it's romantic, for boys it's a nuisance and for me it's a curse.

It is a curse, especially for a child born from those whose strings are not connected with each other. Whoever first said that fate is a b*tch, I couldn't agree more.

I was not an ordinary child, even now as a young adult. To be able to see things that normal people cannot mostly leads to be treated as weird. As a young adult, people describe me as someone that is perfect, good looking, and smart, polite and with sense of humor. But I consider that as a bias opinion they only saw the good side of me, most people do, it's a human nature I guess. But for me, I am a very bitter person, always to agree never given a choice. Do you want to know my story?

I have a mother and a father; we were a low middle class family. Children at that time always have these delusions that they have a perfect family, I did as a child, but that was shattered very early. When I gained the ability to see the red string I don't even remember since when, I asked questions. My parents only look at me like I'm an idiot and asked me to quit joking they are busy. I learned very early that having 'supernatural' abilities is hazardous to one's self. Being bullied yet you can't tell the adults ['cause mostly they don't care, especially if the bully is a child of a high class family] is not good for one's self, so I learned to cope. I kept my ability a secret and learned to blend with the surroundings and go with the flow. But as a child I was curious, so I researched my ability, from animes, stories to those books that seem to be heavier than me. It opened my eyes and wonder why my parents' red string is not connected.

After a few years I learned why. My father was laid off from his job of 15 years, and he never got over it. He was always envious of my mother whose job is more high profile, higher salary than his former job, better in handling money, better than everything he does. It was not acceptable for him. Voices were raised, sounds of hitting were heard, and I never understood it…too busy being a child only thinking of selfish things that involved playing outside. My mother became a battered wife. She was good at hiding it. I didn't even know and never understood the extent of it, until I saw it firsthand.

I was walking home with Catherine. We planned to play in the playground in our subdivision, and I want to ask my parents' permission. It was a rule in our home; that I never leave the house or go somewhere without their permission. When we arrived I told Catherine that she can come inside. As I near the door I heard voices so I opened the door. I saw father arms raised ready to strike and mother was…she was sitting on the floor crying while clutching her stomach, sitting on blood. I was shocked and I heard Catherine screamed. Fortunately that time there where people close by that heard her and helped. I don't remember much about what happened due to trauma, but I was told I lost a little brother or sister at that time. Father was imprisoned and I was almost taken by the social welfare if not for Auntie Mel, Catherine's mother. She took care of me while taking care of Catherine; she was hospitalized too due to trauma.

After that we have always been in Catherine's family's debt. Auntie Mel and Uncle Rod helped us contact my mother's estranged family. It turned out my parents eloped and Auntie Mel was my mother's only connection from her family. She's her friend since childhood. A family was broken and another reunited. Mother and I struggled to go back to our feet, and I was put under pressure. I tried t go back to that little cheerful boy with no care for the world but sometimes one should just accept the fact that certain things will never go back to how it used to be. Grandfather was a very strict man and I have to be perfect to always follow what they say, I think they were stricter than normal for me, to atone for my parents as disappointments.

Mother remarried to a person that holds the end of her string. Even if I was never asked if I like him, I knew he will make her happy. My step father is a good man, he healed my mother. He treated me like his own son, although it lessened when my half-siblings were born. People changed in my life, mother changed the way she treat me, she favors her other children more[ even if she denies it], probably because as I grow up I look more like my father and remind her of unpleasant things in the past. But she looks happy now and I learned to cope, I can't let myself be the reason for her smiles to disappear. I had to be the perfect grandson and son.

Catherine and I became the best of friends until junior year of high school arrived she told me that she likes me as in like me. I was shocked by the confession and she knows it, that's why she told me to not give her a reply that time and think about it. I asked for advice from my mother; she was happy and said "finally".

"Mum, I don't love her"

"But you makes her happy, love can be learned, we owe her that much"

From best of friends, Catherine and I became a couple. Another decision robbed from me. Both of our families were happy and already planning for the time when we get married and engagement on the way if were still together after graduating college. I tried to learn to love her, don't get me wrong I like Catherine but it never evolves on a feeling that is beyond sisterly love. It also adds that she does not hold the end of my red string. It makes me wonder if I'll end up the same as my father. I tried to build up the courage to break things up, but whenever I try I always remember the traumatic Catherine from our childhood and my mother's disappointed look. Mother was right I owe her that much. The only thing I can hope is when Catherine falls out of love on me.

"Hey" I greeted. Today's a weekend and Catherine asked me to meet her in a nearby café. I have already ordered her favorites and mine.

Catherine took a sit in front of me and looked me in the eyes and said seriously "Let's break up"

I looked at her and smiled "Nice greeting"

"No, I'm serious, Ed I know you never loved me in a way as most boyfriends do"

"What brought this on?"

"I was cheating on you and you never noticed" she answered wryly.


"See, I loved you, you know, but I think I fell in love more in the idea of falling in love with my best friend, I was young, impressionable, well you were always the most handsome guy and you know..but I think I fall out of love and fell for another"

" I can never understand a woman's logic"

"So, we're good"

"Yah, I'm sorry"

"I should be the one that is apologizing; I'm the one who initiated the break up" she told me eyebrow raised. "You're still paying for this food"

I smiled, Catherine will always be Catherine, "So, care to tell the story"

And she told me, how the guy- "he's names Daniel" is a classmate of hers an irregular student and when the first time they talked and their eyes met, sparks flew – her words not mine. We talked and talked [ although mostly its Catherine that's talking] and I feel relieved in a sense. She even asked me and teased me about Jake's little sister. Apparently Rose [ they're friends since high school] told her about how I was smitten with Mihyehl at the beach outing.

"So you like her?" she asked me wiggling her eyebrows

"She's young you know" -but she hold the end of my string

"pshh, age doesn't matter it's like 4 years or 3 it the perfect age gap sort of, and I think that girl likes you, I mean whoever will not like you anyways, I still remember high school times how girls were glaring at me for being your best friend turned 'girlfriend'"

"They did?"

"You know sometimes I wonder if you're right in the head"

"Hey, that's below the belt"

We told our families. It's kind of funny when they immediately think that as the man in the relationship it was my fault and I cheated blah blah blah, until Catherine put her foot down and said she was actually the one who cheated on me. They were disappointed but happy that we still remained friends.

Catherine actually introduced Daniel to me, awkward I know, who introduces her ex and current boyfriend to each other in a friendly setting, but Cath's been that way always. When I saw them together I realized why Catherine looks really happy, she found the guy whose string is connected with hers. She's really lucky. Looking at them made me wonder if Mihyehl and I will look the same as them.

Timeskip 1 year

Friday and the fast foods are really packed today. Drey and Drew left earlier so I'm forever alone eating in a packed fast food chain, then I saw her. She look like she's having a trouble looking for a seat while balancing her tray amidst of the bodies of the people trying to find their seats or trying to fall in line and order.

"Mihyehl!" I called her and waved indicating she can seat with me. She looks surprised but she smiled.

"Hey, thanks" she said as she sits on the chair in front of me and sets her food down.

"What brings you in this area, well except for eating" I asked staring a conversation.

"Oh, Lexi and I inquired for a university we both will be attending, she left earlier for some errands her mother asked for her, how about you?"

"Day out with the boys, the twins left earlier too" I told her as she was reaching for a packet of ketchup, when she accidentally bump her glass of cola. Out of instinct I tried to stop the glass from spilling the drink and she did too [we were lucky to have caught it before its spills the drink] our hands touched, our hands that both held our string. She stiffened and eyes wide "Strings" she said

"Strings?" I said confused until I realized she meant the red strings. "You can see them?"

She looked at me and said " yes although only when I touched you, I can see others' strings"


"You can see them too?"

"Yes since childhood"

"That's wonderful, to see them they say it's a gift"

"For me it's a curse"

She looked at me startled but trying to ask why I thought and believe it's a curse. So in explanation I hold her hand, our strings touching with each other.

"You see that guy, arms on his girlfriend follow the string and see that his string is connected with a high school girl behind them."She nodded and I continued "The girlfriend on the other hand her destined one is that man with his wife and kid.

I call it a curse because it is hard seeing people happily with another yet you know they will never attain their utmost happiness with the person they are with currently. It's worse for those who are already married and worst for those children born from parents whose strings are not connected"

She just looked at me question in the eyes. I smiled bitterly and said "I am one of them, a child of parents with unconnected strings. Makes me wonder why fate ever let children like us be born "

She squeezed my hand and said "Because you have the right to be born and because the person destined for you needed you to be born for both of you to be happy. Plans are made for each and every one of us we will meet our destined one in the end it's just time and experiences that differs from each other"

I smiled at her and running her words in my head, I realized she's right in a sense. I just have to hope that fate has something good for me in the end. "You do realize you're talking about us too, red string attached to each other I mean, should we be together now, even if we really don't know each other that well and try to be happy"

She smiled at me and said " If two people are meant for each other, it doesn't mean they have to be together right now..but eventually they will. It might take day. It might take a year, but what's meant to be will always find its way. We don't need to rush anything, when the time is right it will happen."

When I think about it she's right again. And I realized she has changed from that little innocent girl to this insightful girl or probably she was always insightful but I was not able to know. I can change that, because I finally had the chance to know her.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break

- A Chinese Proverb


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