They say she's a bitch.

They say she's malicious.

They say her soul is as cold as ice.

They say her glare is as sharp as a dagger.

Many say she's no stranger to nursing grudges.

A bittersweet vixen is what she is.

Who exactly is this alluring beauty?

Is she a heavenly angel or is she a hellish devil?

Not many know the real her.

Her smile might be a ray of sunshine.

But her eyes are icy cold.

More cold than snow.

Many people are very kind to her.

In return,she shows you the exact same kindness you've shown to her.

She remembers everything.

From your characteristics.

To your intentions.

Your first impression.

But most importantly,how you've treated her.

Not all people show compassion to this aesthetic lady.

Once you do wrong,she'll never forget it.

A grudge takes root within her tormented mind.

And within her wilted heart.

Her grin goes from prepossessing.

To a sharp toothed snare.

She went from a buoyant beauty.

To a disdainful dame with retribution as her one and only ally.

Bent on bloodshed for the sinful deed.

You've done to her in the past.

No use in running away now.

As you know you've done wrong.

You shouldn't have done it.

Look where it got you.

About to lose your life.

Thanks to the mistake you've made.

She sneaks up on you.

She senses you're scared.

As she bares her white fangs,

She sinks them into the skin of your neck.

Making you wince in agony.

Cry out in despair.

And cringe in regret.

As you remember your shameful sin.

With that,crimson red blood stains her teeth.

Satisfied with the revenge she fed off you.

As it drips down her mouth.

Just heed this warning.

You reap what you sow.

What you do to others.

Will come back to bite you.

As Karma sinks her sharp,vampiric teeth right into your skin.

Author note:A previous poem titled "A Woman Scorned" gave me an idea to write a poem about karma personified as a female vampire due to the poem's very last line at the end. Writing this gave me the shivers. With that,that is my poem. Stay tuned for more future content.