1059, the Bells of the Ataraxia, the Capital of the Imperium had rung.

Emperor Gaius Cornelius Aurelius is now dead, leaving no heir to the Throne. And internal strife began to seep into the Imperium of Baltore, with the most powerful nobles siding with the wielders of Regalia. Six powerful weapons who once belonged to the First children of the Saint-King of the Imperium, making them the legitimate heir to the throne of Imperium.

Thus begins a Tale of Six heirs, with various motivations and goals as the Imperium of Baltore slowly plunges itself into an all-out Civil War.

The House Leonis of Actus.

The House Lupus of Sidus.

The House Cervum of The Reach.

The House Noctua of Haven.

The House Aquila of Hearth.

The House Corvus of the Divide.

Once these six houses where descendants to the First Saint-King of the Imperium, but as the years went on their ancestral line is lost with only the Regalia. Six Legendary Weapons wielded by the first heads of each House serves as the elector of Head. And whoever is chosen by these weapons are the Head of that house and to an Extent, heir to the throne.

And these new heads are all young and ambitious in their own way, but the move had been made and the War slowly begins.

There was a deafening silence within the Great Halls of the Castle Ataraxia, at the center of the hall lies the body of the deceased Emperor Gaius Cornelius Aurelius, surrounded by everyone to see.

And within that crowd lies the 64-year-old Marcus Altum Polus, the current Prime minister. Glanced around the people who lined up to see the body of the last Emperor, people throughout the land had left to find the Emperor who had died of Old age.

Someone must ascend the Throne soon or there shall be chaos. Marcus thought worriedly. But in the corner of his eye, he saw a handsome young man with pale blond hair slicked back and grey eyes, clad in a [Leonian Black and Gold] Military Uniform and stitched at the back is the [Blazing Lion of Leonis]. He is the 20-year-old [Henri Antonius Leonis], wielder of the Regalia [Eitri, Mace of the Lion], thus making him the head of [House Leonis] granting him a chance to ascend the throne.

Hmm… Hardworking, talented, and goes by his Honour. Marcus analyzed the young lion. But the reputation of his Paladins for being merciless towards his foes grants him a poor view of the people, he'll likely suffer from a coup.

As soon as he left another one arrived, he was also a handsome, tanned young man with messy light brown hair and dark red eyes, his Military Uniform was [Lupan White and Blue] and at the back is the [Arctic Wolf of Lupus]. He is the 20-year-old [Rickard Fabius Lupus], wielder of the Regalia [Glitnir, Axe of the Wolf], thus making him the head of [House Lupus], granting him a chance to ascend the throne.

Brash yet passionate, where he lacks in wisdom he makes up with courage. Marcus thought as he gazed at the young wolf. He may be an excellent General with him and his troops, but in politics, he might commit a fatal mistake if he does not make the right choices.

The young man left and was followed by a pair of twins, a girl, and a boy, both of which has silver hair and gold eyes. The Girl wore a [Noctuan Purple] Military Uniform, while the Boy, on the other hand, wore an [Aquilan Gold] Military Uniform. The Girl has the [Dark Owl of Haven] stitched on an armband pinned to her right sleeve while the Boy has the [Bright Eagle of Hearth] stitched on an armband on his left sleeve. The Twins are the 14-year-old heirs of both the [House Noctua] and [House Aquila] but as soon as they reach the age of adulthood which is 16 they will now be the heads of those houses, [Luna Livia Noctua], wielder of the Regalia [Hrímfaxi, Blade of Dusk] and [Solace Livia Aquila] wielder of the Regalia [Skinfaxi, Sabre of Dawn] respectively, thus making the twins potential heirs to the throne.

What? These two are leaders of two separate Houses? This could complicate things in the future, but why were they chosen by Hrímfaxi and Skinfaxi if they are blood-related. Not to mention they are both two years below the legal age of adulthood. Marcus furrowed his brows in deep thought fearing this could potentially tear a family apart, but he then turned his gaze to the Girl and then to the Boy.

Luna appears to be Stoic and calculating, she may be able to create choice as she learns more but they'll be alienated from her lack of emotion. But Solace, however, is passionate but brash, he follows more on his emotions than logic, which could be dangerous if he makes the wrong decisions or beneficial if he puts his passion in leading. He continued as they passed by.

As soon as they leave a Beautiful and voluptuous young lady with silky dark brown, almost black hair but what is most captivating if her light green eyes, she wore a [Cervan Silver and Green] Military Uniform with the [Noble Stag of Cervum] stitched to the left shoulder of her Uniform. She is the 19-year-old [Claudia Equitius Cervum], wielder of the Regalia [Ivaldi, Lance of the Stag], thus making her the head of [House Cervum], thus granting her a chance to ascend the throne.

She is skilled on mounted combat, secrecy, and manipulation or at least towards anyone who is against her. But despite this she is a kind and compassionate, almost motherly, she can make as many friends and many foes due to her methods. Marcus thought.

Now that the five possible heirs to the throne have left the rest of the guests of the Funeral have arrived. Forming a large line each paying their respects to the fallen Emperor.

"A grim sight don't you think?" A stern old man with White hair and dark brown eyes and wore a Dark Blue Military Uniform, he was Maximus Quintus. The Warden-Commander of the Divide and a long-time friend of both the Emperor and Marcus.

"I never thought I would outlive him," Maximus replied grimly. "Without an heir nonetheless."

Marcus nodded quietly. Ever since the [Sword of Imperium] had been lost over the years, turning the succession system of the Imperium into a hereditary and with the current emperor dead then many turn their sights on the young heads of the [Wielders of the Regalia] young men and women who were chosen by the [Regalia], Six Legendary Royal Arms forged by the Saint-King and was given to his children to wield them.

These weapons though highly powerful housing the spirit and powers of their original wielders, they all carry a uniform appearance, they take on the form of an Elegant weapon bearing the color of Platinum with Onyx accents with the only thing to differentiate them is the Animal Motif each weapon has that corresponds to their house.

These Regalias are known to be very sacred for the people of the Imperium as they once belonged to the sons and daughters of the Saint-King of the Imperium, who would later found major regions in the Imperium.

Knowing that the Regalia are still present, many are led to believe that its wielders are the potential heirs of the throne as they are chosen by the Regalia not the other way around.

"Well then I should get going, are you done, boy?" Maximus asked turning to a 17-year-old young man beside him, he has messy dark brown, almost black, hair and dark blue eyes. He too wore the Dark Blue Military Uniform of the Wardens, but he was that of a Warden-Commissar.

"Yes, sir." He replied calmly without gazing at the Warden-Commander.

"Who's this?" Marcus replied.

"This is Severus Quintus, my protégé," Maximus replied, Marcus then stared at Severus, oddly though there is a strange air around him.

Strange, there's something off about him… Marcus thought then quickly glancing at the Wielders of the Regalia, sensing the same air as he can sense around Severus.

"Is there something wrong sir?" Severus asked politely.

"Oh sorry, it's nothing carry on."

Severus nodded as the two walked away.

That boy, he is capable of things, I wonder if he knows.

[The year 1061, the border between Haven and Hearth.]

On the lush green valleys of the border of Haven and Hearth, two massive armies and two smaller contingents halted, on one side were the [Lion's Pride of Arctus] known for their heavy and intricate Onyx and Gold Armor with a Lion Motif with powerful Horses or Arctian Lions, a large black lion with a golden mane as their mounts at the very front mounted on an Arctian Lion is the young and fierce Henri Antonius Leonis, the wielder of Eitri.

A Two-handed Mace with an Arctian Lion Motif as well as capable of Fire Magic in combat. It belonged to a Stoic yet Loving Son who despite the people's low view of him for his Actions, worked hard for their sake like a blazing fire.

While on the other side are the [Wolfpack of Sidus] known for their elegant yet light, Silver and Lavender Armor with a Wolf Motif accompanied with powerful and cunning Sidunian Wolves, large white wolves with horns the color lavender across their bodies, at the very front is their brave and young leader, Rickard Fabius Lupus, the wielder of Glitnir.

A Long double sided Halberd with a Wolf motif as well as being capable of using Ice Magic in combat. It belonged to a Brash yet Passionate Son who valued his people than his life and was cold and uncaring towards anyone who would harm them.

And at the center between those two armies was the small detachment of the [Crusaders of Dusk], skilled knights with intricate Purple Armor with an Owl Motif, and at the very head of the contingent is the stoic and calculating Luna Livia Noctua, wielder of Hrímfaxi.

A Falchion carrying a Lunar and Owl motifs as well as being capable of housing the power of the Moon. It once belonged to a Calm and Serene Daughter who worked hard in the shadows to protect and care for her people.

Along with the Crusaders are the [Templars of Dawn], skilled knights with elegant Golden Armor with an Eagle Motif, led by the passionate and emotional Solace Livia Aquila, wielder of Skinfaxi.

A Sabre carrying a Solar and Eagle motifs capable of housing the power of the Sun. It once belonged to a Caring Son who loved his people dearly but is ruthless towards his foes.

"Prince Henri and Prince Rickard please stand down!" Luna shouted as she rode along the countryside preventing any Soldier from both sides from engaging, she knew full well that these are not any foot soldiers under the banner of the lords, they were the Elite Fighting force of each faction. And in truth, one detachment is capable of wiping out a keep within a day if ordered to.

"You are both entering the territories of both the House of Noctua and Aquila! If you push further then you have waged war on those houses!" She shouted.

Immediately the Young Prince of the Lupus shouted back sprinting towards the Young Princess of Noctua. "Have you not heard? Your brother Solace has formed an alliance with Lupus, you will either join us or not at all after all House Livia was once a supporter of Lupus."

"That's a lie!" She denied getting uneasy as she dismounted as the two armies began to halt. "My brother will never betray me to join you."

"I'm afraid he is correct Sister." Said a voice behind them, she then turned to find Solace who is now looming over her with Skinfaxi seemingly glowing pure white as if ready to smite down his foe. "Please for mother's sake, join us."

"Don't do this Solace…" Luna pleaded calmly, this Civil war was already bad enough and yet if this is pushed further then she may be forced to fight her only family.

"You are either with us or against us that is simple enough yes?" He asked, despite his cold and ruthless façade in the field she can see it clearly that he is trying his best to convince her as his hand that wielded Skinfaxi shaking nervously.

"No, not like this Solace, there has to be an alternative."

"I'm afraid these are your only choices."

Luna paused, with both armies calmly await her next move. Joining him would result in abandoning Haven, she knows fully well that House Lupus intends to use her Family as a puppet and nothing more. Not to mention he is also the Family responsible for the death of their father, after siding against them in a political incident.

On the other hand, if she goes against him she can turn to House Leonis, a family that aided House Noctua during times of crisis. They unlike Lupus who are brash and may tend to do reckless acts can be trusted if swore on an oath.

After a while, she had made her choice.

"Forgive me Solace, I work for the sake of House Noctua, not for House Livia."

"I understand," Solace said, as he gripped Skinfaxi tightly and raised it high. "Then can you forgive me for this act."

He then performed a high slash causing a blast of light sending Luna back, meanwhile, the Hearthians nearby saw this as a sign of her declining his offer and proceed to attack the Havennites.

Luna then raised Hrímfaxi high and announced in a loud voice.

"I, Princess Luna Livia Noctua, Grand Crusader of the Crusaders of Dusk, Protector of Haven, and the 5th heir to the Throne of Imperium, hereby align myself to Henri Antonius Leonis, High Paladin of Lion's Pride, Defender of Actus and the 1st heir to the Throne of Imperium."

"Accepted!" Henri who was nearby heard it, mounted his Lion and rode along with his Paladins to her aid. Meanwhile, Rickard saw it as well and rode to aid Solace as well.

And thus resulted in a massive battle between the alliance of Leonis and Noctua against Leonis and Aquila. There was no grand strategy, simply a massive battle broken down into a thousand individual battles.

I sat nearby in the corridor leading to Warden-Commander Quintus' room, it had been silent. Earlier that morning Maximus Quintus, my mentor, no my surrogate father. Had been feeling weak, and called for Septimus Libertus, the First Warden-Commissar, and Titus Cor, the Head Magister of the Wardens of the Divide to discuss some matters.

"Sev." Septimus approached me and sat next to me, he was a grizzled old man like Maximus, except he was bald save for a growing beard his most prominent features were the scars across his face. And yet despite his appearance, he is a kind man and at times I see him as my surrogate uncle.

"He wants to see you," he said placing a hand on my shoulder.

"I, I understand," I replied getting up and proceeded to walk towards his room, I swore that I would prepare myself for this day. I had seen many of my friends and loved ones die that is the cost of being a Warden after all.

To bring law where there is none. I recalled those words from Maximus as he tells me the oath a Warden must uphold. I then stood in front of the door I then grasped the door only to find my Right hand shaking.

"Let me open it for you, Severus," Septimus said, I know fully well that he is serious when he refers to me by my first name.

"Thank you," I said as I grabbed my right hand to prevent it from shaking.

"Its fine, it takes time to recover especially given your age."

I quietly nodded and entered the quiet room, within that room was a bed was Maximus lay while surrounded by all of the senior staff, I was also a senior staff member but they had me out of the discussion today.

"Max," I said as I quickly rant o his side and grasped his hand. "I'm here if you need anything I'll get it done."

Maximus shook his head. "That won't be necessary…on the contrary…I want to talk to you…about something…"

He glanced up at Septimus to which he nodded and turned to the rest of the Senior Staff. "Please leave us."

And so the rest of the Senior Staff left, some of which send glares at me. Many do not favor my promotion as Second Warden-Commissar, a position considered as second in command in the Wardens, at the age of 19 where many at the time are still standard Wardens at that age.

The ones that stayed are Septimus and Titus, Titus is a stout man in his mid-forties, with a tousled black hair tied in a short ponytail and grey eyes, and similar to Septimus he too is taken care of me like akin to an uncle towards his nephew.

"Tell me…do you remember…our first meeting?" Maximus asked weakly, I then gave it a gentle squeeze and replied.

"Yes, I and a few other children were to be sold off to slavery off north," I answered. "Then you and the rest of the Wardens raided the Caravan and rescued all of us."

"That's right…when I first saw you…you had this strange air around you…and then I discovered that…you had potential…to lead the Wardens."

"What?" I asked, I understood what he meant but I needed to clarify it. He didn't plan on appointing me as—

"Which is why…I must…" He replied as he struggled to stand, causing the rest of us to quickly aid him.

"No! Let me do this." He raised his tone as he stood up and faced me. "Take a knee, Severus Quintus."

I did as he was told and bent the knee in front of him.

"Severus Quintus, do you wish to uphold the Duties and Responsibilities of a Warden-Commander?"

I blinked, so he does intend to promote me as his Successor over one of the largest Regions in the Imperium.

"Do you wish to uphold the Duties and Responsibilities of a Warden-Commander?" He asked again.

"I do," I answered avoiding his gaze, I don't want to disappoint him especially now.

"Will you defend the helpless and bring law where there is none?"

"I do."

"Will you protect this land from any foreign invaders until your dying breath?"

"I do."

"Then Recite the Oath of the Wardens."

I took a deep breath and Spoke.

Protect the helpless.

To bring law where there is none.

That is the Duty of a Warden.

To fulfill that Duty no matter the cost.

Maximus then nodded and looked up to me and slapped me with the back of his hand.

"Then rise Severus Quintus, the 50th Warden-Commander of the Divide."

And with that he slowly lay back into his bead, I then hastily went near him and grasped his hand and gave it a squeeze.

"I'm here Max, I'm right here," I said worriedly.

"It's fine Sev." He reassured me with a pat on the head. "I had lived a long and full life…I can finally rest easy knowing that I had raised a fine young man such as you…It is a shame I cannot witness your achievements…"

I remained quiet as I gripped his hand.

"I have a favor to ask of you…"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Will you address me as your father…I had raised you as a Warden that I forgot that I am also your Father…"

"I understand…father…" I said as tears slowly began to pour out, during my early years he took me in as his protégé, but he hardly treated me as his son despite adopting me as his own.

"Forgive me, for not being able to raise you properly as a son." He spoke as his voice began to grow weaker and turned towards the others. "Listen well…He is now your leader, serve him well understand…"

"Yes, Sir." The both Septimus and Titus replied wholeheartedly.

"Good…and Sev?" He said faintly as he slowly closed his eyes.

"Yes, sir?"

"I'll be going on ahead…I'll greet Vio on the way…"

"I'd like that…Thank you…Father…" I smiled despite the tears streaming down on my face.

And with that Maximus Quintus closed his eyes and peacefully died.