A special shout-out to everyone of the LGBT+ community in honour of Pride Month 2018! I know that a lot of stories revolving around this theme are probably pouring out by the thousands across the internet, but regardless, I'd like to add my only little cheer of support through this story.

Personally, I myself do not make up part of the LGBT+ community, however I am an avid supporter and can't stand any discrimination in any way, shape, sense, or form, and am glad to know that there is an entire month dedicated to supporting it. Love is love, and although this is a lesson you'd think humanity would have learned by now, it clearly hasn't. It's events like this though, a celebration of the societal minorities and rebelling against narrow-minded, traditionalist conformity that makes me have a hope that we're at least headed in the right direction in this sense.

As such, I dedicate my story to everyone of the LGBT+ community, as well as all supporters. And while I may not finish this story in this specific month of June 2018, I do hope to be able to see this story through to the end.

Be advised that there will be many emotions circulating around the two main characters I have in mind, and that it won't all be LGBT-related. In order to make a story realistic, I think that there's more than one aspect that the story has to focus on, and as such, get ready for abuse and angst on many sides, but rest assured that I intend for this story to have a happy ending.

Also, this story will be featuring references to a lot of old rock. This is a personal choice, because I myself happen to listen to old rock almost obsessively, as it's the only music I can really seem to get into nowadays. I really hope that more people get an appreciation for it as opposed to what's playing on the radio nowadays, just to get a taste of what real music and real talent is like. Also, it's a fun little quirk to include into the story and the unique personalities of my two main characters, so I hope you enjoy that as well.

Last note is that this story will include graphic descriptions of violence, swearing, and, yes, sexual content, but I will try and post warnings at the beginning of every chapter that includes said content.

Thank you very much, and I hope you all enjoy the story.

Introduction - Live for Today (The Grass Roots)

When I think of all the worries
People seem to find
And how they're in a hurry
To complicate their mindsBy chasing after money
And dreams that can't come true
I'm glad that we are different
We've better things to doMay others plan their future
I'm busy loving you
(One, two, three, four!)Sha la la la la la live for today
Sha la la la la la live for today
And don't worry 'bout tomorrow, hey
Sha la la la la la live for today (live for today)

Listening to that song always reminded Rebecca Hudson of one thing: that one day was all that counted. Of course, the song made it seem like the reason for that was because it was too much of a drag to think about tomorrow, a waste of energy that would take away from the enjoyment of life, but for Becca, it was because worrying and struggling to make it through one day was enough of a drag without adding "tomorrow" into the mix.

Rebecca's P.O.V.

I knew that I'd have to get the groceries today, but sometime through lunch my portable radio stopped working, so I knew I'd have to get batteries, or have to study tonight without the oldies to accompany me.

Brushing my hair out of my eyes-a crow-coloured, nest-like mess if ever there was one-I contemplated this. The grocery store was ten minutes away from home, and the corner shop that sold the batteries I needed was twenty minutes in the other direction. Thirty minutes apart, and this month they were doing construction, so I'd also have to take a detour.

Not enough time to get home without Mama and Dad noticing that I'd been gone too long, done something they hadn't told me to do. For the past year or so, they haven't liked me being out for anything as it is, thinking to set a 6 pm curfew. I'm fifteen years old and just got my first period last year-that's when it all began, I suppose, when I "became a woman".

If I didn't have music practice after school today, I might make it, but that was something I could never skip. Eden, Ben, Leon-they'd all be counting on me to show up. And Mr. Collins-I could afford to disappoint him least of all.

So, no, it looked like I'd be doing anthro tonight without the comfort of Jimi Hendrix-darn it.

"We were never meant to worry
The way that people do
And I don't mean to hurry
As long as I'm with youWe'll take it nice and easy
And use my simple plan
You'll be my lovin' woman
I'll be your lovin' manWe'll take the most from living
Have pleasure while we can
(Two, three, four!)Sha la la la la la live for today

For as long as she could remember, Joanna had used that song as a reference point to ground her in reality. Sometimes, that was harder to do, as reality wasn't exactly a nice place to be in. Humble by nature, she didn't require much. Jo was more or less your everyday normal-wallflower girl, who just wanted to make it through the day. Maybe that was why the song appealed to her so much.

Joanna's P.O.V.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to blend in when you're not really trying. In all those old movies where someone's spying on someone else and following them, and then duck down and try to "act natural" when they think they've been caught, they always ending being caught just because they looked like they were trying to hide.

Technically, I don't have to try to hide, because I'm already hidden in plain sight. That's the safest way to be, the way I like to be.

Well, from the outside world, anyway. The inside world-that's a different story.

Looking at myself in the cracked mirror above the bathroom sink, I see exactly what I want to: someone who could blend into a crowd easily, and get lost even more easily. Boring cloud-grey eyes, dishwater blonde hair with bangs and all, and an androgynous, definitely non-sexy body. I look like Twiggy's less-attractive younger sister.

Well, at least that works out in my favour-it always has until now.

Speaking of which, I think it's finally time to ask to buy a new pair of scissors. The ones I've been using to clip my hair until now are too rusty to be of any use, but they were Mommy's, so I haven't suggested replacing them to Daddy yet.

If I let him know that I won't be able to continue getting good grades if I can't see what I'm writing on tests and whatnot though, I'm sure he'll let me buy a new pair for my bangs.

A/N: Yes, so far this is short, but it's just an introduction into the characters of the two girls-my lovely Joanna and Rebecca. Chapters will generally be longer and with more content, but, for now, I just wanted to have something up to get the story started. Let me know what you think, if you have any comments.