My name? Kutora. My parents just shorted the Japanese word Supekutoramu. The word means spectrum. I suppose it's suitable for someone like me. Everything's on a spectrum for me. An example is my sexuality. One day I'll want to be in love with a boy making me straight, next day it's a girl making me a lesbian after that I feel empty, no feelings for anyone making me asexual. One day I'll feel like there's too many people around me, next day I'm alone. I guess the truth is, I am the spectrum my parents named me after. I have a disability. I don't enjoy speaking about it. I have plenty of friends like me. Even friends with more disabilities than me. Today, is my first day travelling with just them. No parents, no dog, no guinea pig, no siblings but scariest of all, unfamiliar landscapes. I've only been out with my friends once or twice for an event that wasn't a birthday party. Now, we're unsupervised fifteen to eighteen year olds with disabilities on vacation for two months. I pray everything goes well.

First days without parents are terrifying. Leaving the house is terrifying on it's own ever since I became aware of terrorists, robbers, murderers and other types of peoples that is enough to terrify a paranoid fifteen year old like me. I had been staring out the passenger seat window for the entire two hours we've been on the road. I've kept myself busy. My thoughts let me transport myself into other universes. Some are from video games, some are from books, some from real life and others are just from my brain. I had an excuse for ignoring everyone though. It was nothing unusual for me to be wearing noise-cancelling headphones and listening to music was enough to feed my wild imagination. All was peaceful until Son, my friend with multiple conditions, hit me over the head with a pillow. I immediately shoved my headphones into my small purple messenger bag and jolted towards him. "Son, what the heck was that for?" I said in a frustrated tone of voice. I glanced at Eric, my friend with dyspraxia, who I noticed was quite annoyed by the two of us arguing. "You've been zoned out the entire road trip. C'mon talk to us. There's only ten minutes before we get there. What were you thinking about anyway? Also I hope that music you were listening to was in English. Hey, Amy, can we connect Kutora's phone to the car radio. I know you can do this with this model. What's the car radio Bluetooth?" Son beamed with excitement. Amy, without taking her eyes off the road, stated "We're almost there. There's no point in playing her music right now. Plus I gotta get through these terrible roads. Trust me this city is infamous for it's roads.". Son leaned back and sighed with boredom. Ari, my friend with a back problem I forget the name of constantly, sighed and said "Back at ya.". The car suddenly came to a halt and we looked to the left side of the car. We were finally at the house Dan had rented for the holiday. I was the first to get out of my row. I dragged my two wheelie bags behind me with my two messenger bags swung over my shoulders while my backpack was on my bags. Amy got out of the car and chuckled "Did you pack the kitchen sink in there?". I laughed along with her. Why not try to have a positive start to our vacation. After all, a good start is half the battle.

I looked around me, making sure Dan, Amy, Ari, Son and Eric had all gotten out of the car safely, especially Ari since she is in a wheelchair. I opened the door to the six bedroom house to reveal house beautiful it was. Despite it's beauty that appealed to me, I was concerned over some things that normally make me anxious like the glass staircase. I was about to head up the stairs when I was pushed over by Andy, the one we have no clue what he has. He rushed up the glass staircase to claim his room. I slowly walked up the stairs to make sure they didn't collapse under my feet and that my feet didn't get stuck between the panels. When I finally got upstairs, I found a room that happened to be painted my favorite color, purple. I sat on the bed and opened my two suitcases full of clothes. I placed them carefully in the drawers of my dresser. I'm lucky all my clothes fit in there. I then lay on the bed and stretched out, staring at the ceiling. I started to go back to my imaginary world. I like imagining my thoughts as a TV show. It's entertaining to see the things my brain spits out. I wish I could maybe one day make comics or books about the strange things I imagine. I also like to think about what if the things in my mind are things an alternative me is doing. If it's true, man my alterative self is super cool. Well, I guess it's all my imagination. Just then, Amy came into my room. "Hey, we're going to a restaurant. You coming or do you want to settle?" she asked. "I want to go eat. I'm hungry." I said, still staring at the ceiling. Amy walked over to my bedside and asked "What's your brain up to this time?". I smiled and made eye contact with her. "I am imagining a girl I made up deciding if she loves her brother's ex-girlfriend or a foreign prince." I explained. Amy smiled and asked if the girl was me. Of course she's not me. She's amazing. She's an artist who publishes comic books all over the world. She's a mother of two girls who are a spoilt brat and a girl who just wants to fit in with other drama club members. She's definitely not me. I'm just a dumb student who only really daydreams, plays games and reads books. I'm such a loser compared to her.

Despite those negative thoughts I have about myself, I am who I am and I know I have friends who wouldn't change that for the world.

Hoi humans I'm back but not in black...oh wait crap my t-shirt is black. I guess you can say I am BACK IN BLACK! Ha! So yeah. Just to answer a question ya'll might have, I'm not sure if Kutora is bi-polar or autistic. I'll figure out one day. I'm trying to upload more this summer but lately I've been busy. I'm going to Canada soon so for all you fans of stories I have made with my niece Kat, we will be working on some stories together if we have time (y'know if we're not too lazy being slugs). Also if you guys want you can vote in the reviews if I should make Kutora date Amy or Eric. Either way Eric's gonna have a crush on her along with Andy but Kutora doesn't like Andy so there ain't a ship there. And yeah bye.