despite our weakness

By: Paige K Duffy

[Twelve Shots of Summer: Gotta Write 'Em All 2-3 A]


some worlds don't reach us
or maybe we just don't reach them

i've been craving a savior
a way to avoid my failures
he wished to escape his life
a path away from becoming consumed
they pursued a new form of salvation
hoping they could recover those lost

their ice seers worse than any burn
and his fire floods our lungs with heat and smoke
these sparks erupting from my fingers
all were mere trifles

unable to damage
we became the damaged ones
more crippled than before

if there was some magic that could rescue us
we didn't know the words
and even if they existed
who of us would've even had the strength to say them?

despite our weakness
we opened our mouths

[Author's Notes]

A short poem poking at one of those ideas running around in my mind, Encoding. Specifically, this was developed for the [Twelve Shots of Summer: Second Raid] Week Three alternative prompt, "Just three words away." Spoiler alert, whenever I can't think of a full plotline for a prompt, I write a poem.

In any event, please consider checking out the [Twelve Shots of Summer] forum over on fanfiction. Weekly prompts, talented writers, and great company-it's a blast so go ahead, take a look, and maybe consider joining for yourself!

Thanks for reading!