"Are you okay? Can you stand up...?" A kid had gotten done with fighting off older kids. He was shorter than them but he was able to beat them despite that glaring disadvantage. His goggles hiding his eyes from anyone else. The child went over to a boy who was on the ground, his lip busted from the encounter he had. The child on the ground marveled at the boy's strength.

"Hey, are you all right," the child with the goggles asked the boy on the floor. "Y...you're..." He knew the boy with the goggles' name. It was...

6/15 Fri, New Jersey, NewPort Island, St. Merlin middle school, Principal's office, afternoon

"Proxy! Do you realize the damage you two have done!" We were being yelled at by the principal for property damage. And when I mean that, I mean... "Listen, Richard and I just gave the school a 'little' makeover, is that such a bad thing?" The one who had a cocky attitude and was rocking back and forth in his chair is my friend: Proxy. I know, it's a weird name. He told me that it just sounded cool and he kept it. Nobody knows if he has a real name and neither does he (I guess he must've been born outside of a hospital). I met him during my first year of middle school, and suffice to say that he was the same guy as he was then.

"...So, who cares if I spray the school, right? Besides, it looks a lot better than it was before." "Proxy, can you please not," I pleaded, trying to make him not make the situation any worse...

"Sir, we are very sorry!" "Sorry won't cut it! This may not be the most luxurious middle school, but I will not allow you brats to sully it!" The principal cleared his throat. "As you know, normally I'd have you suspended. However, I don't think that'll help. No, I was thinking of a better punishment..." "Bring it on, I can mow lawns all day!" "Oh really...?" The Principal presented us two wash buckets with their own mops. "Hope you like washing walls..."

NewPort Island, Diner, evening

"Oh my god, that was a nightmare!" Proxy was exhausted from cleaning the walls from the inside of the school. "Great, I have paint on my clothes! Man, I knew it was a bad idea to bring you along," Proxy groaned. "Me!? I'm the one who said we should've left school before we got caught!" "Yeah, but the guard heard your yelling when you were telling me that, so he knew that someone was there." "No, I was quiet when I was warning you," I exclaimed. "Well, you know what, still kind of your fault. Me, I would've known he was coming." "I don't know...?" "What does that mean," Proxy aggressively asked. "What I meant was that maybe it isn't any of our faults; maybe we should learn from this." Proxy took a sip of his drink, er, rather chugged it. 'Yeah, maybe next time I should knock that guard out." That's not what I mean by learning from mistakes!

"So, are you going to eat that," Proxy asked me. "Of course I am." I wolfed down most of my food.

"Hey, why did you spray the school though?" "I don't know, I got bored, I guess..." "Oh... Then why do you always drag me along?" "Because it's more fun to do it with a partner in crime." "But I don't want to be," I cried.

While I was eating, I took a glance at the books in my bag and that's when it clicked. "Oh shit!" "What is it, buddy," Proxy asked in an oddly low pitched voice. "I wanted to study for our finals and I wanted to go to the library, but since someone was keeping me busy for that, I couldn't go!" "I wonder who," Proxy casually asked. "It was you!" "Was it?" "Yes!" I sighed to myself. Proxy always had a way of making me feel like a tsunami was going on in my head; washing away all òf my sanity.

"Even so, studying is child's play to me," he boasts as he puffed his chest. "...I'll have you know that I can up with a secret trick to passing finals! Unlike studying." "...Cheating," I blatantly pointed out. "How did you know?" "It's not that hard to figure out." "You might've figured it out, but no one else will. I will use my little system and boom, I'm golden..."

I got up from my seat, picking up my bag as well.

"Cheating won't help you, you should just study instead." "I don't want to, and besides, why study stuff that you'll never use again in your entire life?" "I might have use for it later in my life." "You maybe, but not me." Proxy got up from his seat as well.

"You gonna pay for that, Richard?" "Why me!?" "What if I told you I didn't have my wallet," he told me with a stupid smile on his face. "I'd say you're lying," I replied. "But I'm telling the truth." He was looking at me in a pleading way. "Alright, fine, I'll pay for it." "I mean, you might as well leave a tip for the waitress," he had shrugged his shoulders. We had the waitress give us the bill, and after I paid for the food we made our way to the library...

NewPort Island public library, Evening

When I finally got all the material I needed for a study session, I went over to where Proxy would usually be in the library: the back corner where no one goes so he can listen to music and draw in peace. "Hey, you find something you like?" "Nothing, but I did find this." When I peered over his shoulder I saw an all-black book with no unique design to it. The only thing that was on it was "Grimoire".

"Hm, I never heard of this book before. Is it a new release," I questioned while trying to take it from Proxy's hands. "No, finders keepers, sucker!" "Come on Proxy, I'm not trying to take it from you! I just want to see what's inside." "Yeah, yeah, you say that now..." I was suddenly confused by Proxy's statement. However, when Proxy opened the book to the first page it was blank. "Huh?" He flipped through multiple pages and they were also blank. "Okay, this is strange..." When we reached the middle part of the book there was a page with stuff on it. "Whoa, this looks so cool," Proxy looked intensely at the book for a second. "We're taking this! Richard, get this checked out." "I mean, there's nothing on it?" "Maybe, but maybe not. Just in case, I don't want anyone else getting it, so let's borrow it before anyone else does. Besides, maybe this book is valuable, and if so... lots of monies can be had."

Proxy smirked with a devilish expression while he was throwing the book in the air and catching it. However, when he threw it too far in the air, the book hit the top of his head. "Ow!" "*Snicker*" I chuckled as he was cursing under his breath.

I went over to the librarian, he began to check the books that I had put on the counter. When I looked back at Proxy who had the book in his hand. I saw someone walking behind him...

"Proxy." "Oh, no - it's the police! I hope you don't hurt me, mr. detective man," Proxy jokingly quipped. "...Very funny, though, I'd hope you came to the library by yourself instead of being dragged along," the detective remarked right back. "Ouch, that hurts; hurting innocent civilians isn't apart of your job, detective Birch..." Proxy knew the detective longer than I have. Out of anyone that talks to Proxy, Mr. Birch was probably the only one to have properly remark back to Proxy better than I could (minus someone else)...

"I heard what you two did, and Richard, I thought you were more responsible." "Sorry, sir. But I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen and I ended up getting dragged into it." "Bite me!"

Birch looked back at Proxy... "Speaking of vandalism, have you done any other crimes?" "Hm, can't say I have. I've been a good boy all of today after that..." "If only you were?" "I am, you just never noticed." Mr. Birch noticed the book in his hand. "What's that?" "I don't know, the book is empty." He let him have it. He opened it, flipping through the pages. "Hm, it really is. Hold on a moment..."

Mr. Birch went over to the librarian and had him check out the book... He went back to Proxy after a minute or so.

"Turns out that this book hasn't been registered here, nor is there any record of this book... So, where exactly did you find this," Mr. Birch asked Proxy as if he was a suspect in an interrogation room. "In the back over there, why? Are you trying to find stranger stuff like my book here?" "No, I was just curious. Besides, I'm good for now." The detective showed off a detective novel. He loved mystery novels, I even found myself borrowing from him from time to time.

Proxy put the book in his bag and he went for the exit of the library. He had turned back around. "Oh, by the by, tell your daughter to stop spamming my phone!" Mr. Birch grunted, "I'm sorry. I'll tell her not to next time." I had gathered my things to follow him. "It was nice seeing you, Mr. Birch." "You too..."

While exiting the library and onto the sidewalk, Proxy had yawned and I can't say I wasn't tired... "Man, I'm beat," Proxy yelled. "Hey, can I crash at your place again," I requested. "Sure, but ya know what: you might as well move in at this point." He has a point, I do sleep there more than I do at the dorms...

"Whatever, let's get going." "Alright..." Proxy took out his phone and earbuds as we were walking. I still had my thoughts on that book in his bag. It wasn't registered in the library, hell, I looked it up just now; there were hits, but none matched the book and the details about the book at all...

'Whatcha thinking about," Proxy asked as he slowed down to match my speed. "I was thinking about that book. It's kind of a mystery." "Crusty feel to it, blank pages, not just mysterious, mystical mystery," he added. "That too..." Overall, it's a mystery that we happen to stumble upon. One that we might not be capable of figuring out. But I guess it doesn't matter, he'll probably lose it in time anyway.

"Come on, let's pick up the pace. I wanna hit my pillows already." Proxy hopped along the sidewalk as if he was a child. "Hey. wait for me!" I was running to catch up with Proxy. I tried asking Proxy to slow down but he just keeps on going faster. Honestly, I might've gotten in trouble today but I did enjoy myself today... Most of our days were like this: full of trouble but pretty fun.

6/20 Wed, Port Island boys dormitory. morning

Today was the last day of school. By now, Proxy would be in the lounge of the dorm, but he wasn't here today.

"Where is he? Is he still asleep?"

While I was speculating things, I saw the student in charge of delivering the mail to the students here. He was passing down letters from a bin. He finally reached me. "Hello Richard," the delivery boy greeted me. "Here you are." "Thanks." The envelope was plain. Well, why make use of a detailed one when it's only to send money...

"..." I was a bit hesitant to open the envelope. I knew what was inside so there was no reason to be scared, but...

"Hm?" The morning bell began to go off and all the boys began to run for class. "Oh crap!" I stuffed the envelope in my bag and ran for today's class as well. I was going to call Proxy but I didn't bother, he's probably playing hooky just like some of the other guys in the dorm...

NewPort Island, downtown, afternoon

I was walking down the street, with my hands on the back of my head and music blasting in my ears. Strolling down the street used to be a fun past time, but now, it got pretty boring. I used to get jumped by delinquents, gangs, and all sorts of other idiots (especially a certain pain in my ass). In broad daylight, I might add. Now, I beat their asses to the point where they gave up on trying me.

"I'm so freaking bored! Where the hell is Richard when I need him, or even..." I felt something hit my butt. I immediately turned around to see who it was.

"Proxy, I see you're still just as jumpy as ever." A girl who was wearing my school's uniform. She was wearing a black coat on top of it from her shoulders. She had jet black hair, it was tied back neatly, she also had oval glasses that covered the bags under her eyes.

"What are you doing here, Lauren? Better yet, why are you in your uniform?" "Because we had one last day of school, duh." I had no idea we had school today, no wonder Richard wasn't answering my calls. "How you find me? Did you put another tracker on my phone?" "*Chuckle* No, that's just a waste of resources now. I just asked around, simple." "What are you, an overprotective mom?" "Shut up." She took something out of her pocket and threw it at me, the object smacking me in the face. "What the hell?" It was an envelope. "Open it." "Is this some sort of weird confession letter," I half-jokingly asked her. "Open the damn envelope before I take it back," she sneered. "Okay, okay, don't throw a hissy fit."

I opened the letter, pulling out what was inside until...

"Proxy! There you are!" A loud voice roared through the street. I turned around to find a brown-haired kid running towards me, his fist reeled back.

"This time, I'm gonna knock you flat," he obnoxiously announced. When he was close enough to take a swing at me, I ducked down and I then drove my fist to his chin, knocking him a few inches off the ground.

*Thud* He had landed on his back. "Boss!" This punk's lackeys came over to see if he was alright. "Shit, not again. Boss wake up." Their boss was still conscious but only barely. "Heh heh, I...didn't get knocked out immediately this time...heh heh." "Yeah, fat lot of good that does for you," I told him. "Hey, he just wasn't feeling it right now!" "Yeah, he'll beat you next time." "Didn't you guys say that yesterday, and the day before that too," Lauren asked as she was playing on her phone. "Um, no!" "No, you did."

The goons picked up the brown-haired boss by the shoulder. "No...I can take him, guys." I cracked my knuckles. "Really? Good, cause I was getting bored with knocking you with one hit all the time." "That's unlikely, plus, it would be like hitting a child," Lauren stated. "Yeah, I guess you're right. All right, all of you get the hell out of my face, and tell brow hair to take it easy." With any luck, he'll take it easy for tomorrow and the day after that. But with my luck, he'll scour the streets for me tomorrow and so on...

The brown-haired punk was dragged off into a nearby alleyway. "That was eventful," I said while I was picking my ear. "Earth-shattering, if you will," Lauren added on. I sighed to myself, pocketing the envelope. "Not gonna look inside it now," Lauren asked me. "No, I'm gonna open it in the safety of my own home." "Fair enough..."

Lauren began to walk down the sidewalk. "What's in here anyway?" "Why ruin the surprise, you'll be happy I didn't." She walked off further down the street. My phone went off. I opened up my messages to find that Lauren texted me. "Also, Proxy, I can spam your phone whenever I want." I texted back to her, "Weirdo." She texted, "Bigger weirdo." We went on with our little text war for a while...

6/22 Fri, NewPort Island, Proxy's apartment, Afternoon

I was up on the last floor of the apartment complex Proxy was living in. He had his own apartment instead of living in the dorm for Middle and high schoolers. He told me that someone is paying the rent for him, but he has no idea who, and they also send in money every month, enough to live off of. I live in the dorm, like all the senior middle schoolers, but I sleep here more often than I did in my own room, mainly because it was so loud in that place that I can't think straight nor can I study properly; I mean, sure, Proxy can be loud too, but he's not as annoying (although, he tries to be). Plus, it's not like anyone will care if I'm not there...

When I opened the door to Proxy's apartment. The couch was the first thing you would see from the door. It was on the left, facing the old widescreen tv Proxy had (in good condition). The kitchen was also visible from my point of view. No doors were separating the kitchen from the living room except a counter. Stairs were leading up to another floor, that floor had two rooms: Proxy's room and a guest room (basically my room).

"Finally, you're here!" He was coming down from upstairs. He was sporting his a black jacket with a white pattern going about it.

"Richard! Get the hell out of your uniform, we're going to the concert! A concert so kickass, it will blow up for no goddamn reason whatsoever!" I knew the one he was talking about. It was the one that was being advertised all over the city, and this was a major city event, so this was a huge deal apparently.

"Why are you still standing there, get dressed!" "This all I got on me." "No problem, use my cloths. "Okay, but how are we gonna get in? It's sold out." "I have a plan for that, my friend." Proxy looked at me with a cocky smirk on his face. Why do I have a bad feeling about this...?

NewPort Island, outside of music hall, evening

The streets were packed with people coming from different parts of the country just to see this concert. "So, there's gonna be a famous band here?" "Yeah, Devil HorN; A mega-famous group that went big just last year!" That sounded like the most generic band name I heard of. Another thought popped in my head. "Is Dan coming," I asked Proxy as we were moving through the hoards of people. "Unfortunately no, he's going to Pennsylvania with his mom to visit family. Such a shame," Proxy melodramatically said. "Yes, visiting family, what a shame..."

*Thump* "Ugh!" *Thud* Proxy had been knocked down by someone. "Dear me, I'm so sorry, here, let me help you up." The person helped him up. "It's cool, not the end of the of the world or anything," Proxy said, brushing himself off. This man was wearing a white suit vest and dark blue jeans. He had suspenders resting on the side of his legs. He also had a chain reaching from his vest pocket to one of the buttons. But the most notable feature is his snow-white hair.

"You should watch where your legs cross or else you might bump into something harder than me." "Yeah, thanks for the advice," Proxy said, half-heartedly. "So, are you going to the concert, kid?" "Yep, got tickets." He reached into his pocket, trying to show off the tickets. He let out a small gasp and then frantically searched his pockets. "No, no, no, no, where the hell did they go!?" "Oh my, are you looking for this?" The white-haired man presented a ticket. "That's one, but where's the other one," Proxy asked. "Well, I only found one, sorry kid." Proxy took the ticket from his hand. "I am sorry, it's my fault that you lost your other ticket." "No, I probably left it somewhere, at least I have one more left." "Are you sure, I could buy you another one?" "Nah dude, it's fine. Besides, I think its too late for that," Proxy stated as he put the ticket in his pocket.

"Well...if you say so," the white-haired man nervously said. He walked past us but turned back and put his hand on the back of his hand. "Again, I am sorry." Proxy gave him a thumbs up and gave care-free smile. With that, we separated from the guy.

Proxy slammed his hands on his face. "Augh! This is a nightmare," Proxy screamed in his hand. We now only had one ticket left, I was trying to backtrack a bit. He then lifted his head. "Hey, I gave you yours, right," he questioned me. Now that he mentions it... "Umm... Huh, it's gone!" "What!" He grabbed my shoulders, rocking me back and forth. "How did you lose it!?" "I...don't...know," I yelled out between pauses, my voice echoing.

"This puts a damper on lots of things." Proxy was rubbing his temples, squatting down on the floor. "Proxy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose the ticket." "No, don't apologize, I almost lost mine too, so it would be pretty hypocritical of me to blame you..." "But we do have one more ticket, so you should go watch it." I handed Proxy the ticket, he gazed at it. "Hey, you sure?" "Yeah, you probably already knew, but I didn't want to see it anyway," I told him. I didn't want to say that, but it was true. I only tagged along because Proxy was going...

"Hmm..." "Again, I'm sorry Proxy." "And again..." Proxy put both hands on the ticket and pulled on it, ripping it in half. "Don't apologize." "Wh-what are you doing," I stammered, dumbfounded by what he did. "I'm ripping the ticket into pieces." "I know that, but why?" "Well, I thought it over, and to be honest, it'd be boring by myself. Besides, I'm sure it would take a couple of hours for them to even get on stage..."

He clapped his hands and rested his hands on his hips. "So, what do you want to do now," he asked me. "Um, I guess, uhh." "How about we hit the card shop," he recommended. "No, they're closed by now. How about we just play some games?" "Aight, but just to let you know, my record in mercs mode is still rising," Proxy boasted. We would keep a little scoreboard of who has the most points in that game (however, it's just a mini-game in the game we play). "Did you raise your score behind my back," I questioned in a non-serious suspicious tone. "Not at all, my good sir. I was just doing a few runs in it, so far, I didn't break my record...yet."

As we walked down the street, I realized that there was nobody else on the street. Most of the people with tickets must've entered the stadium by now, and the rest must have left...

"You want to spill something Richard?" He must've noticed the look on my face. "Well, um. Are you okay with not going?" "As I said, it's cool. Plus, it would be boring if I was there by myself. So don't worry about it..." "...Okay. And um, thanks, Proxy." "No problem, bud."

Both of us were walking down the street, it was so quiet, it was almost as if everyone had left somewhere else and left us behind. I looked up at the night sky, the stars were shimmering. "Stars look amazing tonight, huh," Proxy asked me, staring up at the stars. "Yeah, they're great," I replied. Nights like these were pretty great, where we could both just hang out without getting in trouble. I like it like this, though, maybe Proxy doesn't; I don't see him complain about it, so maybe I'm wrong...

When I was staring at the back entrance of the stadium, I noticed something was off. "Proxy, where are the guards?" "What do you mean, they're...not there?" "Maybe they went to go see the concert?" I don't doubt it, and that's just irresponsible. Proxy was scoping the street. "Richard looks like we can see the concert after all." "Wait, you want to go through the back, I mean, what if we end up in an area we're not supposed to?" "Then... We get the hell out of dodge!"

Proxy ran across the street, turning his body and hopping in the air a little bit, signaling me to come over. I know I don't want to see the concert, but I know Proxy does, so why the hell not. "Wait up for me man!"

NewPort Island, Musical hall, evening

The hall was jammed-packed. It was also awesome, people from all over to this city and from nearby towns. The hall itself was pretty clean, not the type of place you'd hear rock or metal music from; perhaps classical or opera...

"This is so cool," Proxy shouted, jumping up and down with excitement. "I gotta admit, this is pretty exciting," "Hell yeah, and the best thing, we're near the snack venues! Speaking of which, I'm gonna get me some cinnamon pretzel bits, want anything," Proxy offered. "Cinnamon pretzel sticks." "Nice choice, I'll be right back."

I saw lights going off on the stage and a bunch of other things like fireworks and amongst other things... Proxy came back with the pretzels and drinks. "What did I miss," Proxy asked as he was struggling to keep our stuff up. "Nothing." I grabbed my stuff and Proxy sat back down on his seat and we took bites out of our food. "Delicious," we both expelled. There might have been a bit too much cinnamon, but it was still good. While I was eating, I saw Proxy was polishing his goggles by licking his thumb and rubbing it against the lenses. They were welding goggles, the frame was bronze, and the lens was black. He was rubbing a cloth against them, trying to clean off the paint. "I was going to clean it a few days ago, but I kept putting it off ever since we spray painted the walls in the school. Honestly, doing it now is a pain." He was wiping much harder but to no avail. I pulled out a spray bottle of screen cleaner and a cleaning lens cloth. "Here, it works well for cleaning lens." "Thanks, buddy." He took the bottle and spritzed it on his goggles, he began rubbing the lenses with the cloth. The paint was beginning to come off now...

"I always wanted to know this, where did you buy your goggles," I asked him. "Well, I never bought them, they've been with me since I was a baby." "So you have no idea who gave it to you?" "Nope, but I feel as though they're apart of me. I feel a bit naked without them." He continued to rub his goggles until the paint was cleaned off. He then rested it on his forehead.

"Finally!" After a couple of minutes of the effects, a hooded man walked onto the stage. "Good evening, everyone. I am glad that all of you came to the ceremony. Now, we can start the harvest." The crowd's cheers grew even louder. "Hey, is he a band member?" "No. I have no idea who the hell he is? Maybe it's a type of event?" Proxy shrugged his shoulders. I could tell the crowd was feeling the same confusion I had.

"...The purpose of this concert has been fulfilled: to gather sacrifices." Was this a thing with the band, or... He brought out a book. It began to glow red, that light was shining brighter than anything I have ever seen before. "Is is this a special entrance?" "No!" When the book emitted more light, the light below the crowd began to appear. As a result, some collapsed on the floor. "What the hell is happening," I panicked. I felt anxiety beginning to take over. "Stay here, I'm gonna go kick a little ass." Proxy ran towards the stage. "Wa-wait!" When I tried to move my legs, they were glued to the ground. I was shaking like nobodies business. *Bang* *Bang* I hear a loud bang sound. Was that a gunshot? Shortly after that, the security guards were flying over my head. Their bodies dropped to the floor with a loud thud sound. "Oh my god!"

"Little worm!" The red light that was covering the book rammed right through the crowd and when it came my way I saw Proxy was the one hit by it. It had hit him again while he was sent flying by It slamming him to the floor. "Done already, boy?" The light retreated away from Proxy. He was resting on a seat, well, what's left of it anyway. "Proxy, Proxy, are you okay!" I wasn't going to touch him out of fear of making whatever injuries he has worse. "Unless the rest of you wants to end up like that child, I suggest you let the assimilation process continue. Don't worry, it-" "It'll be quick, right?"

Proxy said as he was positioning himself on the seat. "Wow dude, you must've watched a lot of B rated movies, 'cause only cliché villains say that. I mean, come on man, the robe is just a dead giveaway on that. Seriously, was there even an effort?"

"How are you even alive? That should've drained you of your life?" "Oh, that was nothing compared to what I can do!" "It would seem like this requires a more aggressive approach."

The red light turned in a sphere-like shape around the book. "You all can scream and cry all you like, but this is the end of the road for you all...!" The floor got brighter and brighter. "Nice light show, show me something better though." "I'll show you death." "ooh..." Something shot from the floor, Proxy narrowly able to dodge it. "...Scary." Proxy dropped his bag on the floor, soon after, he dashed for the stage. "Frontal assaults won't work on me." The red light came hurling down the aisle Proxy was in. He jumped on top of one of the seats, launching himself over the attack and towards the stage. "I got you now!" A second stream of light came from his book, it had hit Proxy while he was in the air, it made a loud thud, almost as if a truck had hit a wall. Proxy was sent flying towards me, I caught him but his momentum was so great that it was pushing us backward the moment I caught him. "Proxy, are you okay!?" "Yeah... That was...nothing," Proxy said, drained from that one attack. The attack must've done even more damage than I can see.

"Okay now, enough dawdling around child, time for this show to conclude." White holes began to form out of the reddish-black floor. Red spikes began to slide out of the holes. "P-proxy, get up, we gotta go!" "Having a bit of trouble doing that right. Just go without me." "Wha... I can't do that!" "Richard now's not the time to be a stubborn bastard, just go!" "I won't, I can't just abandon you."

I was scared, my legs shaking, my heart was pounding, I wanted to run like Proxy said, but I... I couldn't leave him here! "Huh?" I had just noticed the bag on Proxy's back was beginning to become shrouded in darkness.

"Proxy, your bag!" I opened his bag to find the Grimoire book in it. It was emitting a black shadow around itself. "That's... No, wait right there you bastards!" When he launched an attack at us a shadow-like dome wrapped itself around the both of us, blocking the attack altogether. I could hear continuous attempts at breaking the dome, and some yelling...

"What is this," I questioned as I probed the dome. Proxy had the book in his hands. It was on the only filled up page and the words were glowing black. The book opened a black hole right in front of us. It was sucking us inside...

"What hell is this!?" "I...don't know," Proxy struggled to say as he dug his fingers into the seat he was hanging by. I was beginning to lose my grip on my seat, the black hole's pull was growing stronger. My seat began to lean towards the hole, ultimately, the seat was torn off from the ground. I screamed out from the top of my lungs, panicking, trying to grab another seat but I was too far away to. I was closing into the hole, certain that it was going to suck me in, but I felt something grab my wrist. "Proxy!" "Sup buddy." He had his goggles over his eyes. Blood was still flowing from his arms, and god knows if his arms are nearly broken, but he was gripping me and the seat as tightly as possible.

"Richard, you're gonna climb down from me to behind the seat." "I don't think it'll work, what if I just-" "No what-ifs, just go for it," Proxy yells out, barely pulling me closer to the seat. "Come on man, climb!" His grip was weakening, he was struggling to keep his other hand on the seat. With all that pilling up, I knew the only way to safety was to just climb over him! But before I could do it, the chair began to break off from the floor. "Shit! Richard, start climbing!" With the tension in Proxy's voice, I began to climb up his arm to his shoulder. I was trying to climb through Proxy as fast as possible, not wasting a second on one place.

"Richard." "Yeah?" "When we make it out of this, never tell Lauren about this!" "Oh yeah, I was thinking about how I should document about me climb on your body to her." "God, stop talking, it sounds creepy!"

I heard a metallic noise ringing in the dome. The chair was going to break off any second! "Screw it, jump for it!" I couldn't, my legs weren't on the floor, I wouldn't make it this way even if I tried. Shortly, after a few seconds, the chair finally broke off. Both of us were flying straight into the hole, my head and heart were racing as we were heading for it. As I was sucked in I suddenly felt light-headed, as if I was all my thoughts were being sucked into the void, almost as if I was floating off into a dream...

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Getting to know our characters

Proxy: What's up there party people, it is I, the one, the only, Proxy!

Richard: And I'm Richard.

Proxy: Today, we're here to talk about who we are, or at least give you an idea about what I and my buddy are about. Isn't that right, Richard?

Richard: Yeah, I'll try to convey much about myself as possible.

Proxy: Alright, let's start with me!

Richard: Wait, why do you get to go first?

Proxy: Cause why not. Besides, you put your best foot first, and I'm that foot.

Richard: So, I'm the worse one?

Proxy: Nah, more or less the average leg that isn't as energetic as me.

Richard: Wow, way to be blunt. *Sigh* Fine, go first

Proxy: Okay! I'm Proxy, age: 14, height: 5'6, weight: Probably 105 or somewhere around that. I'm Caucasian but I have a peach tan complexion. I'm a middle school graduate going to high school next year... I think. My hobbies include spray painting, rocking out to music, collecting stuff like Manga, collecting music for many of my different music players, and collecting model bikes!

Richard: Model bikes?

Proxy: What?

Richard: Nothing, I'm just surprised that someone like you would be interested in collecting model bikes.

Proxy: What does that mean?

Richard: Well, I just thought you were the type to... You know, it doesn't matter.

Proxy: Kay, weird. Anyway, I'm also Newport Island's toughest delinquent. By now, I've beaten mostly any punks that want a piece of me, except that brown-haired loser. He's so god damn annoying. But yeah, that wraps up my introduction.

Richard: Guess it's my turn. I'm Richard, I'm 14 years old, 5'4, and my weight is 106 pounds. I too am a middle school graduate who is going to high school within the island next year. I'm currently considering going for honor roll during my high school career.

Proxy: Weren't you in that during middle school?

Richard: Yes, but I also want to be apart of it in high school as well. Which also means you can't drag me along with you in trouble.

Proxy: Hey, come on, you rarely get caught. I make sure that every time we hang with each other we don't get caught.

Richard: That's less than accurate, false to be honest.

Proxy: Granted, mistakes were made, but hey, we didn't suffer any long-term consequences, right?

Richard: We almost got suspended at one point.

Proxy: Well, that's in the past and we're getting off-topic here.

Richard: I almost forgot. My hobbies include collecting cards from various card games, playing card games, reading various fiction books. I, too live in Newport Island, obviously, For the most part, I hang out with Proxy, and as that entails, I get into trouble with him.

Proxy: Yep, my buddy in crime!

Richard: No thanks, I'm good.

Proxy: Aw, you're no fun!

Richard: Rather that than what you have in mind for 'fun'.

Proxy: You say that but you love the trouble that comes with hanging with me.

Richard: No, I don't! I just do my best to get you out of trouble.

Proxy: It seems like you roll along with it for the most part.

Richard: Whatever, that doesn't matter now. Anyway, I think this concludes the introductions. I hope this gave you (the reader) perspective on Proxy and me.

Proxy: Hopefully you guys can stick along to see what happens to us next.

Richard: I do as well and until the next time...

Proxy&Richard: See ya!