The newly married Mr and Mrs Adam Thomas went into the bridal suite of the hotel. He paid the bellboy. Then they hugged and kissed.

"Hello—Mrs Thomas!"

"Hello—Mr Thomas!"

They kicked their shoes off. "I can't wait to show you my new nightie!," she said.

"I can't want to see you in it! But before we do that, I have a special favor to ask you."

"All right."

"Ever since I was a teen, I've had this fantasy of taking a bubble bath with a girl. Would you do this with me?"

She smiled. "Sounds sexy and fun! I will."

"Oh, wonderful!"

"Let's see if they have bubble bath liquid."


She went into the bathroom; there was a big bottle of bubble bath liquid.

"Yes, they have it. I'll tell you what: I'll draw the bath, and you can get ready."

:OK, Katie."

She plugged the tub, turned on the water, tested it for heat, then poured the liquid into it. Within two minutes, she had a bubbly bubble bath.

"It's ready, Bill!"

"Oh, I can't wait!"

He went into the bathroom with his clothes on (minus his shoes). He got into the tub—with his clothes still on (minus his shoes)!

"Come on it, the water's fine!"

She looked at him with shock. "Bill, you're in the tub with your clothes on!"

"That's because someone else is in the room."

"Yes. But that someone else is your wife!"

He grew serious. "I'm sorry, Katie. I'm nervous about being nude with a girl."

"But I'm your wife!"

"Yes, I know. But still. . . "

"Well, if you can't beat 'em. . ."

She got into the tub—with her clothes on (minus shoes)! She wasn't wearing her wedding dress, but a dress she changed into at the reception. She sat down on the other side of him. With the two of them in the tub, the soap suds went over the side!

"This feels kinda neat, actually."

"You look beautiful, all wet!"

She smiled. "Why, thank you! OK, Bill, let's play a little game."

"A little game?"

"Yes. One of us takes off an article of clothing, and the other takes off that same article."

"All right."

"I will start."

She lifted her left foot out of the water and took off her stocking.

"Your turn."

He lifted his left foot and removed his sock.

"Excellent! My turn."

Next, she liftet her right foot and removed her stocking. He also lifted his right foot and took off his sock.

"Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, it wasn't," he conceded.

She then unbuttoned the top of her dress and opened it, revealing her bra.

"Your turn."

He took his shirt off He wore an undershirt under it.

"Now, here's the special part."

She took her bra off.

He took a moment to look at her wet breasts. "Oh wow! You're so beautiful, Katie!"

"Thank you! Now, it's your turn."

He took his undershirt off.

"You have a very manly chest!"

"Thank you!"

She stood up in the tub and continued unbuttoning her dress. Then she took it off.

He stared at her. "Oh, Katie!"

"Your turn."

He got up. Then he unzipped his pants and removed them.

They hugged and kissed. Then they sat back down in the water.

"Oh, one last thing," said Bill. He took his undershorts off.

She also removed her panties.

"Are you all over your shyness, Bill?"

Her responded by reaching towards her. They hugged and kissed.