Age 16, Apruna 14th, 499

-From the desk of Yoriko Vurda:

I will begin by stating that yes I am in no position or authority to be declaring our policy going forward; however I will state that as a mother I have for the sake of the project put up with more than any mother under normal circumstances would ever have had to. A committe decided when my daughter could have a pet, a committe decides where I can take her on vacation, a committe can decide that changes have to be made to her diet, where we can live, there is a tracking device in her shoes now that I had to sneak into her room and put there, as well as installing a recording device in my teenage daughter's room; and I had to argue that I should have first review of the footage; those last two just in case she runs off. As well as arguing that her friend can't lawfully be monitored regardless of the importance of our mission.

Which brings me to the point, there have been rumors going around the Project personell about shutting down the project. A project that was being worked on years before I joined, I know Suzie is far from the oldest subject, and I was only one of eight volunteers given a list of over a dozen dragons each to "seduce" in the hopes of confirming that "dragon" is indeed only an aesthetic description derived by the precursors and that some dragons are in fact augmented humans and our future. There have been concerns that the mimic predator that was apparently after any sensative information it could obtain from the ecology department, seeing as how the ecology department also works in conjunction with the defense department both for wild life and foreign powers; was a Vormo agent. We know that Vormo's ambassadors and trade is all a front, that the majority of their country they put on maps is a desolate wasteland behind a massive wall that shares boarders with the small countries squeezed between it and the northern mountain boarder of most of our world, Sen, Tsa, Pen, Bor, and Hen, and the two larger countries to their south, Zanba (who is across the sea from us as well), and Ista (who also shares a boarder with the western storm wall of the world). I emphasize those points as we know thanks to the Gojiran Project's ties to the defense department that Vormo's nobles are all very advanced and dangerous mimic predators and not humans. There is no question of the existence of non-human sapient beings in our world like most of the department would believe and how the defense department insists the general public believe for their own sake. Just as our department also works on various ways to protect cities and roads so they feel open to the public yet also keep them secure and safe from the multitude of creatures wandering the wilderness all around us. We divide our world into human run countries, have wars, yet the majority of each country's land is inhabited by these beings. Yes, the gossip is we will shut down out of fear of Vormo finding out and finding some loop hole to declare it violates the peace pact. I must emphasize again that Vormo is run by life forms that view humans as prey, have city states filled with what are essentially imprisoned humans like livestock, and the war was them trying to expand their territory to the rest of what they named "The Human Inhabited Zones", and their demands in these peace pacts have been things that diminish our ability to defend ourselves from them. These mimic predators have negligible senesence, meaning they think in very long terms, they are picking away at our defenses. Our project is also long term, only a few decades old now, we are seeing progress, proof that Cuckoo Dragons have human intelligence and not just parroting, that their parasitic genetics are specific because of human genetic ties, we have seen dragons produce fertile offspring with humans with the other subjects. We have precursor records of "Replicants", and "Ophidians", and "Dracos", among others I dare not continue to list off in this memo.

I implore our supperiors to continue thinking "long term", the ideas of "releasing" our subjects makes no sense. What would they have us do, release them into some random wilderness and hope for the best? What would I do, give Suzie a tent and camping gear and just drop her off in the reserve telling her she can never come home? Or are we supposed to lock them up in some outpost base or dragon colony? Pen them in somewhere like a prison? I can't imagine the rumors of sticking them in a zoo can be true. The idea of visiting Suzie from the other side of a glass wall is sickening to my stomach.

-Memo analysis, person's *classified*

*Yoriko Vurda, she speaks from an emotional perspective. Although twenty years is indeed a longer span of time than she likely understood it to be when she started in the Gojiran Project, her part in it is relativly minor. An Azure Dragon Cuckoo Dragon, the reserve has a budding Azure Lion Cuckoo Dragon colony starting in it, our plan has always been to monitor this "Suzie Vurda" for the sake of a complete life cycle analysis and release the adult form into the reserve, utilziing Ms. Yoriko Vurda as a contact to establish any long term behavioral changes to continued contact with the host mother, as well as behavorial differences between a human host born Azure Lion Cuckoo Dragon and the dog dragon like offspring. A continued note, this "pet" has wielded unexpected results and will likely be released with the subject. Suzie Vurda therefor is not a proper part of the Gojiran Project, but a side project born out of coincidence and oppertunity. It would have been preferable with this sort of side project to have had a volunteer who did not know about the other subjects or their containment facility or for that matter hear plans for moving the containment facility given Vormo's interests.

Additional oppertunity, Ms. Yoriko Vurda is not to know about this, we will be leaking information regarding Suzie Vurda, a *captive and socially trained Cuckoo Dragon* (that exact wording to be used, no leaking of what type of Cuckoo Dragon will be tolerated), so as to distract Vormo agents from the main project. It is better they target a known species of human/dragon hybrid befitting past projects of the same type *See: Green Aqua Cuckoo Dragon program.* and not know about any potential new hybrids being created or the project's goals and relations to the Storm Wall and the sightings there in.

*This is of utmost importance: As Vormo due to events in the last twenty years has become increasingly apprehensive of powerful dragons, three incidents of note as to why; after the Grand Azure Dragon attack on the Stian country side eighteen years ago, the unknown but potentially either Daikaiju class or more worrisome Apocalyptic class dragon that attacked one of Vormo's city states six years ago, and the rumors of a Dark Succubus Dragon abducting one and assassinating another of their lesser nobles two years ago. They might as a result consider research into dragons as a sign of preparing for war. As such turning their attention to the old "train a humanoid / Magician tier dragon" should draw their attention, and thus away from more sensative projects.

Apruna 16th, 499

*Recording from inside Dr. Rocardo (Co-chair of Gojiran Project) office, with Ms. Yoriko Vurda across his desk, along with Ms. Marshal, and Dr. Verres (a woman about Yoriko's age, head of ecology department.

Rocardo: "Ms. Vurda, in response to your inquiry I would like to assure you that there are no plans or intentions to seperate the subject; Suzie, from your care; however regardless there are a few things we need to discuss in that regard."

-He nods to Ms. Marshal before continuing-, "Ms. Marshal's office will be sending you the results of the latest blood test shortly; between these results and the anectdotal evidence piling up, we can conclude that the subject of your part in this project is not a hybrid but rather a full blooded Cuckoo Dragon. As such your part in the main Gojiran project is over, as you are an ecologist not a geneticist or one of the volunteers or care takers of a subject of the project. However I assure you, you will continue to be compensated as Dr. Verres can attest this is still a unique oppertunity; all your records and notes to date cover the growth and development of not only a Cuckoo dragon, but an extremly rare breed of cuckoo dragon...well I suppose Dr. Verres would prefer to ask you himself.

Vurda: Ask me what?

Dr. Verres: Ms. Vurda, we are aware that; Suzie, is coming to a crucial stage in her development, and has displayed astonishing results along the way throwing many of our preconcieved notions regarding these magnificent creatures out the window. More so than even the specimen we have at the Grand Hazabar Zoo has shown us. We are of course, especially with this no longer being covered so directly by the Gojiran project, unable and unwilling for that matter to make any demands of you; we simply ask that you consider the possibilities. We would like for you to bring Suzie by the zoo...

Vurda: She will not be put in a cage!

-Vurda's outburst silences the room for a moment-

Verres: I apologize, I didn't mean to imply that, of course not. I meant to habituate some of our specimens to her. The security footage from the incident and your follow up visit has indicated that several of our specimens have shown interest in her. As you may know many draconologists believe Cuckoo dragons can reproduce through other hosts, not simply being limited to either their wild eggs as we know them, the Azure Lion Lake Dragons that is, and utilizing human hosts; but rather can use other humanoids such as mermaids and harpies. This could even go so far as to vendicate the theory that the precursor civilization didn't just engineer some dragons from humans, but several other species may in truth be of human descent; which would go a long way to also preserving and protecting them in the wild along with other goals.

Vurda: Hold on, are you trying to convince me to bring Suzie by the zoo to try and convince her to sex up the harpies and mermaids?

Verres: Not in those exact words, scoping out potential mates perhaps, if she does impregnate one the resulting offspring could also go on to debunk or confirm other theories as well. Such as the theory that they take on traits from the hosts even in dragon form that this may be has resulted in several of the biologically related Cuckoo dragons being so diverse, due to selected mates, we have seen the footage from the reserve, the Azure Lion lake dragons have horns resembling those of the Wolf Wyvern as well as their mother; I mean there is even the theory that Violet Flower Cuckoo Dragons are a diminished subspecies of the Azure Lion Cuckoo dragon due to exclusive breeding with humans, or the Azure lion cuckoo dragon resulted from Violet Flower cuckoo dragons breeding with larger more powerful dragons. Both theories are interesting to re-examine in light of your theory that the specimen in the reserve may in fact be the escaped specimen from the Zaru Zoo in Zala. I have personally seen reports and footage of that dragon providing evidence for your theory Ms. Vurda, showing their specimen growing horns, something Violet Flower cuckoo simply don't have; and the same basic shape of horns that the reserve specimen has, not to mention your own interview of their personal regarding the tracking device.

-Yoriko Vurda puts up her hand and shakes her head- : Suzie doesn't know she is a dragon. Yes, she could find out at any day now, which is why I have accepted the cameras being in her room.

-she blushes-: She has a girl friend, and as teens their age are...given to do, they have when they think I'm not around done things in her room. Nothing that would be an anomaly, or cause for concern that she's about to impregnate her girl friend; I doubt she could until she fully looks like Azulia; and no I am not keen on experimenting to see if she can if or when she looks like a Violet flower type; pimping my daughter out, regardless of how any of us try to look at the situation, is a moral and ethical bridge I am not willing to cross. If she...wants to on her own.

Rocardo: All that we ask is she is given the oppertunity, see how she reacts to the zoo specimens. We don't have to put her in the cages to do that. Of course chances are we may need to release her into the reserve sooner than later anyway if the Azulia situation isn't brought under control.

-Everyone else looks between each other confused-

-Rocardo brings up a monitor on his desk, it shows footage of an underpass-

Rocardo: This is the 9th junction underpass, about fifteen miles north of the reserve park. Due to the proximity to houses, the scent and sonic repellents are at their weakest. Of course the bio-filter barriers stationed on the roads are still working.

Ms. Vurda exclaims "Oh my" as the footage shows the dragon Azulia (wearing cloth on her face) landing near the under pass and running her claws along the barrier, along the bottom.

Ms. Vurda: She's testing the barrier, much like how she did at the zoo; and yes I am certain its the same individual. We saw this same behavior with the huts at the reserve and my camp site several years ago with Suzie...wait what's that?

-She points at the edge of the screen, at a shadow- "Don't tell me that's Wingy"

Rocardo: No, watch.

-The shadows reveals its self to be a second Azure Lion Cuckoo Dragon, one with antler like horns for the top pair and back along the sides of the head horns for the bottom pair unlike the forward curving ones on Azulia. This second dragon growls and makes clicking sounds before the two fly off.

Ms. Vurda: Where...did that come from?

Verres: and why didn't you tell us sooner Dr. Rocardo? This is a safety concern not just a project concern. My office should have been alerted first thing.

Rocardo: This is first thing, this footage is from last night. We believe that may be, Azulia's, mother. The two of them are testing the city's defenses, after all, Cuckoo dragons come for their young just before they are about to molt.

-His face turns grim as he takes out a locked tablet and opens it up-

Rocardo: This information is top secret, you three and myself are only privy to it due to these circumstances. It should also answer the question you already have on your minds, how we can be certain this new dragon is Azulia's mother.

-He opens the tablet and it shows a decimated village and burned fields-

Rocardo: Going by your evidence Ms. Vurda, we were able over these last few years able to track where the Zaru zoo got Azulia from. It was from Stia as you suspected, and from an Erecto village, this village. From what we gathered they had hired an enchantment hunter to apprehend her for behaving outside their culturally accepted norms, only at some point to discover thanks to other mystical creature hunters along this incredibly seedy black market route that she was a dragon. She was further along than Suzie and by this point her dimensional imprint signature was distinctly dragon even though she still looked and acted human. This is where the man the Zaru Zoo hired, came across her and procured her for the zoo. She was roughly one year away from molting going by the time line; what you are seeing here is that year. While she was in the Zaru Zoo trying to escape...this happened at the Erecto village she was taken from. It seems the mother came by, didn't find her young, and attacked the village as a result. Naturally incidents like this are why we at the ecology department work alongside the defense department and pride ourselves in our work and accomplishments. As you yourself stated in your memo Ms. Vurda. However romantic notions, and attatchments aside, these creatures razed a village because they couldn't find one of their own that was supposed to be there...and they weren't alone. A Grand Azure Lion Dragon was there, given the horn may have been Azulia's father, as unlikely as they may sound given the size differences of the creatures.

Verres: We will of course then be increasing patrols to keep an eye out along the boarders and the mountains. But Rocardo that was in Stia, this is Hazabar.

Rocardo: Not as long a flight as you might think, one of these could make it from their shore to our's in forty minutes at their top rated speed. Even if the whole colony isn't here and is branching off a new colony in the reserve; the reality still stands that at least one of these dragons got past our offshore boarder alerts, over this city, into the reserve, and has been working with the known dragon for an unknown length of time. Given their abilities it may be in our best interest to placate them. After all this Suzie isn't a hybrid, but one of these.

-the mention of Suzie's name seems to shake Vurda awake from staring at the screen of a decimated village-

Vurda: Hold on, how would you even go about attempting that? I mean seriously, she's grown up with the internet, tv shows, movie theaters, amusement parks, people, an education. She still wants to try and become a draconologist. She has a pet for crying out loud. We can't just talk about her like she's some animal we need to rehabilitate, or even as a lost dragon pup whose parents are bigger and meaner than expected coming to look for her. She'd have to...I don't know this situation is unprecedented.

-Rocardo closes the tablet and locks it- : Ms. Vurda, aside from Dr. Verres suggestions, which would divert them from the city at least to an area better equipped to handle them; I can suggest a change to what according to you in your own annual reports has been this very same attempt to habituate her to the wild for eventual release. Late this month when you go out on your annual...wild life rehabilitation outing, I suggest you take her to the lake in the reserve to get used to the area, rather than the far off and away from the mother areas you had been going.

-Rocardo stops and has a thought- : In fact I may suggest taking her on a special trip, an all nighter at the reserve park. See if Azulia reacts to her presence there, or if this other one shows up so we can get a better look at it. The park is more secure than any hover craft would be, with an easy escape route if things get too extreme and defenses can be activated far easier to repel them in that case. It would be a win win for every department involved.

-Yoriko Vurda has something of a defeated look on her face as she accepts these terms-