I do not like gender roles. They are another reason for people to discriminate. He's too girly. She's too manly. She wants to be a cop. He wants to be a ballerina. What is wrong with it? It is no one's business but mine what I like, how I dress, or even what gender I want to be. If I want to be a man, what difference should it make to someone else? Unless, of course, he's watching me when I'm going to the bathroom, or looking where no gentleman would, he would never know. I would be another man who had to take a whizz or perhaps a number two. If my neighbor doesn't look, doesn't judge, we would drift along happily on our way. No one would lynch me. No one would accuse me. No one would demand that I leave. If only it were so.

The problem is society's views, not mine. My views never hurt anyone, but because society can't see past its own prejudice, it holds everyone back. For centuries, society thought slavery and beating women acceptable. Now, we do not. Gender roles are another set of social problems that need surmounting. I'm not asking anyone to become someone else. I'm asking, pleading, begging, everyone to let everyone live the life he wants to live. Unless, he wants to murder everyone, he being a she won't hurt anyone. For those out there already living how they want to live—as a he or a she—I implore you to consider what it would do to you if you lived in a world where adoring tutus and pirouettes, or shorts and riffles, meant something was fundamentally wrong with you. Think of all your quirks, the little things like loving purple, playing fetch with your dog, dodge-ball in the summer, and skiing in the winter. Now, ask yourself: Would you like them any less if a freak explosion at nuclear reactor made you the opposite gender? Would you suddenly love pink, hate dogs, and detest sports?

I should only ever have to be me and you should only ever have to be you.

Gender roles don't provide anything we wouldn't have anyways. If a guy loves sports and weight-lifting and all other macho behaviors, then he'll love and do them. Allowing different people the opportunity to enjoy life can only enhance it.