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Rino Maneri

I was tired. Not physically, of course, but mentally. I had been dealing with my three new sisters for the past hour. So, when I say new, I mean new as in my mom just got remarried… for the second time. The guy she married – a man in his late thirties named Alessio, Italian like me, who was pretty nice and treated me more like a child than property, as both my fathers before him had. Anyway, he had three daughters. They mostly take after their mother, a pure American. Anyway, two of them are older than 13, making them older than me.

There was Zoe, 18 years old, Jessica, 15, and Amanda, 11. They were kind of bratty except for Amanda, who was pretty nice but was exhausting at times. They usually stuck to 'their' side of the house. Jessica and Zoe had found me weird, from my looks to my slight accent, therefore they wanted to stay away from me as much as possible. Amanda, though, was still fairly young, so she was a bit more open-minded. What I liked about her was that she was tomboy… ish. We usually spend the day playing videogames like Halo and Assassin's Creed. Our parents had gone of on a money moon for the week, leaving us four home-alone. They put Zoe in charge and had left about half an hour ago.

Thankfully, Zoe wasn't blinded by her battiness and basically just said that she would allow anything within reason as long as I cleaned up after myself and I didn't disturb them if asked not to. Our rooms, funnily enough, were on the opposite side of the house. Our house was really big, since my mom was an important physicist and engineer – at least from what she said. I personally believed her, since sometimes she would have clients or people she met in work come over to talk about projects. My dad was a famous photographer, bringing in a thousand couple dollars daily. That was a huge score for me since I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up.

I was reading an issue of Torrent, a very famous comic series, when Amanda creaked open my bedroom door. I noticed and placed my comic book face-down on my bed. "You need something?" I asked, looking at Amanda. "Yeah – I wanna show Zo and Jess how I play on the Xbox!" she grinned, calling our sisters by their nick names. I screwed my face up in thought. While I trusted Amanda with the Xbox alone, I wasn't so sure about Zoe and Jessica. I sighed as I realized that I had to, or else Amanda would get a bit angry and tell on me, causing Zoe to think that punishment was in order. And her idea of punishment was no electronics for the whole day. While I wasn't the type to be on electronics much, I got a few sudden urges to play on the Xbox or PC per day, so it would be torture to not be able to play. "Alright," I said. "Yay! I'll go get them!" proclaimed Amanda, running out of sight and leaving the door open. She had long light brown hair, hazel eyes, and freckles dotting her face. I groaned, grabbed my comic and put it in a box, then carried the box as I walked out the door. My room was situated in a sort of 'hallway', where to the left, my room, a bathroom, and a closet was located, and on the right, there was a railing preventing you from falling from the second story to the first head first. I grunted slightly, the heavy box weighing me down slightly. It was roughly 30 pounds and I'm 13. That doesn't exactly mix well. And I had a crap ton of comics that I haven't read yet.

I felt the khaki carpet through my socks. I moved the box a bit, then started walking towards the garage/girl room. Essentially, the garage had been turned into a sort of hang out room – mainly utilized by my sisters and our mom. There were arts and crafts hanging on the walls, which had pink accents. Thankfully, this had also been designed for Amanda alongside Zoe and Jessica. Amanda's favorite color was a sort of orangish brown, which meant that some of the stuff in the room was that color. It had a throw rug in the middle with some beanbags surrounding it, a desk at the far wall, and some sort of table filled with a bunch of stuff that I didn't know of. I had my friend, Will, coming over soon to meet my new sisters. I walked into the garage when I crossed the large living room, plopped myself down on one of the beanbags, opened a comic book, then prepared myself for the wait.


An Hour Later

Ring. Riiiiiiiiiing. Ring.

That was Will and I's sort of secret ring, allowing us to know that it was the other instead of some stranger. I jumped out of my beanbag, dropping the comic I had been reading, and sprinted into the living room. I ran over to the door, opening it see Will dressed in a polo shirt and jeans. Will was 14, only a couple of months older than me. For some reason, though, his fashion sense was a couple of years ahead. Sadly, his personality was not. He was pretty immature and liked to play pranks on unsuspecting victims.

Summer had started a couple of days ago, so Will and I have travelled to each other's house intermediately almost daily. Will himself had short, blonde hair, high cheekbones, a pair of grey-ish irises, and a small scar on his chin, courtesy of some idiot at school. "'Sup, R," he held out his closed fist for a fistbump. I returned the gesture and allowed him in. "Nothing much," I responded, shutting the door. "So, when will I meet your new sisters?" he asked. I had told him of them, and he, being the social butterfly he was at times, wanted to meet them.

As if on cue, Zoe, Jessica, and Amanda walked out of my room. I glanced at Will and saw him staring at Jessica. He nudged me with his elbow in the side and whispered to me, "She's hot."

With those two words, I nearly broke out in laughter. Some other kids might be disturbed that their friend found their step-sister hot, I would've just laughed and laughed until I suffocated. Thankfully, I had enough self-control to not make myself look like an idiot. Amanda bounded down the stairs and ran up to Will, seemingly studying him. He seemed to be studying her as well, as if sizing her up for a fight. This time, I nudged Will in the ribs, pulling him out of his thoughts. "Oh, right," I heard him murmur. "I'm guessing your Amanda?" he asked. Amanda seemed to brighten up to him as she heard her name. "Yup, that's me!" she proclaimed. Jessica walked by, giving Will a wave and a "Hey", going towards the 'girl room'.

This time, I did start laughing. "Dude, that's more attention than she gives most people!" I told Will in between laughs. Amanda merely looked at me like I was some sort of zombie, then ran off to the kitchen, presumably getting something to eat. Zoe, though, walked up to Will and stuck out her hand. Zoe was fairly professional when it came to meeting new people, as if she was striking a business deal rather than just talking to a person. Will hesitantly shook her hand, warily looking at her as if she would pull out a gun and start shooting him at any moment.

Zoe then wordlessly went after Amanda, presumably to make sure she didn't set anything on fire. "Well… that's that, then," I said after I had calmed down. I had found the whole situation so amusing that I had been laughing so hard to the point where I was in tears. "Anyways… Halo?" I asked. "You know it," smirked Will. We both walked up towards my room, ignoring the shouts of annoyance from Jessica due to my comics being left there. We played the rest of the day away.


Early Evening

After Will left, the girls were playing hide and seek, so I had decided to go to the attic. These days, it was the only place that I could go to and be left alone. Amanda was scared of the attic, and Zoe & Jessica didn't exactly find it appealing – more like appalling. I sat in the corner, sketching in a journal. I had bene drawing for the last half hour and was nearly finished drawing my own Assassin. Once I had finished, I placed it on the stack of drawings I had made and sighed.

My mind wandered, bringing me back to a rumor I had heard. We had only moved into this house about half a month ago (and we had decorated it surprisingly fast), despite the urban legend of the Crying Girl. Basically, the Crying Girl had been killed inside this house during the late 1800's by her crazed father, yet her soul managed to stay in limbo and stick to Earth. The last inhabitants of this house had been seen running away in the middle of the night, screaming delirious chants. Many people used this to support their theory. They say she was killed in the attic, though no one has ever found proof of that. And I have not seen or heard anything even remotely close to paranormal activity.

Honestly, I was a relieved – but not because I'm afraid of ghosts. I'm honest when I say this – I'm just not afraid of ghosts. I really don't lie when I talk about my fears. I mean, really, what's the point of hiding what your scared of? If you're scared of the dark, that's natural. If you're scared of spiders, perfectly fine. I think that my whole no-fear-of-ghosts thing stems from my biological family's tendency to honor past spirits.

I was relieved because I really didn't want another girl in the house. Five girls is enough. I don't need a ghost one that could go through walls and make herself invisible.

I grabbed another piece of paper and started sketching again, humming to myself a song called Outsider. I had turned the attic into my own little apartment, decorating it with a circular grey rug, some posters, a few of my own drawings clipped to the wall, and my own little photography set-up. I had been drinking soda, leaving a small pile of three discarded cans on the floor next to me. What caught my attention was that one moved. All on its own. They were about a foot to my left, though, so I couldn't have touched it by accident. I stared at it for a second, thinking that maybe some sort of beetle had crawled under it and had accidently moved it. After all, those cans barely weighed anything at all. I was about to return to my drawings when it moved again. This time, it rolled forwards, then backwards. No beetle could've done that.

I guessed it was the wind, since I had left the windows open in here. But there was one problem with that guess. Only that can moved, not all the others. I slowly reached for the flashlight I kept at my side, my eyes never leaving the can. I had kept a flashlight handy since black-outs were common here, here in Georgia. I then flicked it on and aimed it at the general vicinity of the can. What I saw made my eyes go wide.

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